Sailor StarsCheck In: Episodes 174-175: Huh, this again

Sailor Stars

OK, so we’re getting to know the Three Lights/The Sailor Star Lights, and I mean, Seiya is kind of a dick huh? I mean, it’s clear he’s got a big ol crush on Usagi, and I get that, but she has a maybe fiancé in America, who is probably dead right now, but is also her soul mate. SO MAYBE WE BACK OFF NOW! (I mean, to be fair, Usagi hasn’t shared any of this info with him, she mostly just gets really pissy when he tries to flirt with her.)

Regardless, the first episode is just about how awesome Seiya is at sports. He tries out for every team and is great at it.

I find this character infuriating.

Then Chuu shows up (I love her, she’s super adorbs.) and turns the quarter back of the football team into a Sailor, when she notices that his “star seed” is not the one she needs. It’s pretty great and I love it.

Also, while Usagi is very over the Three Lights and everyone at school being obsessed with them, the other girls are annoyed with her, because she is antagonizing Seiya and they looovvveeee hiiimmmmm.

I’m rarely on Usagi’s side against the other four, but I mean seriously, dude is being a massive tool.

So the Sailor Starlights show up and tell the Senshi that they’re useless, which, huh, I guess your a dick in Sailor form too, huh?

I will give the Starlights/Three Lights this, they are much better about hiding their identities and being blantantly obvious as mysterious allies/possible antagonists than some other people were. (*couch*Mamoru/TuxedoMask*cough*Haruku/Sailor Uranus*cough*Michiru/Sailor Neptune*) But it’s still like ridiculously obvious.

The second episode was about Minako deciding to be the Three Lights’s assistant in order to get better positioned to be a pop idol herself.

This is not the worst plan Mina’s ever had, and she’s actually a competent assistant. She gets on the wrong side of a photographer, but they make up in time for Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon to fight her when Chu turns her into a monster.

The Starlights show up again, and win the fight, and we see Usagi use “Sweet Heart Honeymoon Therapy Kiss” which is the most ridiculously unwieldy Sailor Moon attack yet, but whatever. Then they peace out and Usagi is all “but are you on our side?” and of course she’s just doing it in that weird voice over to no one, so they don’t answer. (dicks)

Minako quits her assistant job and gets back on the audition circuit rather than short cut the line. Good for you Minako!

Sailor Moon Check In: Episodes 156 & 157: Pegasus is a Catfish

Super S

So, plot wise here’s what happened in these episodes:

Chibi-Usa and Usagi met an artist/Chibi-Usa classmate who have fallen on hard times/want to build a Wright Brothers style aircraft. The two Amazonesses that I don’t know attack the artist/classmate. In the first one, the Usas get into a fight, in the second Chibi-Usa gets into a fight with Pegasus. In the end everyone wins and we learn that the Moon Twins actually really love each other a lot, even though they fight.

OK, so with that out of the way, let’s focus on the fact that Pegasus, despite probably loving Chibi-Usa and knowing that she loves him, is the worst, and decides that he’s going to stop showing up to talk to her because she’s been asking him too many personal questions.

You know, really invasive stuff like, “What’s your real name?” and “Where is this dream dimension where you claim to live?” and “Can we meet in person maybe?”

I’m just saying that if the internet had been a bigger thing back then, I feel like someone would FOR SURE tell Chibi-Usa that she was being Catfished and that her flying horse boyfriend was probably some chubby neck beard in his parents basement.

I know he’s actual a fairy prince or something, but still, he’s being super sketchy.

I really can’t wait for this arc to be over. I liked the switch to Chibi-Usa at first, it made for a nice change, but things have just gotten dull, and oh yea, we haven’t had the outer senshi, who make everything better.

Hell, we haven’t even seen Diana in a few episodes.

Luckily I did notice that most of the seasons cap at about 40 episodes and this was episode 37. So, hopefully we’ll be moving on soon. Or at least get some plot.

Any plot.

Sailor Moon Check In: Wait, hu

This was a weird week, but we did get to know Palla-Palla a little bit and I think I love her a lot.

Super S

Regardless, this was a weird little filler week.

First we got a Rei episode, which so reminded me why she’s my fave. Rei gets a spread in a magazine, praising her as a worthy shrine maiden. I mean, I totally get why an editor would do a story like this for a teen magazine. It’s doing wonders for the shrine and Rei’s, maayyybbeee letting the whole thing go to her head.

When a younger girl shows up and insists that she wants to be just like Rei, OMG! Rei takes her on as a little mini shrine maiden.

Obviously, Rei accidentally hurts the girl’s (Nanuko, I think?) feelings, and she gets attacked by an Amazoness (the red one, still not great on the names.) The Senshi beat her, and Rei gets a power up, and we all learn a lesson about being ourselves.

So, our next episode is SUPER weird. Palla-Palla decides to use a dental practice to lure in potential targets, and also the Usa’s have tons of cavities because you know, they eat a lot of sugar.

Oh right, and we learn the Palla-Palla is a just an adorable little psycho, and it’s sort of the best, and did I mention I love her?

So Usagi and Chibi-Usa go to get their teeth fixed, and Usagi and Mamoru get into a fight because the dentist and his assistant are hot, or something? Then Tuxedo Mask shows up and throws roses at everyone, which for some reason works?

I don’t know. These episodes were a little overly silly and the animation was super cutesy, and I wasn’t into it.

I’m kind of ready for Crystal to come back, just so I can get some of that long elegant slow stuff in, because this season feels SO manic.

OK, people that have watched the show before, level with me…are the outer senshi just gone? Do we never see them again? I NEED TO KNOW because every week that they don’t show up, a little piece of me dies inside.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! Moon Love and Whatever!

Sailor Moon: Super S Episodes 140 & 141: Boring Filler Time

Seriously, I’m pretty bored of this stuff now. I hate Sailor Moon filler. I hate it so much.

Super S

The girls go to a fashion show.

The designer has a killer undercut.

Usagi wants him to make her wedding dress when she marries Mamoru.

Chibi-Usa speaks vaguely about the future with Pegasus.

Blahdy, blahdy, blah, blah.

Fish Eye wants the designer and his dreams, but there’s no Pegasus there. Very little happens in this episode, is my point. The Lemure is kind of cool, it’s like beach ball, but a man. It was kind of cool.


The next episode is a little better. Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye (HAWK’S EYE! I finally know is name!) are both vying for Mina’s affection and she’s decided she loves them both.

You go Minako.

The guys are just trying to see into her love dreams, but they get all competitive with one another and it’s sort of funny.

What’s weird about this episode is that, did we know that Artemis was into Minako? I mean, is that new information? I mean, we (meaning those of us who have previously watched the show/read the manga) know that Artemis is a Cat-Man, not just a cat, but still, Minako, doesn’t know that. Does she?

What does Minako know?

Anyway, there’s a lot going on there.

Look, mostly but I’m done with the filler, I’d like for there to be some plot again.

We did get a new music video and there is a lot happening in that video. I don’t get it, because it doesn’t have subtitles, but it’s clearly about Chibi-Usa loving her life in the past. So, that’s nice.

You want to know what would make these episodes SUBSTANTIALLY less boring? Outer Senshi. I’m just saying, I could be rolling my eyes back at some dumb conversation between The Amazon Trio and then just ROSE PETALS! “We are The Guardians From A New Era…”

Come on, Super S, give me what I need.

Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 136 & 137: Shenanigans For Everyone!

Guys, I really love it when Sailor Moon lets our girls get up to shenanigans, and this week gave me that. I am grateful.

Super S

In the first episode Rei accidentally trashes Mamoru’s apartment with a fire extinguisher because Diana yelled Fire! (Meaning she saw one outside and thought maybe the Scouts should to hero-ing, but she was misunderstood. Poor Diana.) Because of the accident Mamoru can’t use his apartment? For reasons? Anyway, this is a problem because he’s very behind on a big “college paper.” Rei offers him a room at the shrine, which makes Usagi very nervous, due to their ex-ness. (Who forgot that Rei and Mamo used to date? I totally did.)

Diana offers to chaperon so there’s no hank-panky and everyone blushes except Usagi who just freaks the ef out. 

She then dresses up as ninja to protect Mamoru’s virtue. She is of course too late, because Rei walks in on him changing and sees his patootie. (Patootie is adora-speak for butt) Yuichiro is very upset about this. (Who forgot that Yuchiro was a character? I totally did.) When Tiger’s eye decides to attack Rei, the Moons and all of the other scouts save her (naturally) and Yuichiro’s plan to biol Mamoru to death. (Shenanigans!) is additionally foiled.

Diana is queen of the cute in this episode with her worrying about hank-panky and Mamo’s grades. I ❤ Diana.

In our next episode Chibi-Usa gets a little crush on a writer and artist, but she also tells Pegasus about him, so it seems like even she knows that this is just a crush which makes Chibi-Usa the most mature eternal 10 year old in existence.

Anyway, she shows the drawing to Pegasus and he says that the stuff in the book looks an awful lot like his planet, and Chibi-Usa is all “huh, that’s weird,” and decides to find and befriend the artist.

Fish Eye decides that she wants this guys dreams and while this turns Tiger’s Eye and other guy (Bird Eye? The Purple one!) into a little bit of a friend zone pout fest. They remind her that they are boys, but she runs off to impersonate a fairy. When the Moons and Tuxedo Mask (Hey! Mamo hasn’t suited up in a while.) And the writer says that he saw two fairies in the forest and Chibi-Usa says that those fairies are probably real and that he should totally introduce her to them.

Chibi-Usa is great.

In Diana is adorable this episode news: She notes that the fairy lady does not smell like humans, and is probably not a fairy, because she smells like fish.

Diana’s logic is air tight!

I have given up watching for the outer senshi. I will continue to miss them though.

Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 134 & 135

Wow, OK, so, I’m trying to do this thing where I get ahead on my watching and it’s not going super well, but hey, I did manage to watch these episodes before this morning, so I’m at least on time.

Super S

Anyway, the first episode is about Makoto’s friend who drew and wrote a manga about a flying horse.

Naturally this peaks everyone’s interest, or at least The Amazon Trio and Chibi-Usa, and it turns out that nah, this girl Tomoko, just likes a dude in her class, or something, and she knows nothing about Pegasus. But everyone really likes the Manga.

Honestly, I was only half paying attention, which was probably not a great idea, since I do love me some Mako-Chan, but I’m starting to lose the momentum I was so admiring these episodes for building.

But I did like the very writerly line that was given to Tamoko, “I can’t write! No one likes me, no one understands me.”

Been there, girlfriend. Been there.

I’m also just not super into this season. I dunno man.

The second episode was better. Chibi-Usa talked to Pegasus about how she wants to be friends with him. (Right, Chibi-Usa, kind of like how Luna is so not into Artemis at all.) He says he can’t be her friend and she’s pretty sad about it.

But not sad enough that she isn’t sitting in art class with an adorable beret and fake mustache on because they make her feel like an artist. Adorable. Her teacher is not super encouraging, and it turns out the poor woman isn’t sure she wants to be a teacher.

Even more unfortunate, The Amazon Trio have finally caught on that Sailor-Chibi moon is who they need to be targeting, which, took them long enough. They get her and try to trap Pegasus. In fact this week’s Lemure even tries to tell Chibi-Usa that if she controls Pegasus, she’ll control the world.

Chibi-Usa isn’t interested, of course, she doesn’t want to possess Pegasus, she just loves him in her super special Moon Princess way, so he says that they can be friends now, but he won’t tell her his real name…yet.

That yet is important. Look, I know they’re magic, but I really can’t wait until Pegasus transforms into a dude, because between her dad and a magical Horse, Chibi-Usa’s crush record is kind of hugely creepy.

Still no Outer Senshi…what the hell Sailor Moon Super S? 

Anyway, that’s this week. This is the one bit of regular coverage at the moment that I literally can’t get ahead of, but I am trying to be ahead of the game on everything else, so that this doesn’t feel rushed. I’m down the shore weekends now, so that gets in the way, but I promise to keep updating and watching what and when I can!

Sailor Moon Super S: Episodes 132 & 133: Do It For The Children!

I really am in awe of how tight this arc is so far. It’s just such a change from the past  and I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, sure, not every episode is a big game changer, but pretty much every other episode is.

Super SIn our first episode we meet Mamoru’s college friends. Did you guys know that Mamoru had friends that weren’t Motoki, who he doesn’t really talk to much anymore? I sure didn’t! I assumed he spent all of his time sitting in his apartment waiting for Usagi and Chibi-Usa to come over and yell things at him.

Anyway, one of these friends is a pretty girl, and the other friend, the dude one, is sure she has a crush on Mamo-chan,  because of reasons? (Dude friend obviously likes Lady Friend.) Chibi-Usa is understandably shaken by this, because Lady Friend is very pretty and smart and mature, and what if Mamoru decides he’d rather that than you know, polar opposite of that Usagi, and she’s never born!

To Usagi’s credit, she doesn’t much care, which is major growth for her. In the end, Tiger’s Eye, obviously, targets Lady Friend, the Moons save her and Mamo (who doesn’t even get his tux on.) And Chibi-Usa’s mind is at ease.

In our second episode, Luna and Artemis are having a fight because Artemis has a crush on a cute nun, who Mamoru also might have a crush on.

I don’t think Sailor Moon understands how nuns work.

Anyway, Luna is upset, but won’t admit why, because, Oh My God you guys I totally don’t like Artemis like that, I just want to help Usagi become the best queen she can, be. Can we just stop talking about this? (Not Luna’s actual dialog, but pretty damn close.) So while the girls try to coax Luna to talk about her feelings, a very confused Artemis and Mamo have the strangest dude talk ever.

It’s made weirder when a little grey kitten pops up and introduces herself as Artemis’s daughter and he’s all “Wahh???” And Luna shows up and she’s all ragggeee! And I’m all, OMG Diana, finally!

Anyway, Tiger’s Eye shows up at the church and tries to seduce the nun, and OMG, Sailor Moon does not get how nuns work, at all. He does eventually look into her dreams, and surprise, surprise, no Pegasus. Artemis decides to defend her, but when the Lemure catches him, it incurs the wrath of Luna and Minako.

After the fight, Diana explains who she is and Chibi-Usa totes vouches for her.

I’m glad Diana’s here, because I love her and it’s nice for Chibi-Usa to have a cat friend.  But I can’t decide if my favorite part of the episode was hearing “The Lord’s Prayer” in Japanese. (I’ve heard it in Spanish, French, Italian, Latin and of course English, but never Japanese! It was cool!) Or Rei calling the pretty nun her “competition.” Took me a bit to get it, but that is hilarious.

But seriously, Sailor Moon does not get how nuns work. Like even a little bit. Or at least, the men of Sailor Moon don’t. I shouldn’t blame the show for the characters being dumb about real world stuff.

Still no outer Senshi. Still annoying.

Sailor Moon Super S: Episodes 130 & 131 : Power Up!

Wow, you know how I always complain about randomness and lack of focus in the early days of an arc, and that is…not a problem in Super S.

At all.

New Picture!

New Picture!

I mean, there’s still the Lemures, who are the monsters this go round, and they’re still attacking people who are not Chibi-Usa, who is the person who’s dreams they want. (Seriously? How dumb are the Amazon trio that they haven’t figured out that Sailor Chibi-Moon is the girl who dreams of Pegasus, every time they fight her, Pegasus shows up. GOD! IDIOTS!) Anyway, instead of attacking randos off the street, The Trio is at least focusing on Usagi’s friends. This week, they went after Usagi’s mom and Naru.

It was nice to see Naru again, I’d miss her, but the episode about Usagi’s mother was one of my favorites so far. Basically, Usagi and Chibi-Usa get into a fight about pie, and then realize that they both love their Mom, (well, Chibi-Usa’s grandma, really) and want to save her from a monster. It’s just a really sweetly constructed episode about family. Anyway, Mom’s dream is to see both girls get married and have family’s of their own, which is, again terrible sweet.

The love of their mother gets the Moons a power up, also because of Pegasus. I like this arc a lot because I think the refocus on Chibi-Moon is great, but I kind of don’t love the handing down of power from a dude. It seems very Un-Sailor Moon, even if that dude is a flying magical horse.

Anyway, Naru is being targeted by Tiger’s Eye and I’m proud of how she’s grown since the early days when all of that flowing hair and flirting would have turned her. Now she only wants Umino, but when Tiger’s Eye lies and tells her that he only has three months to live and his last wish is to be her boyfriend she takes pity on him, but then he gets creepy and she runs away.

He decides to look into her dreams, and it seems way more invasive and rapey, and it’s sort of annoying. In the end they save Naru, and The Amazon trio is definitely starting to get in trouble for not catching Pegasus.

Still no outer Senshi.

Still kind of peeved about that.

I do love the transformation sequences and attack animations in this arc though. They’re intensely gorgeous, especially Moon Gorgeous Meditation, which is all sword wielding and glorious.

I also really like “Baby, baby Love,” the closing song for this arc. While Chibi-Usa sitting on a hill crying is almost as boring as that time that Usagi was running to the lighthouse for three minutes, the song itself is really pretty. So there’s that.

Sailor Moon Check In: A Bientot!

Hey everyone it’s the last bi-weekly Sailor Moon Check in! (I’ll explain I promise!) In the meantime, let’s get started.

Sailor Moon


I was literally holding Sailor V in my hands while I was with Chrissy and Glen last week, but then decided I’d already spent to much money that weekend. But it’s call and the short story calls are becoming too hard to resist. I should be picking them up soon. (I know I’ve been saying that for months, I promise.)

Best Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra

Oh, boy, so many things. There was an Ami episode that I can’t remember much detail from because I tried to watch it while I was half asleep after work last Friday. But after that, we learn the The Professor has decided to use Chibi-Usa’s Pure Heart to awaken Hotaru as Mistress 9, to bring the Messiah Of Silence, Pharoah 90 back to this dimension. But Sailor Moon and the others are going to stop her. Or hand over the Holy Grail. Whatever, in the end the wake up Sailor Saturn instead.

It’s hard to track 4 episodes at once, but again! This is going to be changing!


Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask disappear and are being pulled towards Nemesis. Real Nemesis. Not like, the illusion Nemesis that everyone was fighting before. Once Sailor Moon is gone Neo Queen Serenity wakes up and then she Sleeping Beauty kisses King Endymion, and they play by play the battle for the Senshi, and also she gives Sailor Chibi Moon a Moon Rod and sends her to fight.

Whatever. They win! Everyone sees their future selves, and goes home. Chibi-Usa decides to go home to the 30th Century and then comes back.

Crystal is over. I’m grateful for it’s existence, as it’s what got me started down this road. I hope we get another season, I guess. I’d like to see the Outer Senshi transformation sequences at the very least.

Other Stuff!

Let’s talk schedules. Since there’s no more Crystal, I’ve decided to do Sailor Moon S and beyond weekly! Two episodes at once. This gives me a chance to delve deeper, only doing 2, and it keeps me from having to sit and watch 2 hours worth at a time and lose track of what I’m watching. So, from now on, every Thursday, I’ll be writing up the two episodes that were put up on Hulu on Monday. In eight weeks, when Kim Possible is finished, I may switch it to Tuesdays, but for now we’ll stick with Thursday.

Oh, also, there’s this.


So I’m going to give this a shot…

Sailor Moon Check in: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

Hey guys, it’s a Crystal week, and I spent Saturday locked in my room reading comics, watching movies and then watching Sailor Moon, plus watching a the last two episodes last night.

Sailor Moon


It’s a big old nope full of nope.

Original Anime Henceforth Known as “S” The Single Greatest Cartoon I’ve Ever Watched, I’m really sorry Korra

I love it so much my heart hurts. I love the animation, I love Mirichu and Haruka, and Usagi and Minako’s crushes on them. I love Usagi trying to grow and be a better person, and everyone laughing at her and not realizing how much it hurts her feelings.

I love all the rose petals everywhere, I love that the Senshi want to be friends with Uranus and Neptune and they’re just like nope. I love it. I love it so much. Anyway, they’re collecting “talismans” which are definitely not those sparkly things that the Daimons are pulling out of people.

I am getting a little exhausted with the filler though. I want Chibi-Usa back, and I want to learn more about Uranus and Neptune’s mission. The two episodes, which talked about first kissed and Umino and Naru’s love were cute, but also, I kind of didn’t care that much. I do love that Neptune’s hair always seems to be blowing in the wind and that the girls all have crushes on them.

It’s so much fun.


This was the Crystal that I was waiting for. I really loved seeing Pluto’s weird limbo world and the glimpses of Crystal Tokyo that we saw. I really enjoyed it. We also saw King Endymion at the end which was fun, and Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Chibi-Usa defeated Esmeraude.

Oh also Usagi and Mamoru most definitely absolutely boned on his couch probably while Chibi-Usa was sleeping in his bed. So that’s fun.