Fangirl Loves Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3

If Season 2 is about complicity and begining to fill in shades of grey, Season 3 is about living in that grey.

It’s also about how Anakin categorically rejects his chances at turning away from the dark side, over and over again. It’s about Ahsoka beginning to see she doesn’t quite fit with the way the Jedi do things. It’s about Obi-Wan seeing the world he knows collapsing around him. It’s about Padme realizing that she might be on the wrong side.

And it’s just so good. The weird wrinkles that form because of those themes make for some of the most compelling episode arcs. Ventress’s origins, as a Night Sister, and their relationship to Darth Maul, (And Savage Oppress, which, like Star Wars names are always a little on the nose but that’s a real doozy) which leads into an exploration of the Dark Side and The Force outside of the Jedi/Sith binary. (Something that I think will probably be vitally important moving forward in the series after The Rise Of Skywalker.) 

This also leads into The Father/Daughter/Son trilogy, and Anakin’s confirmation as the chosen one and his rejection of the responsibility of maintaining balance.

It’s just so good you guys. The physical embodiments of the Force are shouting at him to get it together, and he just. can’t. let. go.

He can’t let go of his grief and guilt about Shimi. He can’t let go of Padme. He can’t let go of Ahsoka and Obi-Wan. He can’t let go of his own identity as a Jedi. He can’t do it. The inevitability of the whole thing is part of what makes these episodes great, but it’s just such good character work.

Anyway, there’s a lot to think about with that. And there’s also just the deepening of the mythology around Force paving the way for Ahsoka finding her “other path” later in her life. And how stunning and amazing that is.

Next week is Season 4, Darth Maul’s actual return, and just more and more escalation. Plus! Admiral Ackbar! Yay!

Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 3: Episodes 11-15


Season 3: Episode 11: “Return of The Future”

So Keith is back! And it’s great, because Keith is really the best. He shows up at the Raven’s second game, which they lose, because Lucas and Nathan are refusing to engage with each other or, really the rest of the team. Remember when Tim was a character on this show? Anyway, as punishment Whitey sends them to an old beat up gym that they have to get into shape to play in for the rest of the season. Nathan is being a jerk about it, because of course he is. But he’s really being a jerk because when he and Haley had sex they didn’t use protection.

He confronts her about it and they fight a lot about it. But in the end they make up and have an actual conversation about their future and it’s lovely.

Brooke finds out that she’s going to be in a big fancy fashion show called Rogue Vogue and she thinks that Lucas submitted her so she decides to reward him by them finally having sex. Or having sex again. Whatever, it winds up not happening because of the Naley fight and also because she learns it wasn’t Lucas who did the submitting, it was Rachel. They do agree that Lucas is now going to write her as many letters as he wrote him. And it’s great.

Ellie and Peyton go to see Nada Surf to convince them to put a song on their benefit album. They succeed. They also bond more and it really is beautiful. I love this plot so much.

Keith tells Karen that he was planning to go after Dan the night before he left, but Deb beat him to it. After they decide to give their relationship a try, Dan has him arrested for attempted murder.

Season 3: Episode 12: “I’ve Got Dreams To Remember”

I hold this episode very close to my heart because it was the very first episode of One Tree Hill that I watched. It was on Soap Net and I was 20 and I fell head over heels for the show, and spent the next few months getting caught up on it.

It’s also an example of my favorite kind of OTH episode, the excuse to stare straight into the camera and talk about your feelings. The gang are going to see the guidance counselor to talk about college and it’s pretty great. Haley wants to go to Stanford, but Nathan wants to go to Duke. They need to work that out. Lucas isn’t sure what he wants, except he thinks he needs to stay close to home, would like to keep playing basketball and wants to study literature. Peyton doesn’t even really want to go to college. Brooke wants to go to FIT, but also doesn’t want to leave high school, the world she knows and is good at.

Meanwhile, the Ravens have a game coming up. They have to win, now, for real. Lucas and Nathan are ready for it, but Nathan gets benched when he cuts a class that Dan is the guest speaker for. It’s unfortunate because there is some big scout at the game, but in the end, Lucas makes sure that Nathan at least gets to talk to the guy.

Karen and Keith go on their first date. It’s ADORABLE! Dan is really jealous and Keith tells him off. It’s all perfect and wonderful.

Also, Peyton and Ellie decide to call their album, “Friend With Benefit,” and Oh god, I just love it so so so much. Also, it turns out Rogue Vogue and The Sparkle Classic are the same weekend, which is why Rachel submitted Brooke’s designs.  She also starts spending time with Mouth which causes a rift between Brooke and Mouth which is just really, really sad. Brooke decides to do both and I really love this storyline because I love Brooke and Lucas as a couple and I love empowered Brooke.

Season 3: Episode 13: “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away”

Ellie dies. But it takes a minute to get there, but it’s all very moving. Ellie and Peyton finish working on Friend With Benefit and she’s getting ready to leave but when a hurricane knocks out the power they get one last night together. Peyton tells her how much she hates that they don’t have deeper conversations, talks to her about Jake, and all sorts of things, Ellie tells her that she needs to live life, and then leaves and dies.

Lucas and Brooke stay at her place. Lucas brings another letter and it turns out he used the same phrase he ended it with when he wrote a note to Peyton and Brooke freaks out about it. They kiss in the rain. It’s wonderful.Speaking of kissing in the rain and being wonderful…Nathan and Haley hang out at the big house, eating junk food and talking about good memories. They also talk about college a little bit. Haley says they should go to Duke because it’s Nathan’s dream, he says that they should go to Stanford because it’s hers. They run out and kiss in the rain to the Tyler Hilton version of “Missing You,” and everything about it is perfect.

Mouth spends the night with Rachel and I always wish the show had gone there with them. They compliment each other so well, but as it is, Rachel tries to get Mouth to be meaner to girls, and he says he just wants to meet someone to love and she wants to make out and he thinks she’s just trying to make Brooke jealous, but she does actually like him, she just can’t be vulnerable, and OMG I love it so much, and I wish that these two had gotten together, truly.

Also Karen and Keith finally have sex and it’s perfect.

Season 3: Episode 14: “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

It’s time for Rogue Vogue! And also the Classic! Brooke is determined to do both, but when her show gets moved to the second day, she has to make a decision. She decides to do the fashion show, it means too much to her not to. She makes friends with a fifteen year old model, and they go out on the town together. Brooke realizes that she’s not ready for this grown up world yet and decides to skip the fashion show and head to the classic.

Peyton is having trouble dealing with all of the Ellie fall out, but she’s just bottling it up and winds up getting drunk with Rachel who deposits her in Lucas’s bed. This would be remotely surprising if anyone wasn’t paying attention for a little while. She manages it because Bevin has arranged for everyone to trade rooms so that she and Skills can share a room.

Nathan and Lucas meet up with one of Nathan’s friends from High Fliers and spend the evening with his really awesome family. They pledge to be better fathers than Dan when the time comes. This will not be difficult for either of them, since Dan is, just the absolute worst. Nathan gets back to the hotel and he and Haley have lots of hotel sex and it’s adorable.

Keith and Karen get engaged and the kids end the episode by having a massive dance party. You just know things are about to get bad in Tree Hill, because everyone is way too happy right now. And they really are about to get terrible…

Season 3: Episode 15: “Just Watch The Fireworks”

Someone opened the time capsule and everyone saw how angry everyone else was in season 2. Seriously, I understand the need for this episode from a prelude stand point, but God, it really is just a reminder of how awful season 2 is. Brooke also flashes the whole school, which she of course manages to turn into a marketing campaign for Peyton’s benefit concert. That’s about the only good part.

Haley is worried about performing after seeing how hurt and angry Nathan was, afraid that it will trigger him into it again. But when she does perform, they’re mostly just still in love and kind of perfect and amazing.

But then there’s the big one. Jimmy Edwards, who used to be good friends with the River Court guys rants on the time capsule about how awful Tree Hill High is, and it’s really, really brutal. Mouth and Lucas try to reach out to him, but it doesn’t really go anywhere and it leads to a fight at the benefit and also Rachel being a huge bitch to everyone.

Lucas does make a crack about The Outsiders though and Nathan doesn’t understand and Lucas assures him that he’d be a soc. This is painfully obvious to anyone with eyes. Also, Keith decides to adopt Lucas and I’m really, really not ready for what’s coming next, like at all.

Overall Analysis of This Arc

I love it so much because everyone is so happy, and I hate that it doesn’t last and OH GOD, it’s just so awful what happens next and I’m trying to not get overly invested in it, but I know that I’m going to cry so so hard. UGH!

“But Mulder….” : The X-Files Debrief Season 3

The Truth Is Out There

finally got through The X-Files Season 3. It was touch and go there for a while. Mostly because I was doing my best to catch up on a bunch of other stuff too. But I’ve officially committed to watching episodes on my lunch break.

Here’s what’s in my head this season:

  • Still crushing hard on Mulder. Like really hard.
  • Scully is a lapsed Catholic but she still holds belief. This is really cool. It also makes for a nice contrast with Mulder who believes so many extraordinary things, but has a little trouble with the God-Miracle spectrum. This made for a nice change for a couple of episodes.
  • It has been a tough couple of years for these guys. Scully’s father dies of natural causes, then she’s abducted, then her sister is killed to discourage them from finding the truth. Mulder has that whole, “alien posing as Samantha thing,” finds out his father was a part of the big conspiracy, then his father is killed, then his mother has a stroke and probably screwed The Smoking Man? Did I pick up on that correctly?
  • Also I love The Smoking Man. He’s great.
  • And Skinner, who I haven’t talked about much. But it’s nice to have a grey area character who’s mostly on the side of our guys. He’s not as committed as Mulder and Scully, but it’s still, you know nice.
  • Everyone and their mom was on this show! Just this season and without thinking we saw Jack Black, Ryan Reynolds and Lucy Liu.
  • Not as much Lone Gunmen as I was expecting, given how obsessed with them the fandom is and everything. I do get excited when they pop up.
  • In shipping news, I love that Scully gets jealous but in a really petulant way whenever Mulder is into another woman. She’s usually so together so it’s a nice change to have be kind of a mess about something.
  • A SEA MONSTER ATE SCULLY’S DOG! I am not OK with this except that it’s so incredibly brilliant.
  • “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space'” is probably my favorite episode so far, purely because it’s one of the most interestingly written and beautifully executed episodes of television I’ve ever seen.
  • Cliffhanger! That heeling guy, Jeremiah Smith, is about to be killed, except Mulder wants him to heal his mother. Also he knows about “The Truth.”

So that’s what’s going on regarding The X-Files season 3. I’m hoping to press through a good chunk of Season 4 this weekend. I need to speed up my watching if I’m going to get caught up in time for the new stuff, which comes in January and I know that. I’d like to get through Season 5 by Thanksgiving so I can watch the the movie then, but we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 3 Episodes 9-11

We’ve got three episodes this week, since there were only three episodes left before So The Drama, it just made sense to cram these last 3 planned episodes of the show.

As endings go, these aren’t super satisfactory, but they do put some really fun factors into play for So The Drama and provide some nice little moments character moments and check ins, so they do their jobs.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 3 Episode 9: “Team Impossible”

Back in “A Sitch In Time” we learned all about Kim’s first mission, which only happened because someone logged on to her website instead of that of “Team Impossible,” who are never mentioned again, until now.

The team, which is made up of three pretty annoying guys who are cocky and confident in their skills finally decide that Kim’s amateur world saving is cutting into their profits so it’s time to shut her down.

It’s a cool conflict because Team Impossible aren’t bad guys, just incorporated, so it works in a little bit more of a grey area than the team’s usual fights. But things get really bad when Team Impossible fries Wade’s system and he has to go down and deal with them.

In person.

It’s an overall fun episode that relies a lot on world building, which kind of makes it the perfect season 3 episodes.

Season 3 Episode 10: “Gorilla Fist”

Ron’s status as the ultimate monkey master isn’t delved into as much as I wish it was, but here is it is used in a pretty great way. The school is in an uproar when a ghost wrote Ron’s name on the wall in gravy, but when it turns out it was just Ron’s old Sensei from ninja school back in “Exchange,” well, things just get even weirder.

First let’s talk about Ron and Yori and Kim’s reaction to them. While Ron is largely oblivious to Yori’s feelings about him, it’s quite clear that he has feelings for her too, and Kim, for really the first time, isn’t OK with the fact that Ron is into another girl.

They defeat the threat that brought Sensei in, with help from Monkey Fist, a mysterious being called Gorilla Fist, who it turns out is DNAmy…TWIST!

Season 3 Episode 11: “And The Mole Rat Will Be CGI”

love this episode, it’s so delightfully meta.

After stopping Senor Senior Jr. from steeling the Tower of London, an action movie director is impressed by Kim and Ron and decides to base his next film around them. He hires two actors, Heather and Quinn to play the kids. (Despite their advanced age of 28, too old to play 16 year olds. Considering Disney Channel has always been one of the only places to see teenagers playing teenagers, I found this to be a delightful little joke.)

Heather is full method, insinuating herself into every facet of Kim’s life to better her performance. It drives Kim nuts. Quinn on the other hand is a monosyllabic mope who Ron fears will never capture his Ron-ness. (In fact the only words that Quinn utters are “Whatever” and then a lackadaisical “Boo-Ya”)

Junior meanwhile has decided that he’s the only logical choice to play the villain in this movie but he’s rebuffed.

Poor Junior.

Boo Yas and Nacos

  • I wish we got more time with Team Impossible, but Kim gets them involved with Global Justice pretty quickly.
  • Team Impossibles “Shut Down Kim Possible” plan was to take away Kim’s transportation, it’s a good plan.
  • “Gorilla Fist” just doesn’t do the whole Ron as ninja warrior plot justice, but it does move the necessary pieces to get Kim and Ron together, so I forgive it.
  • Quinn is voiced by Danny Masterson, which is great, because I love That 70’s Show a whole lot and no one does disinterested quite like Masterson. His laid back barely talking is such a good match for Will Friedle’s crazy manic voice style. I like it a lot I guess is my point.
  • Monique gets some good action in these episodes, particularly in “Gorilla Fist” where she calls Kim out on her jealousy. I kind of love that Monique is so clearly aware of Kim and Ron’s feelings and she’s mostly just really amused by them.

Things I liked/hated from the Girls Premier

Girls Season 3

I love how Allison Williams just looks like Belle.

OK, so while Girls doesn’t fall under my normal scope of things that I write about, I am a 26 year old female blogger so The Internet requires me to comment on Lena Dunham’s brilliant/awful show.

I loved the first season of Girls, because I was living in Brooklyn trying to make ends meet after graduating from a liberal arts school. When the second season came around I was living at home, and not as disposed to identify why Hannah and Co. mostly because their antics seemed annoying and irresponsible rather than realistically amusing. I mean, what was Hannah thinking tossing her various roommates out like that, and running away from her crappy but existent job to go have sex with Patrick Wilson for a weekend? (OK, so that question answers itself with “have sex with Patrick Wilson for a weekend.” I’d probably murder for that opportunity…but instead of asking him to beg me to stay with him, I’d just ask him to sing “All I Ask of You.”)

Season 3 started on Sunday and here are a bunch of things that I really like.

  1. Tonally, this was much more like season 1 than season 2
  2. Adam and Hannah are serving tacos and ice cream at their dinner party, which is something I would probably do.
  3. Marnie is living at home. Thank God one of these characters is finally living at home. Even if it is terrible Marnie.
  4. Rita Wilson as Marnie’s mom. I love Rita Wilson.
  5. Shoshanna and Adam on the road trip to pick up Jessa. Everything about this plotline. It was perfect.
  6. Even Hannah now knows that Jessa is the worst. Only Shosh still needs to realize it. As a Shoshanna, I believe she will get there. We’re sunny chatty people, and thus have trouble giving up on those close to us.
  7. Adam’s ex girlfriend telling Hannah and Adam off. This was the perfect kind of awkward/funny moment that Girls does great.
  8. Ray’s face while Adam’s ex told them off. And just, well, Ray in general. He’s probably my favorite character.
  9. Hannah’s agent/publisher guy. I love how he doesn’t put up with Hannah’s crap, and doesn’t really think that she’s that special.

Things about the premier that I hated. (Because it’s Girls, and to hate it is to love it, or something.)

  1. Jessa. I hate her. And I know you’re supposed to. But there is nothing redeeming or compelling about that character. She’s just the worst.
  2. Charlie and Marnie’s break up. I understand he left the show, which good for him. But it’s a bummer, because seeing the two of them give it a shot again was something I was really looking forward to.
  3. Ray is managing a new coffee place now. RIP Grumpy’s, your comically appropriate title shall live on for always.
  4. The way that Shoshanna seems so clueless that she believes Adam’s weirdness is romantic, not toxic. I feel like after seeing Hannah and Adam for two years, plus her new sexual awakening, she’d be a little clued it. Shosh is supposed to be naive, not like, totally out there.
  5. Hannah and Shosh not calling Marnie to go on the roadtrip to pick up Jessa. Guys! Don’t leave Marnie out. Just because she and Jessa can’t stand each other, doesn’t mean that she wants to be left out! God!

Anyway, here’s to season 3! Let’s hope it’s um, well, let’s just hope things work out as the Girls continue to kind of sort of get it together, while living happily whatever after.