What’s Been Going On and What’s Next

I have a lot going on right now. It is most of it good. The past few weeks I’ve felt strangely overwhelmed and over the past few days, I’ve felt myself finally relax and get it together.

But I’m still really busy, and it’s all in the best way. BUT, here’s some of the stuff that went on in August:

My company’s version of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown went up. It was incredible. The whole experience reminded me why I love theater, why I take part in theater and the power that this medium has to make me friends.

That same weekend, I went to go see a Paul McCartney concert. The show was insanely special, and I have that checked off my bucket list now, “See a Beatle perform” Done.

Then I went to go see Cats, which I wrote about already. But again with the reaffirming of theater as a part of the soup that is stuff I love.

Then my brother moved to South Carolina. I’m thrilled for him, this is something that he’s wanted for a very long time, but it’s also something that kicked me in the gut emotionally and made me realize that I’m stuck in a bit of a holding pattern…that I just don’t have time to break right now.

After Cats, came Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert, which really reminded me what I love about so many things. Everyone I saw this concert with was family, and I am SO lucky to have the family that I do. A family that’s willing to laugh and sing and dance and drink and who get along. But I also got to watch Miranda Lambert just, kick ass and take names. I’m working through a piece now about women in country music and anger.

THEN I was down the shore, which is always someone of my favorite days. THEN Juli and Dom got married. And now I’m back at work.

Coming up in the next few weeks?

Tomorrow I fly out to Austin for the weekend. The weekend after that I’m going to a cosplay party in the city with Aless, and then to Renn Faire, and then to see a live taping of the Gilmore Guys podcast with Crystan. The weekend after that I’m driving down to see Chrissy and Glen’s house for the first time and then we’re going the Pennsylvania Renn Faire (with a big old group of people including newlywed Juli!)

Then I finally have a break. This is all GREAT stuff. I’m really excited about all of it, but it’s also, a bit on the overwhelming side. But we’re gonna get there.

Cosplay Corner: Best Pilot In The Resistance

This week’s Cosplay Corner is all about my favorite character in anything from the past few years. (Though seriously, Scorpius Malfoy is giving him a run for his money), and all the Rogue One talk over the week got me thinking about Star Wars again, and that lead to Poe Dameron.

Obviously, I’ve already covered my full on Con Version of the costume!

Also, I finished the Renn Faire Poe costume this week.

So, let’s talk about that

Renn Faire Poe Dameron

The base is simple enough, the same eyelet dress I used for Renn Faire last year, and my Disney World pirate costume, as well as the “corset belt” from those costumes. They will presumably be the base for all Renn Faire-style costumes moving forward, it’s comfortable and fits well.  I added an orange overskirt for the flight suit, and grey lace up tank top as a bodice, to represent the chest piece. To cover my head, I went through a few ideas, but landed on a kerchief style black headband, which I’ll add the Resistance symbol to in red, to riff on his helmet. Seriously, I bounced back and forth between a red and black flower crown, a red circlet with a black snood, some kind of cap, before I realized that this is what I needed it to be, simple, but very evocative. And then my Belle apron, and the Resistance symbol jewelry that I already own.

I’ll be at New York Renn Faire with it in a few weeks, and PA Renn Faire with it a few after that!

Closet Cosplays

Jakku And Escape

I’ve been trying to figure out this one for a while, and I think this outfit cracked it…Green skirt, brown leggings, my cream Doors tee shirt, and brown leather jacket. And of course the Resistance jewelry again!

Flight Suit

Y’all have seen this one in my Disney pics, but I just love it. My orange dress, which is one of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing. Black belt, and white cotton vest. It’s simple and perfect and I love it.

Cosplay Corner: Running Costumes

I don’t have a lot to say in this week’s cosplay corner, but since I registered for my race, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pintrest and Etsy.

(Also, full disclosure I was behind on my Camp NaNoWriMo count yesterday, so I didn’t have the time or bandwith to put into a full cosplay post. I also didn’t closet cosplay at all this week for personal reasons. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled crazy next week.)

So this is my Pintrest board for running costumes!

I really want to do Cinderella, because duh. But I’m also thinking Rapunzel might be fun.

I don’t know. There’s work to do.

But before that, I still have to finish Renn Faire (90% done, and need to pick a weekend.) and NYCC (also like 90% done) and Halloween (probably a repeat of one of the NYCC costumes.



Don’t Throw Cats At Shakespeare: Reenie & Aless Hit The Faire

So on Saturday, Aless and I hit what we decided was “the absolute apex of our dorkiness,” put on some gowns and headed up Tuxedo, New York for The New York Renaissance Faire.

Photos by either me or Aless

Photos by either me or Aless

I’d never done Renn Faire and was really excited to check it out. Aless had also never gone, so we had no idea what to expect, but we were thrilled to find that for the four hours that we were there we were never bored, and we have every intention of going back.

Among our Faire adventures, shopping in every clothing stand, seeing Robin Hood marry Maid Marian, watching a joust that had a loose story line we were barely able to grasp, seeing an improvised audience participation version of Macbeth, where each character was murdered by having tiny stuffed kittens thrown at them.

And we drank mead and cider mixed drinks. (Delicious and very sweet!) And then, what I think was our favorite part of the day we shot bows and arrows.

Aless looked awesome shooting!

Aless looked awesome shooting!

Me, not so much!

Me, not so much!

We ended the day at a pub sing, came home thoroughly happy and dehydrated and if you’re in the tristate area and have a free Saturday or Sunday in the next few weeks, I highly recommend checking out the Faire.

I’m definitely going back, though I’m not sure when.

To see all of our pictures check out my facebook! They’re all there!