New York Comic Con Day 3

OK, so 4 days is like a long time. I really didn’t realize how long 4 days was. It’s been great, and I’m super looking forward to today. Among other things, I’m going to another panel that features Kelly Sue, and also I’ll be wearing a crinoline (so much more comfortable than a leotard, right? Maybe, only if you’re me.) But let’s talk about today!

Today was mostly about Cosplay, because today Aless and I went as Black Canary and Zatanna and it was excessively epic.

I'm doing The Canary Call and Aless is doing magic OBVIOUSLY!

I’m doing The Canary Call and Aless is doing magic OBVIOUSLY!

A lot of people stopped to take our picture, I gave many of them cards. Seriously, if any of you are reading this, PLEASE email us those pictures. We were busy with other stuff and didn’t get many pics of just the two of us in costume and we loved these outfits. But a couple of other cool things happened too.

You know like meeting some guy named JIM LEE!

You know like meeting some guy named JIM LEE!

One of those cool things was the Batman 75th Anniversary Panel. Which was moderated by Brad from DC Unlimited (a seriously cool web series) and featured, Geoff Johns, Kevin Frickin Conroy (Aless’s words), Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. (Who I met. Did I mention that I MET JIM LEE?)

I tried to take notes during this panel. I really, really did. But I managed to scribble down a few things that happened. Everyone talked about their favorite villains. (Joker for everyone but Neal, who picked R’as BIG SHOCK). Kevin was the best because of course he had to talk about Mark Hamill and how that’s the reason he loves Joker, which is frankly adorable. He also came out and did, “I am the vengence, I am the night, I AM BATMAN” as soon as he got to the mic. Which satisfied many things. The other thing that was discussed was how Batman the TV show was pretty much everyone’s entry point, except Scott, who’s young enough for Batman: The Animated Series to have been his entry point. Neal briefly touched on working with Denny O’Neil, and talked about Batman: Odyssey in detail and I really do need to read that, Scott and Greg talked about being instantly iconic. (Namely the Talons and Death of The Family), Jim Lee talked about Hush, everyone talked about The Dark Knight Returns and then they showed the two Bruce Timm produced shorts, which I had seen and were excessively great.

But there was trouble, as the clips didn’t roll right away, and the lights were down and nothing was happening and Kevin Conroy just started singing “Am I blue,” out of nowhere. Now, this the second sexiest thing to happen at Comic Con this year. (#1 being Chris Hardwick interviewing Hugh Laurie and George Clooney, because, remember when that happened, and I was there?) It was a really great time.

After that was the Daredevil TV Panel, which was, um, good? The show looks good, and the cast seems really psyched and Jeff Loeb is superb and very passionate about his job and Vincent D’Onofrio will be the best actor on Netflix, because they showed one scene of his and it was insanely good.

Then we met up with a few of Aless’s friends, and then we went over to artist’s alley to hover around waiting for Gail Simone, where we then met Jim Lee. We sadly, both had left our copies of Hush at home. (We really didn’t think we’d get to see him) But then, then after waiting around for an hour, we met Gail.

I was giggling the WHOLE time we were talking to her.

I was giggling the WHOLE time we were talking to her.

It was a brief chat, but she complimented our costumes, AND our names. (Thanks Mommy and Daddy, for giving me an eternal conversation starter) She signed our Batgirl: The Darkest Mirror books, and here we are.

Then we hit a bar with Aless’s friends, who are great and I’m so happy to have in my life. Tomorrow is our final day, and it’s going to be pretty fun. We have a lot to do, several panels to check out and a couple of signings to hit. See you all on the other side!

New York Comic Con 2014: Day 2

Day 2 began with me wandering around by myself in a hungover haze, and ended with, well, it ended with some pretty amazing stuff.

First of all. I really need to thank The Mary Sue for Geek Girl HQ, when you’re by yourself at Con, and don’t feel well? A nice quiet air conditioned room with WiFi and nice girls in cool cosplays is like, the greatest gift in the world.

So thanks Mary Sue, you pretty much saved the day!

I also did a little shopping. (There was jewelery that I bought) I met Kate Leth and had he sign my copy of Fraggle Rock, and was once again without my partner in crime until late in the evening. (Something about school? And class? And midterms? I don’t know…)

So, this happened....

So, this happened….

Anyway, deciding that, while it was all well and good to sit around and be anti social at Geek Girl HQ, I’d probably be better off taking a nap, I did so, and feeling much better headed back to the con, and attended two panels right in a row.

The first one was Brian Lee O’Malley. And while Scott Pilgrim is basically the reason that I started reading comics, I was not terribly stimulated by this panel. I still haven’t read Seconds, because I sort of suck…and for a majority of the panel he was talking about the gentrification of Toronto and the co opting of hipster culture, which frankly, is something I have zero interest in. He did give some cool insights into his writing process which includes making a playlist that he “can’t start writing until it’s finished, and when it is I don’t touch it.” Which is a very, very cool way to set the mood and tone of your story before you even start. And while his favorite Evil Ex is always changing, at the moment of that panel it was Todd, because he saw some cool Todd cosplay before getting there.

I may try it.

And then.

AND THEN! I ran to the Vulture’s “The Future of Women in Fandom” panel, which featured Gail Simone and Sana Amanat and of course Kelly Sue DeConnick.

It was amazing. This was a 45 minute panel that I have 8 pages of notes about.

First of all, the most incredible thing about it was how very different these three women are. Sana, who is one of the creators of Kamala Khan (which earns her all my love. You know how I feel about Kamala.) is soft spoken and funny and seems maybe a little bit shy? Gail is cool and fun and intense. And Kelly Sue is a force of nature. And they’re all super smart and sharp and amazing, and write wonderful, wonderful stories.

But I’m pretty sure that if it came right down to it, I’d follow Kelly Sue into battle, and I wouldn’t be alone. She is commanding and smart and amazing and I think I’m a little bit in love with her. This panel was talking about why female fandom is all of a sudden a thing, (The answer, it’s always been a thing, it’s just that with the internet people know it’s a thing.), if it’s sustainable (give your comics to your friends, then it will sustain, also, read Lumberjanes.) and feminism and intersectionality and sexuality.

Listening to Gail Simone talk about women’s sexuality as represented in comics was incredible. I mean, this is the woman who made Red Sonja a feminist icon, she talked about how it’s all about coming at it from character. Sonja wears a chainmail bikini because Sonja likes her chainmail bikini. That’s it. It’s all about giving your powers agency and choice over their body.

But then Kelly Sue talked about intersectionality and solidarity and I was practically in tears. It was so beautiful. Particularly she was talking about some of the dumb ass things men in fanboy culture do.

“If someone asks you who would win, Carol or Wonder Woman? Why are they fighting? They’re both good guys! If you tried to make them fight, they would bury you!”

And that was just her warm up act. Some poor dude dared to ask for advice on writing female characters.

“Pretend like they’re people.” She snapped pointing out how dumb this question is. It was great. Learning to deal with gatekeeping and Sana talking about being a woman of color and writing a character who’s a woman of color, it’s all so cool and great of awesome.

Then I met up with Aless and we went to artist alley and did a very good job of not fangirling out on Babs Tarr and Yale Stewart if I do say so myself, and then we met some cool fangirls back at Geek Girl HQ while we charged our phones.

We went out to dinner with my family last night and so were much better behaved, though Aless is still hungover, I am in much better shape.

Today’s going to be fun. The Batman 75th panel is great. I’m wearing the Black Canary Cosplay that I’ve been working on for six months and well, it’s just going to be fun! Again, head to facebook and twitter to see things as they happen!

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 1

So it was a mellow day at comic con. Which means that I wandered around a lot was only wearing like half a costume, only went to one panel (but it was a doozy) and then met Arthur Darvill.


Not a great picture of me, but YAY!

I also got really drunk afterwards, and I’m super duper hung over, but I’m going do my best to tell you fine people things anyway. I met Babs Tarr, which was pretty great. And Ashley Eckstein who founded Her Universe and is THE NICEST PERSON. Seriously, she was super cool. It probably didn’t hurt that I was wearing one of her dresses.

Me and Ashley and another girl we were talking to!

Me and Ashley and another girl we were talking to!

I don’t have a lot of pictures because Aless didn’t meet me until around 6 so it was hard to get pics so let’s talk about that one panel.

I was really excited to go to The Disney Panel yesterday at 1. I was looking forward to finding out more about Big Hero 6 and of course finding out anything about Tomorrowland. 

And it didn’t hurt that Chris Hardwick was hosting the thing.

We all know how I feel about Chris Hardwick.

The The Big Hero 6 stuff was really cool. They brought out the cast. (TJ Miller! YEAH!) and as a listener to The Nerdist Network and Doug Loves Movies, I fully expected TJ to put his foot in his mouth in some way and would have to go on You Made It Weird to apologize. That happens with alarming frequency. But he didn’t. But he and Chris did make a Yogi Bear 3-D joke, which was great. We saw a couple of clips, which introduced us to the Big Hero 6 team, showed us drunk Bay Max (Hairy baby!), we saw the amazing chase scene with the villain, and the scene where Hiro first builds Bay Max’s armor. (“Would apprehending this masked man improve your emotional state?” Sweetest line ever.)

But the highlight of this segment was the truly sincere nerd love from Scott Adsit. Obviously, anyone who was involved with 30 Rock gets my eternal love, but Adsit was so kind and funny and great about appreciating being at Comic Con on a panel. He and Chris were ribbing each other and it was lovely.

Then they showed a new trailer and it was pretty great. We also all got scanned by Bay Max. I really can’t wait to see this movie. Just a few more weeks.

Then the Tomorrowland segment.

Among other things, this is a movie I’ve been waiting for pretty much since I saw Pirates of The Caribbean. I always thought that a Space Mountain movie would be pretty cool. When it was announced that Brad Bird and Damon Lindeloff were in charge, I knew it was going to be special. I hadn’t really been keeping up with it news wise, mostly because there wasn’t a lot of news.

But we got a lot of news yesterday. And I’m here to tell you about it.

It’s based around the ideas that Walt Disney had as a futurist and classic adventure movie ideas which is cool.

We saw the teaser which made me both cry and gave me chills. I can’t even begin to describe it and I’m sure it’s been leaked by now but it was so cool.

Then we talked to the cast, including Hugh Laurie, who is obviously playing  villain, but also was super charming and sexy, and british and all that good stuff.

Wait? Did someone say charming and sexy? Did the actual physical embodiment of those traits show up at that panel.

Was I in the same room as GEORGE CLOONEY  or was it some kind of weird dream? No I was actually in that room. and it was pretty amazing. He was adorable, making jokes about being on his honeymoon, and how he was pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to be allowed at Comic Con anymore, and how he apologized to Adam West, and I’m sorry I have to share my actual notes from this aspect of the panel, it pretty much sums up how I felt the whole time.

Please forgive my serial killer handwriting!

Please forgive my serial killer handwriting!

It’s hard to explain how it feels to have one of your favorite movie stars about 100 feet away from you, smiling and joking and being perfect. There was lots of giggling involved and since I was by myself, a lot of trying to engage strangers on my abundant love for Dr. Doug Ross and Danny Ocean.

Then Aless and I came back to hotel, drank a lot of wine and cider and then we went to Dave and Busters and drank many margaritas, and now I have a lot of hangover. BUT we go back to Comic Con now! Again, go to twitter and facebook for real time updates and if you want to say hey!

Cosplay Explosion!

Cosplay has been a part of my life far longer than I knew it was called cosplay, back when I just called it “playing dress up.”

I was the girl that always wanted to play dress up. I planned my Halloween costumes starting in midsummer. I tried to recruit (usually with dismal results) my friends into group costumes. Long after I quite dance, I would go to recitals and salivate over the costumes. Theater quenched my thirst for a very long time. And of course, once my mom took over a lot of the costuming on the shows that my sister and I did, well, that helped even more. I still put way more thought and energy into Halloween than any of my friends (save Katie. Katie does magical things on Halloween. MAGICAL!)

It’s bled over into my life in a big way, but still only at one time of year. Costumes, at least for myself, belong to the fall. I realized that this year, I have 7 occasions for wearing costumes and I’m really excited about it.

First is tomorrow. I’ve talked about Lead East, a vintage car show and 50’s theme weekend that I attend with Katie every year. Luckily, it’s never too hard to come up with something to wear there. If I don’t have something, Katie’s mom will. Also, 50’s style is easy to ape, even with modern clothes, especially if you’re me and Cardigans and capri leggings make up 60% of your wardrobe, and you own 6 waist cinching

Then there’s the 4 days of Comic Con, which I planned on dressing up for all of. (I’ve since backed off on this, but I’ll get there.) Last year, I had a lot of success with my Supergirl costume, and was looking forward to getting creative again this year. I was nearly finished with one of my chosen costumes anyway, and I’m really excited now that I only need a few extra pieces for it.

And then there’s Halloween. These days I generally give the least amount of attention to Halloween. I’m happy enough with how store bought costumes fit me these days to just toss a cute one on, but I’m still picky enough that I’m going to look for something that’s at least decently made. Luckily, this year, there’s a Spirit Halloween opening on the way back to my house from the gym, so there’s no way I won’t be stopping in a few times to pick something up! Yay!

And then finally there’s my birthday party, which, for the past few years, has been a themed costume party. It started with my Super Hero Themed 25th, and last year exploded with a Great Gatsby Themed 26th. I mean, really, I had more fun in my beaded gown, and I’ve never seen my friends get quite so into something as that. This year, well, this year is going to be a lot of fun.

So obviously, I’ve made a lot of work for myself (and my mother, who somehow, winds up cleaning up my messes…), and it’s cool, because it’s work that I enjoy and that I get an immense amount of enjoyment out of it. But I realized that I was going to have to do some combining at some point.

I didn’t expect the combination to come the way that it did. I really didn’t expect that the combination would come with Lead East and Comic Con.

Tomorrow, as I head out to Parsippany, I’m going to be dressed as Betty from the Archie Comics series, in a Riverdale High cheerleading uniform, put together courtesy of a cheap polo I bought from K-Mart, some iron on letters and my mother being ridiculous and making me 2 skirts, one, that didn’t quite fit and that’s color was off, and the one that I’ll be wearing.

I’m so overwhelmingly excited to wear this costume, not just to Lead East but to New York Comic Con in October. I may redo the shirt in between, depending on how it photographs, but I’m very excited.

As for the rest of Comic Con, I’m finally getting to wear the Black Canary costume that I’ve been working on since January. I have a leotard (and booty shorts to wear under it.) I have fishnets, I have combat boots, I have a cool zippy leather vest thing that’s going over the leotard. I have a leather jacket, I have a wig. I basically just need fingerless gloves, and I’m all set. I’m even more excited about this because Aless is planning on doing Zatana. As for my hope of doing Sailor Mars, I’m putting it on hold, I’ve gotten back to the gym, but the pieces I have to put it together I won’t feel comfortable wearing unless I lose 10 pounds. That’s not out of the question, but well, you get it. Day 4, I’m going to wear clothes, like just my clothes, either a dress or a nerdy tee shirt, or whatever. But 4 days of costumes is a lot.

Halloween. No clue. No idea what I want to do. Can’t wait for the Halloween Stores to open so that I can shop and get ideas.

And my birthday this year is going to be the biggest ever. I made the event for the party on facebook last night. This year’s theme is HBO! Basically, this is because I wanted to do Game of Thrones, so that I could dress up as Maegery, but it was pointed out that if you are lazy or not into Game Of Thrones that’s a tough theme. So we expanded out, and now all HBO originals are fair game.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m really excited!

New York Comic Con – First Contact

I’d never been to a Con before this weekend, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had a picture in my head of the opening and closing scenes of Chasing Amy, so I thought I might see Jason Lee arguing about whether inkers deserved as much credit as artists and writers, but beyond that, I had no idea.

I went dressed as Supergirl and Aless as Wonder Woman, (we were also Shadowhunters for a few hours, and she was Clara Oswin Oswald whenever we saw a Doctor to take pictures with.)

Over on my facebook page, I’m going to be posting pictures as I track them down, but it really was a great time!

I’m a terrible reporter and really just did a lot of chatting and not a lot of asking real questions or note taking, but here’s the philosophy that we spent the weekend espousing:

Photo Booth

That’s not to say that Aless and I are abnormal people, but it’s cook to go someplace where we can let our guard down. While I don’t have much of a filter anyway, I mean, if someone shows the slightest interest in something I like, I’ll babble to them about it for at least five minutes, maybe more. (God forbid any one say the word “Nightwing” around me. We’ll all lose a few hours.) But at Comic Con, there’s no reason for that. You can be, say waiting on line to get your picture taken with John Barrowman.



And someone notices that you’ve got a Camp Jupiter button on your lanyard and you can spend the rest of the time in line talking about how much you all love Percy Jackson and no one will get bored, no one’s eyes glaze over. Or say you you’re waiting to get your special edition of Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth signed by Claudio Sanchez, Chondra Echert and Travis Stever.



And you and the guys in front of you talk about the different shows you went to, and your favorite songs and their Coheed tattoos and how import Chondra is to the group and you don’t have anyone asking, “Wait? Who?”

Or you can sit in a room with almost one thousand other people, a few of whom stand up to a mic and say the same thing that you were thinking. “Um, before my question, I’d just like to thank Bruce Timm for everything, I mean, all of the work is so amazing.”

It’s like a building full of people who agree to be on the same page for a few days, and that’s such an incredible feeling.

So thank you to everyone who was in The Javits Center this weekend. I had an amazing time and learned so much. Can’t wait to do it again!