Fangirl Loves Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Of the four “Disney/Kennedy” era Star Wars flicks, Rogue One: A Star Wars story ranks a steady third from me. I don’t love it love it, the way I do Solo or The Force Awakens, and while I recognize from a formal standpoint The Last Jedi is interesting, it’s never tugged at me the way the others have. So, there’s that.

Rogue One, grows on me everytime I watch it. I smile at Jyn Erso’s transformation from cynicism to hope, at Cassian’s dedicated whatever it takes attitude, I’ve love K2-SO from jump, so that’s not really fair. The rest of their ragtag team is great too, especially Donnie Yen as Blind Force Monk who’s just Donnie Yen.

I really like Kroenig as an adversary, and frankly, I love the whole idea that this is about a lower level of the Galaxy, it’s about the people who set the stage for the grand melodrama that is The Skywalker Saga, the guys that built the Death Star, the spies and cells that became The Rebellion. It  was a great idea for a movie that was beautifully pulled off, and that, as I said, I’ve grown to like more and more.

It’s a pretty subtle piece of work, especially for a series that I’ve always loved for it’s broader strokes. Part of the deal with the Stories (and Clone Wars and Rebels) is that you get to play around in the grey a little bit more, which is a good deal of fun. I do wish the characters in Rogue One were a bit more distinct, but I’m otherwise always happy with the film.

It also gives me the thing that I love the most, which is room for Jimmy Smits to do his thing. I really like Jimmy Smits.

I have no idea if I wrote that tweet while I was watching Star Wars or The West Wing or Brooklyn 99. I like the guy a lot. And he’s fun in this, Bail Organa showing up a few times and making cryptic references to “his Jedi friend,” and “Someone he’d trust with his life.” Bail and Leia make a good  contrast to Jyn and Galen, two people who died for the rebllion, and two who didn’t have to.  (Well Bail died, but in a pointless genocide, not for the sake of the rebellion.)

Next week we get to where this all started, A New Hope. Also, I apologize for the lateness of this post. I had a bit of a time this weekend. (Cancelled vacations, bachelorette parties, evacuated air line terminals.) (There was actually a minute there where this column MIGHT have been about me seeing Galaxy’s Edge.)

Speaking of! It’s looking like we’ll be talking about Black Spire Outpost and Batuu by March. I want to solidify a few other things, but there is just NO WAY I’m skipping a week in points sunny this winter, even if it means I eat nothing but rice and beans for the forseeable future. And if those points sunny wind up being the Sunshine state, well, we’re going to Batuu.


Stardust, One With The Force and Hope

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is never going to be my favorite Star Wars movie. It’s not even my favorite Star Wars movie to come out this decade. It’s really good though.  It’s also grown on me quite a bit.

Here’s some stuff that’s dropped in.

  • Empire’s bigger and scarier than we’ve ever seen it. Countless people come, they compel Galen Erso into completing the Death Star, but he tricks them, by building in the self destruct sequence that of course, sets of the course of this whole exercise, into the station.
  • We learn that there are people who were NOT JEDI who still followed the way of the force, they include Jyn Erso’s mother, Donnie Yen (I do not know this character’s name, I can’t remember it. I’m sorry) and Donnie Yen’s awesome friend.
  • Because he is the DARK LORD OF DRAMA Darth Vader makes his home in a giant black tower on Mustafar. You might remember this as the horrible lava planet where he choked his pregnant wife to death, and then his best friend cut off all of his limbs and left him for dead. Seriously, if there was any doubt that the man Anakin Skywalker still exists, this is the proof. “THIS IS THE SIGHT OF MY LARGEST AND MOST DESTRUCTIVE TEMPER TANTRUM! I SHALL MAKE IT MY HOME!” “But why?” “BECAUSE I MUST WALLOW IN ALL OF MY WORST FEELINGS AND IMPULSES! HAVE WE MET?”
  • The Rebel Alliance is kind of a mess, which is also sort of great. It is however run by Bail Organa, who declares that he is going back to Alderaan. (DON’T GOOOO! Stay on Yavin IV, which is, incidentally where Poe Dameron is from.) and Mon Mothma. As previously noted Bail Organa DOES NOT MESS AROUND, so the alliance holds
  • Everyone in this movie dies, pretty much, which is why we never see any of them again. This was a very good plan.

We’re into the OT this afternoon y’all. (Yes, I doubled this up with A New Hope last night.) HOORAY!

Impressive, Most Impressive

Movie Post Season: Round 5

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story inspires Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back


I barely had to pay attention, I have watched this movie so many times. But what to focus on, when comparing it to it’s new younger brother. (Which, I now hold as like, my fifth favorite Star Wars movie.) And while there are lots of things in Empire that I think could directly correlate with Rogue One, I think that main one is the legacy of fathers and children.

Both Luke and Jyn are out to outrun and live up to their father’s legacies simultaneously, and both wind up learning about something that they didn’t expect about said father. A) That he’s alive, and B) that he’s not on the side that they initially thought he was.

In Rogue One, Jyn has convinced herself that her father is dead, but in fact he’s alive and working for the empire, but then, twist! Turns out he’s trying his best to be a good guy. Luke, has always believed his father was a great hero, a powerful Jedi, and of course, that he’s dead. His father, like Jyn’s, not dead, and is in fact the villain to end all villains.

While Jyn gets half the movie to deal with this information, Luke gets, well, a whole movie, but it’s not this one. Both are huge bombshells that matter in not only the hero’s relationship with their father, but in their entire identity. Jyn becomes a hero because her father wanted to save the universe for her. Luke, on the other hand, considers himself the son of Anakin Skywalker, the hero, the greatest Jedi to ever live, or whatever, and instead, he learns that his father is Darth Vader and that his mentor lied to him.

That’s a lot of disillusionment for one little farm boy and one badass space pirate? (What was her deal exactly? Seriously, I was less into that movie than others…) But either way.

Cosplay Corner: A Galaxy Far Far Away

Hey guys! Remember that I sometimes do this? So, last week to gear up for Rogue One, I did some Star Wars themed closet cosplays, and I was really happy with how they came out!

I started off with Saturday and dressed as my favorite Star Wars character (before You Know Who showed up) Obi-Wan Kenobi. I love Obi-Wan for a lot of reasons, but mostly because he’s the best and you’ll never convince me otherwise. So, I wore a white tee shirt and brown leggings and a tan jacket, because Jedi wear robes.


The next day, Sunday, I had no intention of leaving the house, but I realized I had lounge ware that would let me channel Anakin Skywalker pretty well. I went with a black yoga pants, a brown tee shirt, and a black cardigan with grey trim. Poof! Instant Chosen One. (Brooding and Fall To The Dark Side not included.)


On Monday I was back at work, so I had to get a little more creative, as leggings and yoga pants based outfits were not really an option anymore. I realized though that with my brown skirt and cream fair isle sweater, I could easily channel Luke Skywalker. (Not pictured Uggs! I’m very much back into my Uggs this winter!) I feel like the sweater gets across the idea of Luke’s innocence very well and that’s like 80% of his character in the first movie.


Tuesday I decided to go off the main movie path, and decided to dress up as Ahsoka. A maroon cardigan, like her clothes, an orange skirt, for her complection, grey leggings, like hers, and a blue scarf for her horns.


A LOT of planning went into this costume, which I think is appropriate as Ahsoka’s voice actress is a geek girl fashion icon.


Me with Ashley Ecksten at NYCC 2014! HerUniverse ALWAYS the best.

Wednesday was a little bit lazier, and it was time for Kylo Ren. Kylo’s easy, black sweater, black pants and a black scarf. I also wore red earrings to be his lightsaber. (I thought about it at least a little.


Thursday was movie day, and I was planning on wearing my Hoth Leia costume to the movie, but first I had my company’s Christmas party and these people don’t know me and also I wouldn’t wear a costume to a Christmas party. So, I needed to figure out a way to wear the base of the Leia costume, and have it be something else. Enter, the true hero R2-D2. Blue sweater with my white leggings. TA DA! My hair was in my Leia braids though, because those need to be done while my hair is wet.


Anyway, that’s what I did to celebrate Star Wars! 


Here’s the thing with me and Star Wars, it’s too deep in me for me to do anything but love, at least on first pass. I’ll go back and find the problems but I’m just thrilled on the first go round.

Rogue One: A Star Wars story is a very different feel for a Star Wars movie. It’s pace and tone make The Empire Strikes Back feel like a comedic romp. This is a dark, dark movie. You know, for Star Wars.

Without too many spoilers, we get the story of Jyn Orso, the daughter of an Imperial Scientist who joins up with the Rebel Alliacne in order to first retrieve her father and then the plans to the battle station he designed. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s called The Death Star.

Over the course of the movie, Jyn teams up with a rag tag gang, and they succeed at a terrible cost. There’s scary villains, idealistic politicians but the movie is focused on the often terrible choices even the good guys have to make in order to free the people around them.

The return of Darth Vader is equal parts menacing and hilarious. (Maybe just to me, but I thought it was funny.) I was eager to see Jimmy Smits put in more work as Bail Organa and wasn’t disappointed. The reanimated Peter Cushing was a neat trick, but overused and the final shot of a young Carrie Fisher, off to start this whole thing.

In the great pantheon of Star Wars, I think Rogue One is one of the best made films in the series. It is not, however, going to be a favorite of mine, it didn’t hit me in the same way The Force Awakens did last year.

  1. Moana
  2. The Nice Guys
  3. Arrival
  4. Don’t Think Twice
  5. Star Wars: Rogue One
  6. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  7. Queen of Katwe
  8. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
  9. Pete’s Dragon
  10. Ghostbusters
  11. Captain America: Civil War
  12. Kubo And The Two Strings
  13. Star Trek Beyond
  14. The Magnificent 7
  15. Doctor Strange
  16. X-Men: Apocalypse
  17. The Legend Of Tarzan
  18. Suicide Squad
  19. Finding Dory
  20. Independence Day: Resurgence
  21. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Everyday They Grow Stronger

I am not a tiny bit emotionally stable enough for the new Rogue One trailer. I’m sitting at my desk on the verge of tears after watching it again. (I watched it last night during the Olympics, but we were talking during it. Also Kristi was at my house! It was very fun!)

I had every intention of doing a Star Wars themed Cosplay corner this week, but my lap top decided not to work, so let’s just talk about the trailer.

It’s like, really good right? I love the tone that’s being set with this movie, I love the music, and I love this cast.

Oh, right, and Darth Vader, just chilling out.

I’m deeply excited for this movie, and thrilled to learn more about the inner workings of both the rebellion and the empire. A few months ago, maybe at Wizard World Philly, Kristi and I talked about how I’ve always been much more Rebellion focused than Jedi focused, so it seems that this the movie for me!

Also At-Ats! And Tie Fighters! PEW PEW PEW! WEEEEE!!!!!!!

Rogue One is going to top off Movie Season this year, because even though there will probably be other movies coming out after it, I’m going to want to see it a bunch of times…so…

Star Wars News: Rogue OneTrailer and Poe Dameron #1

I was all set to write about Charles Soule and Phil Noto’s new Poe Dameron comic book, (hard to follow plot, because they made him perfectly beautiful…like Grayson level hard…except with fewer jokes about butts.) And so I thought, “oh, what a nice way to end the week.”


And then there was more Star Wars stuff, because the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also dropped, and it’s wonderful as well.

I’m basically just overjoyed at all of this wonderful Star Wars goodness that I got.

Let’s start with Poe.

Guys it’s been a really long time since I clicked this hard with a character, when it came to full blown obsession.

I’m talking like, Blair Waldorf level obsession. (I haven’t yet modeled my entire wardrobe after Poe…I probably won’t, although I have been wearing a lot of orange.) I’m not really reading a lot of comics regularly these days. Pretty much just Bitch Planet.

But I was going to read this, and I will continue to read it every month, because I’m just completely obsesses.

The comic centers around Poe’s lead up to his mission on Jakku. He doesn’t know that he’s going to Jakku yet. Leia sends him to find Max Von Sidow (Character name I CANNOT REMEMBER FOR THE LIFE OF ME) to find the map to Luke. They know his last known whereabouts, so Poe assembles his squad of X-Wing pilots, most of whom we saw in the movie.

There’s also a reference to a battle on Jakku…which would explain the downed Star Destroyer and AT-AT…and possibly some stuff about how Rey and The Millenium Falcon wound up there…Anyway, Poe encounters a small group of people who are trying to hatch a galactic savior out of a giant egg and is both awkward and smooth around them, because that’s the sort of thing that Charles Soule excels at. In fact the quote that’s sticking out to me is “I don’t want to hurt your egg, I like your egg!”

The back up story is called “Rolling Along With BB-8,” where BB-8 is trying to hook up an X-Wing pilot with and X-Wing mechanic. It’s adorable, because he’s the best.

Now let’s talk Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

First of all, I love the subtitle. I think it’s an excellent way to differentiate the “anthology” films from the “saga” films. Brilliant. Go Kathleen Kennedy. Next, the trailer looks bad ass.

I’m really into Felicity Jones as a straight up badass, and hey MON MOTHMA!! That’s pretty cool. And Forrest Whittaker. So there’s that. I’m really excited, I only got around to watching it once and it did make me cry. (The Force Theme man, it gets me every time.)

So much Star Wars goodness coming at us and I’m sure there’s just more to come.

Until then, May The Force Be With You!