You’re Heart’s Not In The Right Place

deadpool 2

I really enjoyed the first Deadpool (It in fact reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the character over all.) and was really  excited for the second one too. And like Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol 2, Deadpool 2 had a tough needle to thread.

It mostly succeeds. The jokes whizz by as fast as the bullets, Ryan Reynolds continues to be wonderful, and I will most certainly wear out this soundtrack (figuratively) over the summer.

The new characters are boatloads of fun. Especially the too cool for school Domino, and Josh Brolin’s excellent turn as Cable. The plot is functional and interesting, if involving a not to gruesome fridgeing in the first act. (It’s handled and subverted pretty well throughout the whole film, and I’m not too made at it.)

The blood and jokes remain the thing, but what this movie does that the first didn’t is ground itself in Wade’s pain. Seriously, it’s a brutal movie, not just bloody and violent, but actually kind of adult and nuanced in it’s subject matter, perhaps even more so than Logan, which, Wade tells us in no uncertain terms, in the first few moments, they are trying to top here.

Deadpool 2 is first rate entertainment, and a very good entry in the super hero cinema canon.

And genuinely, has a soundtrack to kick the asses off both Guardians volumes!


  1. Deadpool 2
  2. Avengers: Infinity War


We were a little late so we missed a couple, but here’s what we did see

Ocean’s 8: I cannot wait to see this movie. Badly, badly, can’t wait. I need it and it’s fancy dresses and talented ladies talking to each other the whole time so badly I can barely stand it.

Mission Impossible: Fallout: Over drinks after the movie we had an extended conversation about Scientology. That is how little I care about this movie.

Bohemian Rhapsody: This comes out on my birthday and also looks amazing. We all need a little Freddy in our lives right now I think.

The First Purge: I will not see this and frankly, I resent that these people have pulled Marissa Tomei into their nonsense, she deserves better.

The Happytime Murders: this looks incredible. Also, selfishly, I want it to do well so that there’s talk of an Avenue Q movie.



You’re Not Alone

A few weeks ago, Captain America: Civil War pulled off the really difficult feat of creating an ensemble superhero movie, giving all of it’s multitude of players the right amount of time and still centering around it’s main hero.


X-Men: Apocalypse, had s different magic trick to pull off. Unlike Captain America, there isn’t a central figure of the X-Men movies, certainly not with a pull back from Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. (Who does show up here, though in a completely brief appearance.) Apocalypse feels more like a sequel to X-Men: First Class (my favorite of the series) than Days Of Future Past (which I like a lot less), which is great. The new kids are exceptionally fun, especially seeing Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers.

There were not many things I was as excited about this movie season as I was for seeing Olivia Munn as Psylocke, and she did a good job jumping off of things and slashing at people with her sword. She was appropriately badass.

The thing that I was happiest about in this movie was the shift in focus slips back around to James Macavoy’s Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto, who are just so good. We also get a hammy fun performance from my boyfriend Oscar Isaac. (And a whole pre blueing out, shirtless…bless you Brian Singer), a reunion for Charles and Rose Byrne’s Moira McTaggart and a comics appropriate intro for Storm.

I walked out of the movie smiling, which is more than I expected, honestly. So it’s got that going for it.


Oh, and the post credit scene teased X-23. So, you know. WHAT THE HELL? YESSSSSSS!!!!


  1. Captain America: Civil War
  2. X-Men: Apocalypse
  3. Alice Through The Looking Glass


I waited too long to write this up, so I don’t remember most of the trailers. But I think there was Ninja Turtles, which, I am unreasonably

Movie Season 2016: Superbowl Gear Up

The Superbowl last night had me geared up for a few reason.

First of all the Bronco’s won. YAY! Go Peyton! Go Broncos! I’m really excited about that. It was kind of a blow out of a game.

Beyonce and Bruno Mars had a dance off at half time and it was epic. Oh, also Coldplay was there. (Do you wanna know how I know you’re gay?)

And of course the ads were pretty strong this year. But I especially loved the trailers that were trotted out.

Starting with a new Civil War trailer, that, looks pretty bad ass. But at this point they could just show me a picture of Steve staring for three minutes and I’d still be overly psyched about this movie.

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse continues to hook me everytime I see an ad for it. I’m so excited for Olivia Munn as Psylocke and Sophie Turner as Jean. And of course Oscar…even if he’s blue and evil…

Independence Day: Resurgence should be good. I want it to be good. I love Independence Day, it’s just a pure shot of 90’s awesome, like Top Gun is for the 80’s. I hope that Resurgence can live up to it. It probably won’t.

New Bourne movie. Good. New TMNT, um, I still haven’t seen the first one, but this one has Steven Ammell as Casey Jones, and I mean, that’s hard to say no to.

Jungle Book, really does look spectacular and I’m going to need to see it multiple times if it’s any good at all. Jungle Book is tough material to screw up though, it’s such a solid story and Favreau is kind of a genius when he’s got solid material to work with. (See Elf, Iron Man) I’m obsessed with the casting, particularly the little kid they got to play Mowgli.

Overall, I’m excited to go into Movie Season this summer, and as it creeps closer and closer (With two quick early check ins, Deadpool this week and Batman V Superman in a month.) I find myself getting psyched up, the same as I do every year. As usual Movie Season begins with the Marvel stuff.

We’ll check in this week again, as I’m sure a few of these trailers before Deadpool. (Which again, if you live in a bunker is coming out this week. Aless and I are hitting it on Thursday night.)

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Part 2

Hey everyone! So I’m pooped from the weekend, and writing a full post wasn’t likely so here are some of the things I’m obsessed with right now. (No repeats!)

  1. Working on my costumes for the various events I have this fall. I have amazingly fun stuff planned for Lead East, New York Comic Con, Halloween and my birthday party! This weekend is going to be about shopping, sewing and getting most of them together!
  2. Ben Folds. I listened to Rockin The Suburbs again on a whim, and wow, I always forget how good that album is.
  3. Songs For A New World, by Jason Robert Brown. This one comes around every once in a while.
  4. Outlander. I’m still having trouble getting into the book, but once I have a chance to really sit and read it I know that I’m going to love it. But the show, Holy Crap! I love this show.
  5. Jenna Coleman’s wardrobe on the Doctor Who world tour. She looks amazing in every picture and I want all of her dresses.
  6. Babs Tarr’s twitter, tumblr and everything. I can’t believe we have to wait almost two months for new Batgirl.
  7. The “Ultimate”  Doctor Who specials that BBC America has been airing. I’ve watched Companion and Time Lord. They’re fun.
  8. The TARDIS glasses that my cast gave me as a thank you gift. They’re good eggs.
  9. X-23/Angel. LOVE THEM! Every X-Men comic should somehow spotlight this relationship. I would then read more of them.
  10. Brian Michael Bendis. Between Guardians and Miles Morales, he’s writing my two favorite non Kamala Marvel titles at the moment.
  11. Leaked pictures of the Frozen cast from Once Upon A Time. They look good right? I miss that show.
  12. The new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. billboard, with the formula on it. Sunday night, fangirl friend Jon and I discussed that Avengers was nerds winning “the war” to conquer mainstream pop culture, Guardians was signing the treaty of victory, and I think that billboard is like, when you camp troops out in a country you conquered, maybe?
  13. Zero Year. EEEHHH!! I finally got my hands on a copy of Secret City. I’m halfway through it as of this writing and reading it is all I want to be doing.
  14. David Tennant’s beard.
  15. Harper Row and Stephanie Brown.
  16. The In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 reissue box set. I don’t buy vinyl, but I might make an exception because this set is SO GORGEOUS.
  17. Being in complete denial that there’s only 1 issue of Translucid left.
  18. Will & Grace binge-a-thons on WE or LOGO. It’s always on now, which is weird because about a year ago, I mentioned that I missed Will & Grace, I no longer miss it.
  19. Play It Again Dick. If you don’t know what it is, learn what it is. You will be grateful! (OK, so anticipating it…whatever)
  20. Sleep. I am obsessed with it. I miss it. I used to sleep A LOT, lately, I feel like I sleep barely at all. I’m at the point where I’m PLANNING my sleep. This is new for me. It’s glorious, but new.

So that’s where I am right now!

Marvel Comics Wrap-Up: 7/23/2014

It was like living in backwards land this week. I bought what felt like a zillion DC books and very, very few Marvel books. (Comparatively.) But there was some really cool Original Sin stuff, and of course, Storm #1 (Girl Power Week!) So here we go!

photo (14)

Amazing Spider-Man #4

Turns out that Peter wasn’t the only kid bitten by a spider that day in on the field trip, a girl named Cindy Moon was also bitten. But Cindy’s powers were stronger and more primal than Peter and so her parents handed her over to Ezekial Sims. She was held in captivity for a long, long time. Now Peter has found her, she made herself a costume out of webbing and they fight, and then they make out. Meanwhile, Black Cat broke into Parker Industries to somehow destroy Spider-Man. Which is sort of fun. It’s also nice that Anna Lucia is still helping Peter adjust to his post Doc Ock life. And that none of The Avengers seem to care much, when Peter is trying to tell them how exciting it is that he’s himself again. It was just a fun issue, and I’m really loving this series a whole lot.

Storm #1

It’s almost impossible to believe that Ororo has never headlined a series before but I’m glad they’re getting started. The issue focuses on the fact that Storm helped save a village from a tidal wave in a country that has heavy anti-mutant laws on the books. She backs off and goes back to school, where a new student calls her a sell out, and accuses the X-Men of imperialism. (The student, by the way totally has a point here.) This disturbs Storm and she goes back and does some damage against anti-mutants. She also brings the student back to her family. What’s going to be interesting here is exploring identity. This isn’t a girl learning who she is. Ororo is a a grown woman, a former queen, a goddess, she knows who she is, but that doesn’t mean she’s always sure of herself. Storm was always my favorite X-Man, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Original Sins #4

The first story was about a guy, I think he was some sort of stock broker who accidentally absorbs Doctor Doom’s secret when the bomb goes off. Doctor Doom then systematically ruins his life within hours. It’s an amazing and creepy story, that I’ve already read like 4 times.

Meanwhile, the young Avengers and The Hood hook up their lame Cerebro knockoff and text a whole bunch. I wish Teen Titans, which features characters I already know and am attached to, made me laugh half as much as this book. Sadly, it does not.

The two pager was the little eskimo kid who found Cap at a Comic Con, and was also pretty cute.

Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #2

Angela heads back to heaven in the middle of a fight with the Guardians because the Angels are gearing up to fight Loki and Thor. Drax is kind of pissed about this. Can’t really blame him. Anyway, Old Loki is manipulating the situation so that Thor and Angela fight. Oh Old Loki! You scamp! Anyway, young Loki made himself a girl for reasons? I think he’s proving a point. I’m not sure. Anyway, Thor fights a bunch of Angels, while Loki goes to possibly seduce the queen? Not sure of his endgame, but it’s a very cool. I love the art in this book. Then Angela shows up and obviously she and Thor are going to fight and it’s going to be great!

Deadpool #32: “Daddy/Daughter Day”

Deadpool is running after Ellie and her father from whoever it was that was chasing them. He gets shot in the head. But he heals and saves her and it’s adorable. He holds back telling her that he’s her father, which is probably a good thing. Meanwhile, Dazzler is having trouble fighting all those vampires, but then Whats-her-face, that Vampire Queen Deadpool is married to, shows up and they kill lots of vampires. Also, the agent Preston LMD doesn’t have skin at the moment and it’s funny and great and no one and everyone is freaked out by it. Violence, sarcasm and a little bit of heart. This is the Deadpool you’ve been looking for.

Daredevil #6

When the bomb blew, Matt Murdoch was engulfed in chaos, because his super senses go on overload, but he also so an image of his father beating his mother, which explains why she ran away and became a nun. Anyway, turns out that his mom and a bunch of other nuns were graffiting a military base that was doing nuclear testing, which is by the way the most accurate portrayal of nuns ever in anything. (Seriously, these women do not screw around when it comes to social justice!), and are being deported to Wakanda, because of shady dealing. Unable to get in touch with T’Challa (who is in space, and also alternate dimension, and also hurtling through time, depending on what book you pick up,) he knows he has to do something. It was nice to see Matt back in New York, and I frankly, always love the casualness of Matt’s Catholicism. It’s just a part of his life, it’s not really a plot point. This makes me happy.

Anyway, that’s Marvel! See everyone next week! Happy Comic-Con

Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 7/9/2014

So with all of the Grayson excitement, it was almost easy to forget that I also bought a butt load of Marvel Books this week. But I did. Also, I did a little bit of catching up and went into this week with a new philosophy about reading X-Men, but I’m still probably going to phase them out, because of Money.

Anyway, time to dive in:

photo (9)

All New X-Men #29: 

So last weekend, I was hanging out at Juli’s and I met her friend James and we were talking comics. I said I wasn’t a huge X-Men fan because it’s impossible to catch up. He said, “Yeah, that’s what being an X-Men fan is. You read and read and try to catch up until you realize you can’t and just give up.” So, I’m not quite ready to give up. Also, I guess now that this stupid storyline is probably over for a while, with Xavier Jr locked up in a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison and the hive mind freed or whatever the hell happened in this book. I was very into at the moment, but I really got into it when Emma Frost tried to recap Jean Grey’s life to Teen Jean, “Maybe it means you have hald a chance of not turning into a beautiful nightmare that dies horrible. Maybe you get to die of old age…maybe you do eat the planet as The Phoenix, you know, any of those.” Hilarious. But then Angel is adorable with Laura and they ride away on a motorcycle to go on a date. So that’s going to be fun.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #3

Miles told Katie that he was Spider-Man and she freaked out and ran away. And his other friend who’s name I can’t remember was all “I told you so!” Meanwhile, he has to go fight Green Goblin, and I forgot that Ultimate Green Goblin looked like that. Anyway, he also has to figure out all of this Peter Parker stuff, which it turns out probably has something to do with The Avengers crashing all of those universes together. (Of course it does. Why didn’t we all think of that early?)

Deadpool #31: “My Robot Buddy”

I don’t understand this story at all. I love it and it makes me laugh, but I’ll do my best to catch up. So Deadpool’s daughter Ellie’s mother is Agent Preston who is also a robot? Or at least at this moment, she is. So Ellie is being raised by Wade’s brother, and she doesn’t know that her father is, Deadpool. Meanwhile, he and Dazzler are still vampire huntin’, when he discovers that his daughter needs him. So, he goes to Thor to ask for a ride, and Thor says yes, but is kind of a dick about it.

Huh, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Daredevil #5

This issue chronicles how Foggy Nelson faked his death and it’s super duper cute. Also, Ant Man is helping cure his cancer. Matt and Foggy’s bro times are interuptted by a robot attack and I love this book so much!!!!!!!! Anyway, things are super emotional and great. And I really love this book.

Captain Marvel #5: “Higher, Further, Faster, More. Part Five”

Carol Danvers is my absolute 100% favorite Marvel character. God, she’s so awesome. Basically, after finding out the J’son is causing those refugees to be poisoned so that he can mine vibranium, she’s decided that her little band of misfits and herself are going to take on his entire fleet and she is just such a total straight up bad ass and I love her and please, please, please, Kevin Feige let Kristen Bell play her!

Thor And Loki: The Tenth Realm #1

When the truth bomb blew up, Thor learned that before him, Freyja and Odin had a daughter who was stolen from them and murdered and also she’s probably alive. He gets pissed at Freyja and he and Loki go talk about it in a diner. They decide to go find her, but obviously Loki has to be snarky about it. And also, this seems to be playing right into old Loki’s plan. Guys, I really, really can’t wait for Loki and Thor to pick up again…but this is going to be fun.

Avengers #32: “Five Thousand Into The Future”

Time travel wonkiness lands, Captain America, Black Widow and Starbrand 5045 years into the future. There, Franklin Richards is still alive and had a bad ass pony tail and what looks like an arc reactor. They go into space and learn that humans appear to be happy as automatons, or something. Also, he warns Cap to NOT PUNCH TONY IN THE FACE THAT TIME THAT HASN’T HAPPENED YET. But also he probably will. And Franklin gets that. And it turns out that his tree friend is Groot. Which was nice. I reread that part a couple of times because it really was lovely.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Learning To Crawl #1.3

Turns out that Aunt May doesn’t think Peter is Spider-Man, she thinks that he’s Heisenberg. He takes some pictures of Condor and sells them to J. Jonah Jameson. Meanwhile, at the Midtown High science fair, Clash attacks to prove that his project is the best.  Also, Peter takes this crazy magnet thing, but his presentation is really boring so he loses. When he fights Clash, Aunt May says how awful she thinks Spider-Man is. Peter feels guilty about it.

Amazing X-Men #9: “World War Wendigo Part 2”

The Wendigos are taking over Canada and only The X-Men, and a little bit Captain American can stop them! Storm  and her crew have joined up with X-Force to find Logan and fight The Wendigos. They use magic and Bobby’s ice powers and it’s all pretty fun and great. My favorite part was probably when Collasus and Night Crawler talked.

It’s been a good comics week. I’m exhausted.


Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 6/11/2014

So, I’ve made some tough calls moving forward with Marvel, but I still have a few weeks of picking up every book that I was even vaguely interested in because those are already ordered. But I’m cutting back a lot. (No more X-Men, again, because with the exception of Amazing the stories just aren’t grabbing me.)

But for now, we have this week! Which is 9 books. Oy.

photo (10)

Disney Kingdoms: Figment #1: “Journey Into Imagination Part 1″

I think my excitement for this series was palpable. I was, and still am, very excited to see where this goes. We begin in London, England in 1910, where Blarion Mercurial has been trying to harness brain power to create energy. When he falls asleep and there’s an accident, he brings to life his imaginary friend from childhood, a playful, inquisitive dragon named Figment. Trying to hide his flub from his boss, Blair accidentally opens a portal and he and Figment are sucked in. I suppose they are going to Imagination Land. (Imagination, Imagina-a-a-tion…) I can only speculate that at some point “The Academy Scientifica-Lucidus” will become The Imagination Institute in the coming issues. I love the art, the steampunk setting and of course Figment. Because Figment is the best.

Captain Marvel #4: “Higher, Further, Faster, More: Part 4”

Carol is still working with those refugees and but now she’s banded with the scrappiest and coolest of them all to build a space ship that will get them off of their planet. In the meantime, those leaders are trying to negotiate with The Spartax Emperor, J’son, and Carol is all, whatever, about that. (I guess when he’s not trying to kill his kid and all of his kids friends he threatens sick refugees.) Also, the tone of this issue, with it’s amber lighting looking coloring and snarky heroine, just furthers my dream of wanting to see a Rob Thomas helmed Captain Marvel movie starring Kristen Bell as Carol Danvers.

New Avengers #19: “We Are All Monsters Now”

It seems like a very long time ago that I found the idea of Tony Stark, Beast and Reed Richards crashing worlds into each other, “interesting” and “fun” and “cool.” Now I find it, “tedious,” and “boring,” and it feels kind of like writer Jonathan Hickman is trying to write a Grant Morrison story, but isn’t as crazy as Morrison, so he can’t commit to it…I don’t know, but I’m bored of this storyline and I kind of hope it ends soon.

Mighty Avengers #11

After the Watcher’s eye exploded and everyone learned everyone else’s secrets, Luke Cage went to visit his father and listened to a long convoluted story about Blade and a supervampire, and I was really super bored, and I’m not going to read this book again, and also I’m going to stop picking up everything with “Original Sin” on top because I think that’s what’s getting me into trouble.

All New X-Men #28

Little Xavier and his team are psychically torturing everyone and it’s making Emma sad. Also, he wants to kill Jean, because of course he does. I don’t know. I’m done with this book man. I don’t have any more on order, so I actually am now.

She-Hulk #5: “Blue”

Jen is trying to find out who is suing her but it turns out if you bring up the name of the guy, to her and any of the other people named in the suit, everyone goes bonkers. Tigra goes the worst of it. I wasn’t as in to this as I was last month, but it was still pretty good, and I still love how flashy and pop art it looks. And this was also set up for a further arc, which generally makes for an anemic book.

The Amazing Spiderman #1.2: “Learning to Crawl: Part 2”

Peter joins a nerd club, fights Clash for money (and alienates and pisses off Clash.) He blames his bumps and bruises from being Spider-Man on being beat up by Flash, which just leads to being beat up by Flash some more. Also, Aunt May probably figures out that he’s Spidey…probably.

Deadpool #30: “The Brave And The Blonde”

Wade and Dazzler (from the past) kill vampires with disco and this is why we all love Deadpool my friends! Also, his S.H.I.E.L.D friends track down a little girl and are horrified for reason not yet made explicit. But I’m looking forward to finding out. It’s good to laugh, don’t you think?

Hulk #4: “Who Shot The Hulk? Part 4”

Turns out that Bruce Banner was blackmailing Maria Hill, so that’s pretty fun. Now that he’s incapacitated and the other Avengers are trying to de-Hulk him and fix his brain, it’s up to Matt Murdoch to do the blackmailing. I love this story. I can’t wait to see what direction it goes in. Hulk Smash and all that, but also, Bruce Banner does some thinking, now that Tony Stark has fixed his brain but he’s missing memories. It’s going to be fun.

Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 6/4/2014

I really need to get it together with this Marvel thing. I think part of the problem is that there are just so many Marvel Titles. There are like 4 different Avenger Teams, and 7 different X-Men, and Original Sin, and it’s just a tad bit overwhelming for those of us who are just trying to keep up. But I’m starting to level out a little bit more.

But for this week, we have 9 books, so let’s just get started.

photo (8)

Original Sin #3

Wow, is this story getting good. Bucky killed The Watcher and the book ended with him cutting off Nick Fury Sr.’s head and shouting, “NO MORE SECRETS NICK!” It’s the kind of crazy camp greatness that is making me love this story. Of course The Winter Soldier would snap and not want anyone’s secrets to be secret anymore. It makes perfect sense. He’s lived his whole built around secrets, lies and deception. So yeah, this development makes perfect sense to me, but also caught me off guard. That’s a good twist.

Amazing X-Men #8: “World War Wendigo Part 1

Wolverine went back to Canada. (Don’t forget he doesn’t have healing factor at the moment  and we know that he’s going to die.) He went to help out his Alpha Flight friends, which was nice of him, I guess. Meanwhile, back at The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. (The only name possibly more awkward and pretentious that “Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters.”) Storm is worried about him and interogates all of the kids about his whereabouts before making Rachel Summers find him on Cerebro. He encounters Wendigo and the team suits up to go after him. It’s a part 1, it’s mostly set up. But Ice Man still made me laugh, so I read on.

Amazing X-Men Annual: “Goddess”

Everyone goes back to Africa and Storm has to save her cousin. They fight some people, Storm is completely bad ass. (She’s my favorite of the X-Men, always has been, since I was little). I really liked this story. I don’t currently like her look. The Mohawk has to go, Ororo. It simply has to.

Magneto #5

Erik has been living in a small town biding his time and trying not to call attention to himself. He is confronted by a woman named Briar Raleigh, who decides to help get him rededicated to being the badass mutant defending crazy man he should be. Did she succeed? We won’t know until next month. But I’m going with yes.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #2

It appears that Doc Ock has made a deal with Mephisto, which is one possible explanation for Peter Parker’s recent emergence. The other is Miles’s go to, “Clone.” See, when Miles was not so willing to give up being Spider-Man, Peter kind of freaked and they fought. It was great. But then Miles spent two pages shouting “Clone!” And webbing through the air which was even better. I really do like this kid. Anyway, he met up with his friends and might just be telling his girlfriend that he’s Spider-Man.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #5: “This Mission Will Self Destruct in Five Seconds.”

I would love this book just for the art alone, honestly. It’s absolutely stunning. But add the fun prison break story, where Loki and Lorelei get Sigurd out of Asgardia and then Loki confronts his alternate future self, and The All-Mother, also the portrayal of Thor as a kind of meat head with a heart of gold (how he should always be shown) I’m 100% in on this story. Now he’s a renegade. It’s going to be pretty stinking amazing.

Cyclops #2

This was already on my pull list after I’d decided not to read it anymore. Scott and his father go to a planet and talk to a black market drug dealer. Scott plays virtual reality and flirts with an alien girl. They fight people with laser swords. I don’t care. That’s why I’m dropping the book.

Captain America #21: “Super-Soldier No More”

Cap fights a super human who wants to takes down America and then the world, I assume. He manages to zap The Captain of his powers and strength and turn him into the old man that he probably should be by rights. Falcon gets there but not soon enough. So, will Sam be donning the mantle until something happens to get Steve right? It’s possible (maybe even likely).

Black Widow #7:  “Fog Of War”

Save the best for last right? This month, Natasha went to San Francisco to fight some cyber terrorists. It didn’t work out and she wound up having sexual tension with/getting thrown out of town by Dare Devil. I’m almost always in favor of people having sexual tension with Matt Murdoch and I know they have a history, and there were plenty of ninja kicks and ‘plosions, and seriously, can Nat have a movie now? Thanks.

Alright you guys, I’ll see you next week!

Marvel Comics Wrap-Up: 5/21/2014

Hey guys! I’m starting to cull down. I mean, not really, but we’re getting there. I think.

After Days of Future Past I was kind of in a Marvel state of mind this week. So let’s get started shall me.

photo (1)

Amazing X-Men #7: “No Goats, No Glory”

So, remember how I said, “no more X-Men?” I lied, because I am going to keep reading, Amazing, as long as it keeps me laughing. In today’s issue, Ice Man and Spider-Man and a Fire Girl X-Man who I don’t know fight over an alien baby who was left in place of a goat that Spider-Man was babysitting. (It’s a long story, apparently. I don’t care, I just love that sentence.) Anyway, they eventually retrieve the goat and return the baby. But along the way Peter shouts, “Don’t open that space diaper.” So that wins.

The Amazing Spider-Man #2

Poor Peter, he spent a lot of time this week cleaning up after Doc Ock and being confused. Luckily, now Anna knows that Peter is Peter again and they’ve broken up? Maybe? I don’t know. But, Peter did punch Captain America in the face after learning that Flash is now venom. Also he made a joke about Smash, because sometimes the universe really really loves me.

Daredevil #3

I’m really into Daredevil lately, I’m really enjoying him when he pops up in different stories, and I like this one. Plot wise, I don’t remember much, I think Matt was fighting The Owl, who is a reclusive crazy billionaire type. I just really liked the feel of this book, and I love the 60’s pop art style that Javier Rodriguez does, and I think I was laughing some more. I just really enjoyed the book.

Hulk #3: “Who Shot The Hulk?”

OK, this time I read the “previously on” blurb at the beginning of the issue, so I think I get what’s happening here. Bruce Banner was shot in the head, and that’s why he’s acting like a stupid child. His brain has to heal, so he can’t hulk out, but he keeps doing it anyway and it’s causing problems, especially now that The Abomination is around. But, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Iron Man show up, yell at Maria Hill for a while and fight The Abomination. Sadly, Banner does not recognize his friends. What happens next?

Nova #17: “Home Alone”

Poor Sam, nothing can go right for him. After learning that his family is going to be evicted from their house, Sam brings a giant block of gold home, but it’s radioactive and his mom yells at him about it. So he throws it into the sun. Then while babysitting his sister, he falls asleep and she puts the Nova helmet on and blasts a hole in their kitchen wall. This book was a fun little diversion before Sam gets thrown headlong into Original Sin, and I really enjoyed it. You know I love my teen superheroes.

Original Sin #2: “Bomb Full of Secrets”

As the main cast tries to figure out who is behind the death of the watcher, all the superheroes in New York are fighting the guy who actually pulled the trigger. Also, Emma Frost and Black Panther are underground looking at weird half animal skeletons and Tony Stark is doing computer analysis in his helmet but a bathrobe. Look, I’m barely tracking the plot here, but what I’m loving are the character descriptions in this series, “Bruce Banner: Not To Be Made Angry” and “The Orb: Z-List Supervillain With An Eyeball For A Head.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past: So…that happened

Days of Future Past

I’m pretty easy to please. Especially when it comes to my X-Men movies. I like for Wolverine to smoke a cigar and say sarcastic things, for Professor X to freeze time, and of course for him to play Magneto in a game of chess and talk about the ethical implications of their actions. (I would in fact, watch a whole movie of that. Either Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. But I’d rather the originals.)

Luckily, X-Men: Days of Future Past has all of that. Um, but it’s also, not the best of the X-Men movies. It suffers many of the same problems that sunk The Last Stand, and is longer and has fewer awesome battle scenes. It’s more focused than that movie though and has stronger performances, but still, it had a lot to live up to. It’s a direct sequel to X-Men: First Class, possibly the best of all of them, followed up the very strong The Wolverine, and of course heralded the return of Bryan Singer to the franchise. The last movie that Singer directed was X:2: X-Men United, which is a very close second to First Class as the best of the bunch.

The comics run Days of Future Past is about Kitty Pryde transporting her own consciousness back in time to stop the creation of The Sentinels, a bunch of giant robots who hunt mutants. In this movie, because money is a thing, Kitty sends Wolverine back. I’m fine with this because frankly, Hugh Jackman’s performance is the glue that hold this franchise together. Wolverine has to go to 1973 and convince Charles Xavier and Eric Lensher to stop Raven Darkholm from killing Oliver Trask, thus sending them down the darkest timeline possible. The hitch is that Xavier is currently using a formula created by Beast to heal his legs, that blocks his psychic powers, and also she is really, really pissed off.

If the movie had kept things that simple, we would have been fine. But, instead everything becomes about the battle for Mystique’s soul and even Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender can’t sell their labored scenes. Jackman and James McAvoy fare much better, Logan convincing Charles that life is worth living and the world worth saving is really pretty great.

It’s a lot of fun to see some of the old faces back in the “future” segments. Obviously, McKellen and Stewart, but also Whichever Ashmore and Ellen Page, and of course Halle Berry. But there are just one too many threads going on here. I’m not sure which one had to go, but the Quicksilver Diversion would probably be my first pick. Also, having William Striker pop up was a great set up, but we didn’t need a full subplot where spotting him gave Logan a psychotic break.

The performances are all pretty stellar and the ending did make me cry. (I was also in kind of a dead crowd, but one of the character reveals got them applauding.) Overall? I enjoyed myself, but this one just didn’t quite measure up to it’s predecessors. But it did have those things I was looking for and it’s still a very good movie, just not as good as First Class or X:2, and overly long and rambly. I also didn’t understand the post credit scene at all. Was that Scarlet Witch? I don’t know. It was cool though.

I’m making it seem like I didn’t like the movie. I really did. It just felt unfocused. Also, I didn’t even mention Peter Dinklage. See? This movie confused me so much that I can’t even comment on Peter Dinklage! I guess, if Singer had trimmed some of the fat. (There was a lot of fat) then I would have probably loved it. I understand that you have Jennifer Lawrence and literally everyone on the planet is in love with her right now. That’s fine. Then make the movie about Mystique. It was like they wanted to make a movie about Charles and Logan, but wanted to make sure they had her in every other scene…it just didn’t quite work. But still, really good, and I woke up still thinking about it.


  1. Godzilla
  2. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Sex Tape looks pretty stinking funny. But is it just me or is Jason Segel way too skinny these days? Like, Matthew Perry skinny. I worry.

Let’s Be Cops looks like a B-Story of New Girl that they decided to make an hour and a half long, I’m not sure why, but I do love Damon Wayans Jr.

Alright Edge of Tomorrow, we get it, you’re awesome. Emily Blunt is both hot and can kick ass. Tom Cruise is still quite handsome and charismatic. I will go see you eventually.

Guardians of The Galaxy. Star Lord seems to greatly enjoy his classic rock. I kind of love that he has mix tapes that he carries around. Also, it was a good speech that he gave and I can’t wait to see Nebula and Gamora fight. (Amy Pond vs Lieutenant Uhura! WAHH!) Also I AM GROOT!

So, next week we get Maleficent.