Nerd News: Batman VS The Ninja Turtles

“So we’re making an animated movie where Batman meets the Ninja Turtles and also Batgirl is voiced by Rachel Bloom, and one of the Ninja Turtles is voiced by Darren Criss.”

My response to this news was to pinch myself, because I was pretty sure I’d hallucinated.



The Ninja Turtles

Featuring The Voice Talents of Reenie’s Choice For The Future Of Musical Theater If You Dumb Dumbs Can Stop Felating Pasek And Paul For A Second And Open Your Damn Eyes? and One Of Three Actors That Ryan Murphy Knows How To Write For? (I have very specific positive feelings about these two performers.)

This movie is going to rule! I’ve kinda dropped out of the DC Animated Movie thing. But as I spend 2019 reinvesting in superheroes in general, I’ve been tempted to catch up on stuff.

Regardless, I’ll definitely watch this, and probably would have even without Bloom and Criss involved because Batman. Fighting. The. Ninja. Turtles.

It’s a little 90’s kids cartoon dream play pretend. (Sadly, though, Conroy not voicing Batman, that would be the only way to improve this.)

Divorce & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Unlikeable and VERY FUNNY Ladies

I haven’t watched West World yet, I’m sure I’ll get to it. I was still in my “Game Of Thrones is over when I SAY SO” phase when it started, but I understand it’s fantastic and I can’t wait to get into it.

What I have been watching is the fairly brilliant dark comedy that’s paired with it Divorce (I’m also watching Insecure, but Issa doesn’t really fit with the theme of this article.) And while after my recent return to Sex And The City, I am deeply ready to accept that Sarah Jessica Parker can play a monster and I’ll still root for her, her character of Frances on Divorce is amazing.

But Frances is terrifically unlikable, in a way that you rarely get to see a female protagonist be. She’s selfish, she told her husband she didn’t love him anymore after he was almost shot at a diner party (long story, watch the show,) she had a long term affair. But she’s also hilarious and like Don Draper before her, you’re kind of rooting for her to get it together, and you kind of hate her deeply put upon spouse Robert, played hilariously by Thomas Haden Church. (That said, Robert is kind of a controlling, condescending dickweed…)

I’m really excited to see how this goes forward and the ping ponging of who’s really the bad guy here is an interesting way to tell this story.

But Frances being kind of a jerk to her husband is nothing compared to what the season premier of Crazy Ex Girlfriend gave to Rebecca Bunch. Our previously unstable, but mostly well intentioned protagonist shed her exterior and it’s become very clear, Rebecca is a monster. Minutes after she and Josh finally consumate and he calls her out on her admission of love and stalking, she twists the whole thing around to make Josh feel like he’s the one pushing too quickly and too fast.

From there it’s a little more standard Rebecca behavior, manufacturing a reason for Josh to leave stuff at her apartment. (Josh, for his part, is not exactly being the best ever either. He’s staying with Rebecca, and they’re having sex, but he refuses to sleep with her, or discuss their relationship at all. He claims this is because of his loyalty to Greg, but well, I think we all know Josh better than that.)

I’m a little excited and nervous to see Rebecca’s full slide into darkness. I’m even more excited to see Greg’s attempts at AA and Paula’s attempt to put up healthy boundaries with Becks and enter law school.

We’ll see how it goes, but Crazy-Ex Girlfriend has always given me great feminist hope. (Only one main character is a straight white dude…) but allowing it’s protagonist to be a full on emotionally abusive monster is easily the coolest thing the show is doing.