I Bet You’re Wondering How Thor Got In This Cage


I think I’m in a minority here, so you’re about to hear a rant.

greatly enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok. I thought it was a well made, wonderfully paced movie with some stellar performances and more than a few surprise tricks up it’s sleeve. Tessa Thompson and Cate Blanchet were sublime additions to the cast. (Though I missed Natalie Portman and Jamie Alexander, not to mention Kat Dennings.) Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are fantastic as Thor and Loki, embodying these characters as they always have from minute 1. Jeff Goldblum is a delight. Idris Elba and Mark Ruffalo kill it.

Here’s what I didn’t love. I get that Guardian of The Galaxy was a colossal monster of a hit, and very unexpected, I get that Marvel Studios has never quite known how to pitch a Thor movie. Saying, “let’s make it as much like Guardians as possible,” though? I’m not sure that worked either.

The “jokey jokes” didn’t always land for me, especially in a series that I always felt had some excellent comedy in it. (The scene in the first movie where Thor demands a dog or cat big enough to ride ALONE cements there was always humor here.) The comedy that did work for me were things like Hulk claiming Thor is “Banner’s friend” rather than his. Loki’s discomfort at being in the vicinity of Hulk, as well as Thor’s test of throwing things at his brother to determine if he had corporeal form.

The larger intergalactic plot, of Thor on Sarac, while fun and cool, didn’t engage me the way that the Asgard stuff (Odin’s death, Hela’s invasion, Heimdall evacuating the city) did. That’s always been where the stuff I liked about Thor lived though. (Well, and in his relationship with Jane, which, I get, was a necessary casualty here, because Natalie Portman, the human being, didn’t want to be in the movie.)

Doesn’t mean I didn’t love Valkyrie (Seriously, Tessa Thompson ROCKS HARD!) or most of the big action set pieces. Or our requisite shirtless Hemsworth scene. I really liked it. Marvel doesn’t make bad movies, I just don’t think this one was as drop dead awesome as the rest of the internet does.

Still really good though.


  1. Wonder Woman
  2. The Big Sick
  3. Battle Of The Sexes
  4. Dunkirk
  5. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  6. Guardians of The Galaxy: Volume 2
  7. Thor: Ragnarok
  8. King Arthur: Legend of The Sword
  9. The Dark Tower
  10. Cars 3
  11. Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


Star Wars: The Last Jedi: First time seeing it on the big screen and OMG YOU GUYS! We’re so close, and it’s going to be awesome.

Black Panther: Do you wanna know what’s nice? Ryan Coogler found space for Michael B. Jordan in this movie. (Did we think he wouldn’t?) I’m not sure how to articulate how excited I am for this movie, because it’s deep in my gut.

12 Strong: Siggghhhh, I mean, I love this cast, so, there’s that. Fun that Michael Shannon gets to play a good guy. I may see it.

Movie Season, Moving Forward:

Here’s the deal y’all! I know I’ve been slack this year, it’s for a lot of reasons, but I’ve started a new day job! (This is an invariably GOOD thing. Trust me!) And I’ve got a Disney trip in just over a week! (WEE!) But, the good news is that the new day job is a lot closer to my apartment and pays me more money, so I’ll be able to close out movie season fairly strong, as the Oscar-bait movies come out. (There’s also a small independent theater walking distance from my apartment, so…yeah…)

Aless and I are trying to figure out what we’re doing for Justice League, as I’m leaving for Disney the morning after opening. We may delay by a whole week. (This is WEIRD for us, but you know, it’s DC, we didn’t even do Suicide Squad together…) Coco will for sure happen, and we’ve already got our Star Wars tickets.


Cosplay Corner: Wizard World Philadelphia & Chibi-Moon

Cosplay has started to become a big part of my life again lately. (It never fully goes away), but lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time and effort on it, both for conventions and for every day “closet cosplays” because they make me feel good. So, for now, once a week. (Tuesdays or Fridays, depending on Movie Season…) I’ll talk about what my cosplay stuff looks like for the week.

Since tomorrow, I’m heading to Wizard World Philadelphia, I figured today was a good day to talk about the costumes I’ll be wearing there. (I know the con’s been going on for 2 days, but I’m not there yet.)

Since I don’t sew, most of my costumes are assembled from various bought items or things I already own, or stuff I dupe my mom into making. (Hi Mommy, I love you!)

Con Ready Costumes

First up is my new costume of the weekend, Agent Peggy Carter!

If you’re unfamiliar with Agent Carter, I don’t know what you’re doing on my blog, because if you don’t know Peggy chances are you’re not into what I’m selling, but she’s the badass British bombshell who worked with the Strategic Scientic Resever (SSR) during Steve Roger’s training before he became Captain America. She also founded SHIELD alongside Howard Stark.

I’m wearing a take on her military uniform. It’s almost perfect, except for the jacket…but this was a last minute decision so I had to take what I could get quickly and cheaply.

I’ll be in brown skirt I purchased from Amazon, as well as a Khaki shirt and a black tie. The jacket is pleather and was quick Goodwill find, and I really like the way it came together.

My Captain America costume is my laziest of all cosplays, but I love it so much. It’s simply the Her Universe Captain America Dress, a pair of red boots I bought years ago for Supergirl, and the child size Captain America Shield.

Closet Cosplay Of The Week

So, I’ve been closet cosplaying or casual cosplaying a lot lately, and I figured I’d document those. These will be mostly from my already existing wardrobe, and almost always work appropriate!

This week, I decided to channel Sailor Chibi-Moon

I started by putting my hair up in half pigtails, I think that this gets the “bun head” feel a little better than just regular pigtails.

White tee shirt is pretty self explanatory. The pink skirt is a fun Polo skirt made of sweatshirt material and features a tie, to give me that extra Sailor Moon bow feeling.

The thing I was most proud of with this look though, was wearing the pink tassel to represent the Sailor Collar.

Add in a pair of pink ballet flats, and I’m all set to train to defend Earth in the name of the moon!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be pulling out other closet cosplays, and detailing some of my more intricate Con costumes, even if I don’t have a con coming up. (Although, I do…but I’m not putting anything together for Heroes and Villains…) I think this is going to be fun!


“Specimen”: Beauitful Men, The MCU and Female Fantasy

As I try to grow as a woman and a feminist and a writer, one of the things that I’ve been trying to pay some attention to is gendered language. I read an essay a while back that talked about the way that we discuss women’s looks verse the way we talk about men’s. Words like “beautiful” as opposed to words like “handsome.” Because of this I’ve tried really hard to use specific words when it comes to describing someone’s attractiveness whenever possible.

And lately I’ve been thinking about men who I describe as beautiful.

Not all the men I find myself attracted to would fit this descriptor. I’d say even a traditionally attractive man, like say, George Clooney is still more handsome than beautiful. The Boston Boys, as I’ve called them many time (Wahlberg, Affleck and Damon) also fit that bill. But I do kind of have a thing for pretty boys.

Specifically here, I want to talk about The MCU, though and how those men, in particular are just, beautiful. It’s a specific brand of gorgeous, they just glow, and while they’re certainly representing a male power fantasy, as nearly all superheroes do, there’s something feminine in the fantasy of these men. One of my very first posts here was about how The Avengers presents archetypes for several different fantasies for those so inclined.

Obviously, “The Chrises” are the best example of this Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and later Chris Pratt are all beautiful, if in a simple specific, WASPY way, but when you place them as Captain America, Thor and Star Lord, you’re creating three specific types, The All American Good Boy, The God and The Roguish Man Child. They are specific fantasies.

What got me thinking about this recently was of course Civil War, but specifically Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther in Civil War. I knew from 42 that Boseman was a good looking guy, but as I watched him on the big screen as T’Challa, I grabbed Aless’s arm and gasped, “He’s just so beautiful!” (Her response, a nice little pat and “yeah, hon, I know, but…movie…” Aless is a much more rational human than I am.)


Sooo, beautiful….

So what does this have to do with feminism? Well, allowing for female sexual fantasy is a big part feminism, and allowing men to be seen as aesthetically beautiful is also a good gender parity thing. But I’m not the first person to talk about the female gaze and the Marvel movies, but it’s an important aspect that I think doesn’t get talked about enough. But I talk about this a lot in my everyday life and now I want to talk about it here too.

Because I think talking about beautiful men is important. And also fun. So that’s, that. YAY!

“It Matters Most That We Stay Together”

Happy Movie Season 2016!!!!! As I move into my fourth summer here and my third official movie season (where does the time go?) it really couldn’t have kicked off better than with Captain America: Civil War.

Civil War

While Civil War doesn’t quite hit the highs of The Winter Soldier (to be honest it will be very hard for any movie to ever hit those highs again.) it’s a really worthy entry into the MCU and proof positive that these movies might be able to scale back their conflicts a little.

Yes, believe it or not a movie that features an epic 10 + minute long melee between 10 superheroes actually feels quite small, because that fight is not actually the climax of the movie. (Though it is awesome.) There are two conflicts throughout the film that eventually converge.

After the events of Age of Ultron The United Nations has drafted The Sokovia Accords, which would put the Avengers under the jurisdiction of, well, now Secretary of State Thunder Bolt Ross. This splits the team in two, Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye and Scarlett Witch on one and Iron Man, Black Widow, War Machine and Vision on the other. Each team also recruits a bug themed guy. (Mans Ant and Spider respectively.)

The second conflict is of course, Bucky centric. Now living in hiding, a bombing during the finalization of the accords that kills the king of Wakanda is blamed on The Winter Soldier. So obviously, the prince of Wakanda T’Challa is out for revenge and Steve needs to deal with that.

There’s a conspiracy, there’s quips, and in my favorite moment, Steve and Sharon finally kiss. (With Bucky and Sam looking on and nodding approvingly.) But the real conflict is far more emotional, torn between his two friends, Steve has to choose and that emotion explodes in the punchy punchy finale. There’s a lot going on and I don’t want to spoil much of the plot which has some fun zig zag moments.


  1. Captain America: Civil War


X-Men: Apocalypse


Jason Bourne

Julia Stiles is back in this one! I am overjoyed by that. I wish that Julia Stiles was in more movies. She’s great. Oh, also so much building jumping.

The Secret Life of Pets

I might be looking forward to this in ways I’m not looking forward to many of the action movies this year. It looks completely perfect and adorable.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It just looks so good you guys. So good, At-Ats! Just everywhere!

Daredevil Season 2: Finishing Up

Ok everyone! I finished this morning before work. It was amazing. So much of it!


Guess Who’s Back!


God he’s a badass. And also just an ass. While I’m thrilled that he told Karen that he’s Daredevil, and that he chose Elektra (I mean, she died, but he chose her!) And he spends the whole back half of the season chasing ninjas (badass) but blowing off Frank’s case which he forced Foggy and Karen to take on (ass)

Luckily it’s Claire that tells him he needs to get his act together.

Claire’s the best!

He’s now mourning Elektra, thinks he beat The Hand (he did not) and has mended fences with Stick. All of this is good. Seriously, I’m glad we got a season of street level stuff before the mystical ninja stuff. (Also, seriously Arrow, TAKE NOTES.)


Foggy is working for Hogarth!!!! Marcy got him the job after he and Matt dissolved Nelson and Murdock. This means that we may get Foggy and Jessica interaction! Also I’m real proud of him for not taking Matt’s shit anymore. I’m completely obsessed with this character though, so that’s part of it.

He also gets shot, when Frank is killing the DA he gets caught in the crossfire, which is the straw that breaks the camel’s back with Matt, who is now convinced that all he is is a danger to his friends. (He is, but he’s also an ass)

But Foggy and Karen also have my favorite moment of the finale, where they sit at Josie and promise to stay friends and be there for each other. These two have been through a lot together.


If you had told me in a season that featured Daredevil and Elektra that I would find the relationship between Karen Page and The Punisher the most compelling of the season, I would have told you to go fuck yourself.


But it was incredible. Her decision to go on the run with him, realizing this is a terrible idea, getting him to talk in court, trying to stop him from killing Lex Luthor…I mean, Clancy Brown’s “The Blacksmith,” all of it, is incredible. Now she’s a reporter, which means Ellison is sticking around. Which means he’ll probably not have to fire his personal trainer…look, I’m always going to look out for family!


She’s only in three of these episodes, but she’s supposed to be a regular on Luke Cage. I’m just saying there’s a good chance that she’s going to be the one calling everyone when the time comes. Anyway, she admitted a bunch of patients who’d been tortured (and then we learn brainwashed) by The Hand and got herself fired over it. But without her hospital job now she can just stitch up superheroes full time. She also gets Matt to pull his head out of his ass, tells Foggy he should become a rapper (MC FOGGY! YES!)

Look, she’s the best. The end. More Rosario in everything.


Stick’s back! He’s trying to get Elektra and Matt to fight the hand with him. Well, Matt. He’s trying to kill Elektra, because she’s Black Sky, but you know whatever. The Elektra flashback episode is awesome.


Wilson Fisk

Guys he was back. For a few episodes. It was amazing. He’s running prison. He’s going to figure out that Matt is Daredevil. He manipulates Frank to kill all his enemies in prison and then sets him free. D’Onofrio is amazing and everything about this was amazing, and I can’t wait until he gets back out and puts Matt through his paces. So happy that he was back.


Immortal Ninja, enough said.

Madame Gao

So cool, with her painting and her advising Matt and her probably being around for Iron Fist right?

The New Kids

Frank Castle AKA The Punisher

God, they nailed this character and is was so great. Punisher has never been my guy. (I like my vigilantes gunless and kill-less) But I do get the appeal, and after this show, he might be my guy. I’m not sure that I want to see him have his own Netflix show, I’d much rather see him pop up and cause problems for various Defenders now and then. (Can you imagine him and Jessica together. We’d all be decimated.) But his trial, his relationship with Karen, his decision to save Matt’s soul rather than make his quest easier, is all amazing.


Dead but about to be reborn. Look, we knew that she was going to die before the end of the season. She has to, it’s kind of the biggest part of her character that she dies and is resurrected. (That and NINJA ASSASIN!) So The hand is getting ready to resurrect her so that they have control of Black Sky.

This will not end well for them I don’t think. But the final scene between Elektra and Matt, where they decide to run away together is beautiful, because you know what’s coming, she knows what’s coming, he doesn’t because he’s kinda a dummy about stuff, but it’s just so wonderful. BIG fan of how that all turned out.

Overall Season Thoughts

I enjoyed the season, much like Jessica Jones I thought it was tighter and technically better than Season 1, but I don’t know why, I’ll always love season 1 the most. Maybe it’s because it was such a gut punch. Because I was able to fully binge it. Because I didn’t know how to feel and it taught me that I should feel awesome. But overall, it was just an insanely good 13 hours of television, much more episodic than season 1 (in a good way) and true to the characters as they were built.

Luke Cage Teaser

GUYS THEY FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO NETFLIX POST CREDIT! And the teaser is great, and I’m really excited and I’ll see you September 30!

Get Ready For Spoilers: My Iron Man 3 Review

Here we go!

Here we go!

After seeing Iron Man 3 with Chrissy and another friend from our esteemed collegiate days, Dennis, we headed to a Chevy’s to debrief on what we just saw (and eat “Mexican” food and drink margaritas.) I said, I was thinking of doing a spoiler free review, and Chrissy said, “Why?”

Why, indeed. Look, aside from the fact that I am very, very bad at spoiler free reviewing, most of what I really enjoyed about Iron Man 3 was the more spoilery stuff.

So, let’s begin shall we? The evening started off with some great trailers, including Star Trek: Into Darkness, (looks amazing), some movie where Channing Tatum saves the president played by Jaime Foxx (will probably watch it on cable and love it), The Wolverine, (which looks bulky and boring, love Hugh Jackman though I do) and of course Thor: The Dark World (there is not enough squeeing in the world to describe my inward reaction to this). Then we got in to the actual movie.

We started off with a blank screen and Tony doing a voice over, talking about how we create our own demons. Of course, Tony Stark talking about this does ring more true than other people. Throughout the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Tony has spent a good amount of time and resources cleaning up his own messes. The thing about Iron Man 3 is that this is a new Tony. Gone is much of his arrogance and his cock sure attitude. I was hoping they would go in this direction with the character post The Avengers. How could he be the same sarcastic lovable asshole we’ve all come to know and love after what he went through?

He admits that he hasn’t been sleeping, and we early on see the difficulties he is experiencing with the latest version of the Iron Man suit, the Mark 42. This is significant, because at the end of The Avengers he was using the Mark 8. That means that since defeating Loki, he has created 34 Iron Man suits.

That’s staggering, even for a character as focused and obsessive as Tony. I’m not sure of the exact timeline, but it’s probably only been a matter of months.

We get a few quick updates about where everyone is. Pepper runs Stark Industries, and seems to be doing well. Rhodey has been “rebranded” by the government, he’s no longer War Machine, but is now The Iron Patriot. Tony hates this, and as Chrissy put it, “He looks like Iron Man cosplaying as Captain America.” Happy is running security for Stark Industries and is feeling listless.

Meanwhile, a terrorist called The Mandarin, played superbly by Ben Kingsley, is blowing up lots of things. When Tony asks Rhodey how he can help, the response he gets is basically, “New York was a game changer, we need you focused on bigger threats, this isn’t superhero stuff.” Tony also is having anxiety attacks, and refusing to confront what happened to him. At one point he confesses to Pepper that she’s the only thing keeping him from losing it, which she finds touching but it’s not quite enough of a balm to heal their relationship.

Then enter bad guy number 2. The movie started with a flashback to 1999, where on New Years Eve, Tony had a drunken one night stand with the beautiful and brilliant Maya Hansen, while humiliating young think tank founder Aldrich Killian. Killian shows up at Stark Industries, all hot now. (Yay Guy Pearce!) and pitches a few ideas to Pepper and also kind of hits on her. And by kind of, I mean, he hits on her, like a lot. Pepper turns him down, both for the business and the other part, though it does seem to give her pause. Basically his idea was about creating regeneration for humans. While this intrigues Pepper, she thinks it has too much weaponizing potential, and since Stark Industries doesn’t do that anymore, she pushes him out.

Happy meanwhile, whines on his I-Pad to Tony that he’s bored and misses his bro. Tony mocks him, and then Happy chastises him for ignoring Pepper who is now probably getting touchy feely with this other guy. Tony brushes it off and Happy decides to tail Aldrich’s body guard who was behaving oddly. He winds up getting blown up in a Mandarin attack, and Tony decides that its time for the gloves to come off. He offers the Manadarin a direct challenge, even announcing his address to the core of press stationed outside the hospital where Happy is being cared for.

Then things get good. Maya shows up a the house, just as Pepper is packing her bags. She’s not leaving Tony, though it’s clear that’s in her mind, she’s just insisting that they get out before, you know, a terrorist comes and finds them. Tony meanwhile, ignoring Maya, insists that if they leave he can’t protect them, because the suits are in the house. This is a valid point, but aren’t there also suits at their apartment in Stark Towers in New York? Or is that in full on Avengers renovation at the moment? Anyway, the Mandarin blows up the house and Pepper gets to wear the suit for a minute and everything is awesome. Then, while encased in the suit Tony flies off, lands in Tennessee and befriends a little boy.

While I know it’s a cliche and people are going to hate it, I loved this kid. He was funny, and showed what a child Tony really is at heart. This kid had the jump on him. Anyway, the armor needs to recharge, but Tony still needs to do some superheroing, which was cool to watch. The idea that Iron Man can be a hero without the suit is both disconcerting and satisfying at the same time. At one point he breaks in to a broadcast van to steal their computers and hack Rhodey’s account. (Oh Tony, you and your high profile cyber crime! Just so incorrigible!) The van belongs to Max from Happy Endings. His entrance is punctuated by “Oh my God! Tony Stark is in my van!” Which is pretty much the only thing you can say in that situation.

Eventually, Tony tracks down the Mandarin, he and Rhodey save the president. And it turns out, and this is a biggie, Ben Kingsley isn’t the Mandarin at all. He’s an actor hired by AIM, the collective owned by Killian, and employing Maya! They have been developing the Extemis virus and the explosion are what happens when the body rejects it. They’ve kidnapped Pepper and are using her as both a test subject and incentive to get Tony to fix the virus. Or something.

I was so excited by this plot development I can’t even tell you. It was incredibly brave an unexpected. When explaining it to Chrissy, I said, “The Mandarin is Iron Man’s Joker. He’s that important. To turn him on his head like that is so unfathomably brilliant, but fanboys are going to hate it.” I then outlined the idea of fanboy rabies, which means being so fanatically devoted to source material you can’t see why making a change in adaptation is brilliant. Those who suffer from this are not going to like this twist. Those that see why it was necessary is this particular narrative, will love it.

Whatever, it lead to an epic fight scene, Pepper eventually getting super powers and Tony making the decision to finally have the shrapnel removed from his chest, and thus removing his arc reactor. The movie ends well. As Tony tosses his chest piece into the ocean he states it plainly. “You can take away my house, my toys, my distractions. But you can’t take away one thing, I am Iron Man.”

The credits roll. I was blown away, but left feeling a bit floatey. I didn’t know how I felt about it. Iron Man without his chest piece? Possibly without the suits? I’m not sure what it’s going to mean and I also can’t wait to find out.

Of course this is the MCU, you don’t leave until the last frame. And boy, was it ever worth it this time. I’ve never walked out of a Marvel movie anything less than extremely satisfied with the good time I had. I had that already, and then it was just piled on. After the credits the voice over kicks in again. Tony talks about “how good it feel to get this all off of his chest.” and how “you’re a really good listener.” The camera focuses in and there is Tony lying on a couch, as if in a therapists office and moves back, and Bruce Banner is sitting, barely focused, definitely asleep as Tony drones on and on. When Tony notices Bruce is sleeping he calls him out on it, and asks, “Where did I lose you?”

“Um, you were on an elevator in Switzerland?” Bruce grimaces (the first five minutes of the movie.) They then bicker about how Bruce is not a therapist. It’s brilliant. For one thing, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo have amazing chemistry. We saw that in The Avengers. Also, their hey buddy, super genius scientist dynamic is so endearingly fun, I was glad to see it back.

With the fade to black after this scene we got one more word in: “Tony Stark will return.”

This is found interesting Tony Stark will return. Not Iron Man. This opens up a work of possibilities for The Avengers 2 that I don’t think anyone had thought of.

We’ll have to wait until November and Thor: The Dark World for more hints, but I’m pretty excited about it.

Worlds Collide

I’ve spent the better part of the past week watching the entirety of the Marvel Film Universe. I didn’t watch the movies in order, by any means. But I did watch, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain Ameria: The First Avenger and of course, The Avengers. 

We're so close!

We’re so close!

With Iron Man 3 hitting theaters on Friday, and Movie Season officially kicking off. (I consider whatever Marvel release comes out in May to be the opening of Movie Season) I know there’s going to be a lot of comparisons to, well, everything, but I’m betting the thing it gets compared to the most is The Dark Knight Rises. And honestly, while the comparison is apt, it’s faulty at the same time.

My Broadway training kicks in sometimes and I see things through that lens, no matter what I’m actually looking at. So as I drove home from the train station yesterday I started thinking about Broadway shows, and how they’re all considered the same genre and yet there can be an ocean between them and how they work, and what they do.

I feel like comic book movies kind of do the same thing.

And when it comes to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy VS The Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s like comparing Stephen Sondheim to Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Sondheim’s musicals are complicated and deep and hard to follow and ambitious. They hit points that you didn’t know musicals could hit, and when he wrote Follies and Company in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the game was changed completely. Musicals weren’t allowed to just entertain anymore, at least not the good ones. It’s the same thing that happened after The Dark Knight came out. It was brilliant and special, and completely changed the game. People were paying attention to these movies. They mattered in a different way.

But Iron Man and the other Marvel movies were important too. Just like when Weber wrote Jesus Christ Superstar and suddenly there were even more new rules. Yes, shows could say something and be important and profound, but that didn’t mean that they had to be completely idiosyncratic and tough to access. They can be fun, and poppy and still say something, just maybe not something quite so profound or universal. Also, they can be spectacular and Cats can sing and dance in the moonlight, and people on roller skates can be trains, and ambiguously fascist dictator’s wives can be heroines, and everyone will love it. That’s what Iron Man and the other Marvel movies did.  I mean, not exactly, but they showed us that people will watch a rich guy in a super suit, or a giant green rage monster, or a Norse god, or an American hero throwback or all at once and absolutely love it! (In this example, Superman is Rodger’s and Hammerstein, totally important and revolutionary, but in hindsight, kind of corny. Tim Burton’s Batman, Kander and Ebb, everyone knows that it’s great, but no one really gets it, X-Men is Cole Porter, because I love Cole Porter and I love X-Men)

Also, it's kind of the gayest...

Also, it’s kind of the gayest…

Anyway, the point I’m making is the one isn’t better or worse. They’re different and are going for different things and yet to someone who isn’t passionate about Broadway musicals, The Phantom of The Opera and Sunday in The Park With George are considered the same genre. So it is with The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’re technically the same genre, but they’re not trying to do the same thing, they’re just grouped together because the world at large doesn’t understand that there’s something different!

The Ironman 3 Trailer Happened

Yesterday, while I was cleaning my room and planning my 25th Birthday Party, (I turn 25 in 10 days, this is weird) the Ironman 3 trailer was released on to the internet.

A few more months!

As happens with most super hero movies, the internet exploded, but because it was a debate night, it exploded slightly less. Here are my thoughts on the explodey-ness.

  1. It appears Tony has angst over the whole “ride a nuclear missile in to a space portal full of lizard monsters” thing. Also Coulson’s death, (I’m guessing), and it appears that he’s going to push Pepper away again. Which is kind of expected and a little boring and hugely disappointing.
  2. More War Machine? Yes please. Ironman 2 did not have enough Don Cheadle.
  3. Last night on Facebook my friend Craig and I discussed The Patriot Armor, and whether this means that The Dark Avengers are coming (a set up for Avengers 2? They’d be hugely Whedon-esque choice) but I’ve determined it has to be something else, since Norman Osbourne can’t be involved. Marvel Studios still does not have control of the film rights for Spider-Man. 
  4. If we learned anything from The Avengers and the films that lead up to it, it’s that there are heroes, even if they’re sometimes kind of douchey. Are we going to have to prove this premise in every movie from now on?

Either way, I can’t wait until May 3, when this baby opens. I’m interested in the direction that the Marvel Cinematic universe is going to take now that The Avengers has happened. Will actually knowing Captain America change Tony’s perspective on heroism? Or will his budding bromance with Bruce Banner change how he experiments?

We’ll find out on May 3, but if you think I’m not going to speculate you’re clearly on the wrong blog.

I haven’t Squee’d that hard in a really long time

Big exciting news for fans of Marvel movies this week…both Thor and X-Men: First Class announced some pretty key sequel details and both made me really excited.

First, X-Men. I’ve talked about how much I love First Class  and I’m really excited that it’s getting follow up. I’ve even more excited that they’ve announced the movie will be called X-Men: Days of Future Past. While I’m not sure how they’re going to do that, if First Class was a prequel, which given Hugh Jackman’s appearance I thought it was, then will this feature Ellen Page back as Kitty Pryde? I hope so because Ellen’s take on Kitty was one of the best things about X-Men: The Last Stand. Or if it was a reboot, will it actually just take the bones of Days of Future Past, and sub in different team members? Or are we just going to fast forward really quickly and use new casting of the core X-Men team that we already got to know in the first three movies? Whatever , the story line is one of X-Men’s strongest, involving time travel to stop a dystopian future, and I’m psyched to see it get big screen treatment.

Now on to the squee heard around the world!

It was announced that Christoper Eccleston will be playing Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. Aside from the fact that I’m just psyched there is going to be another Thor movie, I’m really excited that The Doctor is going to be in it, even if he is playing the villain.

But then again as my friend, Cherie said this week, “He’s a really good actor,  he’s just my least favorite Doctor. Also,will we pay any attention to anyone but Chris Hemsworth in a Thor movie?”

The answer is no, no we won’t…Seriously? Would You?

Really, I mean, I’m excited about Eccleston, but I’m most excited about the fact that I get another Thor movie…


The Man of Steel and The First Avenger

Last night I got really excited because Captain America: The First Avenger was added to Netflix instant.

I’m going to watch it all of the times!

In case I didn’t make it clear in my multiple reviews of The Avengers, I really love the Marvel Film Universe. I think it’s probably the most brilliantly executed large scale marketing plan in history, and at that, is a group of incredibly entertaining movies.

And aside from Ironman, which is in a league of its own, I think Captain America is the best of the bunch. Chris Evans is perfectly cast as Steve Rogers, Hugh Weaving creates another memorable villain with The Red Skull and Tommy Lee Jones is in the movie. (Tommy Lee Jones is one of those “bacon” actors. He just makes everything better.) And most importantly, they made sure that it was a Captain America movie…it had all of the wholesome cheesiness and wide eyed naivete that you need to make Cap work.

While I was watching it again, I started thinking about the trailer for Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel, the newest attempt at a Superman film. (And rumor has it, the start of a DC Film Universe, which…if it means we get to actually see Adrian Grenier play Aquaman I’m down for.) I really want this movie to be good. I’m not a huge Superman fan, I’ve always liked Batman more. Although I was really in to Smallville, and I have spent an inordinate amount of time dressed up as Supergirl.

These pictures were taken 20 years apart from each other. I jumped off couches pretending to fly in both of these costumes.

I also love Richard Donner’s original film. Because as I have explained, I’m not a robot and Richard Donner’s Superman is one of those movies that all people who aren’t robots love. And if Snyder used the same approach as Joe Johnston used for Captain America: The First Avenger I think we’re in for a good ride.

And what I mean by that, is if Snyder and David S. Goyer, who wrote the screenplay, let Superman be Superman and not, whatever Brian Singer and the people involved with Superman Returns did, we’re in for a good ride.

Although I’m still not sure I’ll ever forgive them for casting an actor who isn’t Jon Hamm as Supes. I’m just not sure I have that in me.