45 Books In 2018 #36: Practical Magic By Alice Hoffman

The mid to late 90’s were a really great time to be a preteen girl who was vaguely into witches. Hocus Pocus had been a Halloween TV staple for a few years, the Halliwell sisters fought evil in San Francisco, Sabrina Spellman was learning how to use magic and four outcasts found friendship and terrifying power at a slumber party one night.

But none of those others stuck with me like Practical Magic did. I loved that movie, and it’s my Halloween time staple and has been for years. (With all apologies to the Sandersons, the Owens sisters would beat their asses.) So when I started my “Spooky books written by ladies” project for October (likely continuing well into November!) I figured I’d pick up the novel the movie is based on.

I really enjoyed the book, and I’ll always love seeing the way stories are tweaked and streamlined for their film versions. The book is a little sketchier and episodic than the movie, not to mention a good deal more in the realm of magical realism. The magic of the Owens family is more factual and subtle, and their outcast status much more pronounced.

But this is a lovely story about sisters, and family and love and the way people surprise you by being their for you. It’s also creatively written, reasonably honest about the tiny and big ways men hurt women and women excuse it or understand it in one another instinctively and do their best to heal it.

Also there’s magic and a lot of sex. It’s a pretty fun quick read that felt good on the icky fall nights that we’ve been having lately.

Up next is The Vampire Lestat, because, I mean, come on, we all knew that this was going to happen right?

Happy Halloween week!

45 Books In 2018 #34: Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice

OK, confession time, this is a repeat! But I read it in high school so that barely counts.

Plus I’m diving into  The Vampire Chronicles as a whole, which means that I just had to start at the beginning. Also, it was a good way to get into the spooky mood for October, a reasonably easy read. So, I dove in, back into the magical, sexy, world of Anne Rice and Louis and Lestat and Claudia. (And Armand, people forget Armand. They shouldn’t, because he’s my favorite, but they do.) (And it’s only a little bit because Antonio Banderas plays him in the movie.) (Also, yes, I know that in the early days of the internet, Anne Rice was kind of an asshole to people, that’s why I’m going out my way to take the books out of the library rather than buy them and support her! SEE! Je suis woke, or whatever.)

I know the movie Interview With A Vampire by heart, because it’s awesome. (It’s my third favorite Tom Cruise performance, after A Few Good Men and Top Gun.) I didn’t remember the book once, but I was shocked by how faithful to the book the movie is, details are fudged, timelines are streamlined, but it follows the A-B-C of the thing very well. Louis is a feckless aristocrat, Lestat falls in love with him (this is much more explicit in the book, the gay stuff, SOOOO GAY!) turns him into a vampire, he becomes a feckless vampire. They change Claudia into a vampire and raise her as their daughter. (GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY!) Then Claudia goes crazy and she murders Lestat (OR SO SHE THINKS) they go to Europe, they meet Armand and the Paris vampires. (ARMAND!) Armand falls in love with Louis. (GAAAYYYYYYYYY) Lestat comes back, and the Paris vampires kill Claudia, and Louis and Armand run away and live together for a while, and then they find Lestat and again and then they break up.

There’s a lot of detail and cool world building and spooky scenes but the story is pretty basic. But I loved reading it again, and I’m waiting on The Vampire Lestat and The Queen Of The Damned to come in for me to pick up from the library.

I’m sticking spooky for the month of October, and with books written by women, since I haven’t read enough of those this year. So, I’m picking up Jonathan Strange And Mr. Norrell, which Aless gave me for Christmas years ago and I haven’t gotten to.

More gay vampires on the way, but for now, I’m happy to dive into some magic.

Cosplay Corner: Disneybounding Rapunzel

You know how I said that I was done talking about the Disney trip? I LIED! No, honestly, I just forgot this was a post I wanted to do. And since it’s Halloween, it’s actually a very good day to do this one, where I break down the Rapunzel Disneybound I put together.


Rapunzel is my second favorite princess, after Cinderella. And I’m saving a Cinderella Disneybound for something special. (It involves mash ups…and other people. And the phrase Work!)

Rapunzel, however, can be on her own, or in combination with other people, so, here she is.

The decision to do Rapunzel came first, and then came the ears.

They came from an Etsy store called Cantina Traders, and I love them so much. They also got so many compliments, especially from cast members. (There’s a special point of pride for me when Cast Members compliment specific parts of my outfits.)


The tee shirt was another Etsy purchase, and the shorts came off of Amazon. (They are HUE brand. I’m a big fan of HUE, they have the best black tights, and I’ve found their leggings great too in the past. These shorts really worked out perfectly.)

I’m planning on wearing this one again while Juli, Dom and I are down there.

PhotoPass_Visiting_AK_404890555406 (1)

But I did do a fun Photopass shoot in this while we were leaving Animal Kingdom, so I thought I’d share those!


Disney Cousin Fall Trip: 9/17/2017 Part 2: “It’s Really Not So Scary!”


There was some discussion about what our first step would be when we got to The Magic Kingdom. The intitial plan had been to use a Fastpass on Jungle Cruise before our dinner, but because of Hurricane Damage, Jungle Cruise was close. We decided instead to hop on Big Thunder Mountain.

I love that ride, even though I prefer it at night, I enjoyed it this time around too, the thing about having ridden it at night is that I know more of what to look for on the ride now.  I’m still excited to ride it after dark again though. Then we headed to Main Street to do some shopping (Tom was buying pins for all of his people, and we found an AWESOME set of pins that featured Mickey and Minnie dressed as Mary Poppins and Bert to give to my Aunt and Uncle! I also picked up a few things!)

We then headed up and climbed through the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it beats just wandering around doing nothing, and it’s right across the way from Skipper Canteen, where we were eating.

Then we checked in to the restaurant, this was important, since we weren’t riding the Jungle Cruise, we needed to get that sweet, sweet, Jungle Cruise humor.

Also the food. Our skipper was great, full of jokes and fun. I had the pork chops and Tom had the steak, and it’s hard not to feel grateful for that drink, even if it is just a simple glass of wine, or in Tom’s case a Blue Moon. We also sketched out our plan for the party, which wound up being a bit uneccessary, for reason I will get in to. (Hint, it involves basically no lines at all!)

We then headed over to Tomorrowland, as we had a Space Mountain fastpass. We speedily got through the ride and line and then headed over to Buzz Lightyear, which, I think actually matched it’s line number, but it was still less than 20 minutes.


Tom is focused…I look bored…

We had planned on then doing Philharmagic, but it was already closed to be a trick or treating location so we moved over to Peter Pan, which again, line said 40 minutes. It was 25. We got out and it was party time, so we headed to Pirates, and the Haunted Mansion, and then Mine Train.

Mine Train was our second longest line of the trip (after Flight of Passage) at 45 minutes. A real killer. I love that ride though and especially like riding it at night. We then decided to camp out on Mainstreet for the Parade, found a spot at the hub.


Boo To You really is exceptionally good. It’s entertaining, gives you a fun look at the characters and I have the song stuck in my head still.

We were kind of wiped, so we found ourselves a table outside of Casey’s, after swinging by the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor so that I could try the Pumpkin ice cream.

OMG, that ice cream, when I get around to favorites, I’ll talk about it more, but it was amazing. It tastes like pumpkin pie, and ice cream, it’s incredible. We moved to the middle of main street for Hallowishes, which is also incredible. The soundtrack and castle projections are fun, and we then decided to head out, rather than hang out for the extra 45 minutes. The short lines had gotten us everything we wanted to do earlier than expected and we were truly exhausted. We got back to Riverside and decided to grab a night cap at River Roost. We grabbed a seat by the fireplace, chatted about the overall fun of our trip, and I have to say, this remains my favorite part of just about any trip.

I love the parks, I love the restaurants, but I really, really love these decompressing moments. Juli and I drinking champagne on our condo balcony after our trip around the world. Sitting with a beer by myself, with my feet up, watching the bits of Symphony In the Stars I could see from my window at The Swan. Rolling the coffee table away in our villa at Saratoga to do yoga and stay limber the night before the race with Kristi. Chatting with the bar staff at Tune-In Lounge in my dapper-ware. This moment, relaxing and recapping with my cousin.

They’re the best. Cannot be beat.

There’s one more day of trip to talk about, but it’s breif, and then hotel talk and favorites! (Yes, I am squeezing over a month of content out of these 3 days…)

Stay tunes!

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: SPOOOKY

Still sick, but I’m back at work! (Have been for a few days). But Halloween is coming. (Not Hallo-Reenie, I mean, that’s coming too, but Halloween first…) So, I’ve got my stuff together for Halloween and Hallo-Reenie (kind of), and here’s some other stuff that’s fixated me lately, through my cold medicine and coughy haze.

  • I’m running in my first 10K on Saturday! I hope I don’t have an asthma attack from the coughing. But really, I’m excited, I’m excited to run, I’m excited to get my time in to Disney for the big run in February, I bought new shoes. (Well, my parents bought them for me, as a Birthday present. I can’t afford good running shoes.
  • Westworld, but we covered that. But seriously, IT’S SO GOOD!
  • A thing I can’t really write about here because of jinxing and also life, but seriously it could be a big deal for me and cause huge changes around here. (Or possibly not, I know I sound vague but I mean, it’s complicated.)
  • My usual podcasts deciding to talk about Ghosts! Seriously y’all, I love ghost stories. I believe in ghosts, and I love hearing people talk about ghosts. The past few weeks both This Is Rad and We Got This covered ghost things. Kyle, Matt, Natalie and frenemy Adam Murray chatted about the paranormal and Mark and Hal debated whether ghosts were real, Mark, for sure, Hal, not ruling it out but probably not. (I’m with Mark.)
  • My Halloween costume. I’d initially planned on wearing the dress version of my Poe costume, but then one thing led to another and I’m dressing as a ghost. This is the first time I’m not leaning cute or badass for Halloween and I’m pretty excited about it. I mean, it’s still a cute ghost, but it’s new territory for me. I can’t wait to share pics.

So that’s what I’ve got. I feel like this year has snuck up on me in a lot of ways, but also, I’ve been very organized? It’s complicated, I guess, but overall, I have a lot going on and I’m very excited for the things that are coming up.


Cosplay Corner: Costume Season and Red Shirt

Hi everyone! It turns out this is becoming a more difficult to maintain feature than I thought it would be. But I’m determined to keep it going, at least through what I call “Costume Season” (Renn Faire to My Birthday Party). I’m working on a few things for Costume Season, all of which I’m really excited about.

I really should have taken some pictures here, but I didn’t think of this until I was already on my way to work, so…that wasn’t going to happen. Anyway…here’s a breakdown of what I’m working on…

Renn Faire

I still haven’t settled on what weekends I’m going, but it would appear that I will be attending both the New York Renaissance Faire and the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire. At both I plan to wear a costume I put together, which I am deeply excited about…Renn Faire Lady Poe Dameron! I’ll be wearing the same base pieces as my costume from last year, the white dress and brown corset belt. To bring the specifics to it, I added an orange maxi skirt, grey lace up tank top, that looks like a bodice. I’m also going to wear a Rebellion/Resistance symbol necklace and a black and red flower crown. I’m crazy excited about wearing this.

Lead East

I’m sad, this is the first time in maybe 8 years? That I’m not going to make it to Lead East, the 50’s car show that’s been a mainstay of Katie and my summer since we’ve known each other. But I have a good reason, I’m going to Austin with my family! So we’ll see how that goes.

New York Comic Con

I’ve finally settled on my costumes (though I’m still working out which days I’ll be wearing them)

Poe will be coming back. (For a full breakdown of my Poe Dameron Costume) as will Peggy Carter (ditto)

But I’m working on Sansa Stark! I’ve got it mostly done. I bought a wig, cape, faux fur piece now sewn onto the cape and black maxi dress. All that’s left is creating a Direwolf sigil, and I have an idea of how I’m doing that, I just need to get it done. I have a few months, but I wanted it settled by mid September at the latest. This is going to be a part of a group effort, so I’m quite excited about it and know I can’t screw it up. When I’m done with it I can move on to my other new costume.

Red Hood! When I put together the Red Hood closet cosplay a few weeks ago, I realized how good it looked and decided that I wanted to finish it up and make it ready for a con. I need to buy a red domino mask, and a white hair extension. I’m also going to buy a fresh black tee shirt, and some red cotton and iron on, and then re-enforce with hand stitching the Red Hood symbol. I have my leg holster from Poe, and I need to buy a prop gun. I’m waiting for the NYCC weapons regulations to come out, because I’m not interested in spending a bunch of money only to be immediately confiscated.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead on these, but I’m excited for them.


Depending on my plans, I’ll either be wearing a modified Poe (my Disneybound Poe dress, with the vest and chest piece from the full costume) or Sansa. If I’m at a party, it’ll be Sansa, a bar, Poe. If I’m with the nerds, then it’ll be Jason.

Hallow-Reenie 2016: Teen Drama

My Birthday Party! I’m still trying to figure out when I’m having this party. I don’t want to have it actual Halloween weekend, for a couple of reasons that are very boring. The next weekend, when I’d ordinarily have it, my parents are away (I like having my parents at this party…) and it’s my 10th high school reunion, so there’s some working around to be done. Anyway, the theme this year is Teen Drama, and I’m torn between two costume choices.

I want to do either Brooke Davis or Blair Waldorf. For both I’d be wearing my Jessica Jones wig. For Brooke, I found a blue skirt on Amazon that looks kind of like a cheerleading skirt and blue tank tops aren’t hard to come by.

Blair is even easier because I have plenty of dresses and headbands left over from the time when my entire wardrobe was Blair Waldorf approved.

I had settled on Brooke, but then Mary said that she would do Serena if I did Blair…this gave me doubts.

Closet Cosplay

This is a simple one! I’m off to see Star Trek Beyond tonight, so I had to channel it some how.

I have this red tunic shirt, so I’m wearing that, and jeans and for the picture I picked up my Poe blaster to stand in for a phaser!

I’m a red shirt, so I mean, I probably won’t make it out of today alive…but I had to do it!


Cosplay Corner: Running Costumes

I don’t have a lot to say in this week’s cosplay corner, but since I registered for my race, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pintrest and Etsy.

(Also, full disclosure I was behind on my Camp NaNoWriMo count yesterday, so I didn’t have the time or bandwith to put into a full cosplay post. I also didn’t closet cosplay at all this week for personal reasons. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled crazy next week.)

So this is my Pintrest board for running costumes!

I really want to do Cinderella, because duh. But I’m also thinking Rapunzel might be fun.

I don’t know. There’s work to do.

But before that, I still have to finish Renn Faire (90% done, and need to pick a weekend.) and NYCC (also like 90% done) and Halloween (probably a repeat of one of the NYCC costumes.



Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episode 13 & 14

It was tough to squeeze in this week, I was little behind on watching things! But I got the episodes in and I’m going to jump right into the recapping!

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1 Episode 13: “Monkey Fist Strikes”

Kim scales a mountain to save a baby eagle, and Ron shows his underpants. It’s basically the most indicative of the show opening possible, and this episode is a really great jumping on point for a lot of reasons, which makes sense being a halfway mark through season 1.

After returning the eagle to a park ranger, Mr. Dr. P calls on the Kimmunicator, letting Kim know she missed family game night, and has disappointed her cousin Larry. She then goes into a hours long explanation of how awful Larry is, and Ron…doesn’t really get it, but you’re always more critical of your family’s flaws than everyone else. Wade shows up, seemingly in person, but it turns out it’s a hologram. He tells them that Lord Monty Fiske needs there help in Cambodia.

After a really fun Indiana Jones style chase to retrieve a mystical monkey statue that’s supposed to have mystical properties, Kim and Ron camp out and are quickly attacked by a ninja. (A lot of really good action in this one.) Kim heads home to learn that she’s going to be spending her Saturday with Larry to make up for the previous blow off.

At Bueno Naco Wade reveals that the statue had a special significance to the practitioners of Monkey Kung Fu and she and Ron decide to ask Lord Monty about it. Turns out, he’s crazy and obsessed with Mystical Monkey Power. So Kim and Ron (well, sort of, it’s what Wade calls “The Holo-Kim”) go to talk to him, and Kim spends the evening learning about Fortress and RPG from Larry.

Anyway, long story short, Ron gets the mystical Monkey power, and they defeat Monkey Fist, as Lord Monty rechristens himself. Also, Ron and Larry bond.

Season 1 Episode 14: “October 31”

It’s Halloween, and Monique is throwing a party. But Ron and Kim have always gone trick or treating together. Also, her parents are running a charity haunted house for the hospital. So she’s got some decisions to make.

Meanwhile, Drakken and Shego are trying to buy some top grade military tech that Duff Killigan ripped off, but Kim gets a hold of “Project Centurion” before they complete the exchange. The problem? It gets stuck to her arm.

Kim decides on Monique’s party, mostly due to the fact that Josh Mankey’s band is going to be playing. (OF COURSE Mankey has a band.) But she lies to Ron, saying that she’s going with her parents and lies to her parents, saying that she’s going with Ron. The stress induced by this reaction causes project Centurion to start covering her body with armor.

Meanwhile, Drakken and Killigan both overhear different lies and decide to go after Kim to get the tech back.

Fairly predictable shenanigans ensue after that, but Kim gets a cool super soldier army thing. (Not the last time that will happen) and winds up grounded for the lie. Then Mankey and Ron go trick or treating together.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Cousin Larry is voiced by Brian Poesshen and is every bad nerd cliche in the book, but he works because the rest of the world isn’t as skeeved by him as Kim. Again, family.
  • In “Monkey Fist” Kim rocks the ponytail for a while. That they did occasionally shake up looks on this show is pretty fun.
  • Ron is terrified of monkeys, due to having to share his bunk at Camp Wanna-Weep with the chimp mascot.
  • Ron’s having the “Mystical Monkey Power” is going to come back in a big way!
  • “October 31” is the first villain team up! And it’s a fun one.
  • The twins say “Hoo-sha” while dressed as Zombies! No “Hicka-bicka-boo?” yet though.
  • Monique has her head on straight, when Project Centurion acts up, she immediately calls Wade. I always shipped those two a little.
  • When they were in pre school, Kim and Ron were a Cowboy and Ballerina respectively. Way to smash those gender norms KP!
  • The villains are very disappointed in Kim for lying. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Everybody Dance To The Pumpkin Song

Happy Halloween!

Due to Birthday Party and other socially exhausting things, I don’t have real Halloween plans. I did this on purpose, and may hit a bar or something, but more likely I’ll be in, watching a movie. Since I don’t do the whole horror thing, my Halloween choices tend to range into the silly and campy. So here are the things I’m going to be considering watching tonight.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

OK, I probably won’t watch this, since I watched it with my mom last night. But it’s always a good pick. It’s so silly and perfect, and pretty brief. Like really brief. At just over 30 mintues, it’s probably the fastest on this list, but it’s still a good one. Charlie Brown and the gang are at their best here, going trick or treating (I got a rock) and Sally’s melt down after realizing she wasted her Halloween waiting for The Great Pumpkin is completely epic.

Double, Double Toil And Trouble

OK, a confession, I haven’t watched the Olsen Twin Halloween Movie since I was little, but I mean, come on, they were so cute at that point. Not quite at the height of their powers, (That came a few years later, when they were tweens/early teens. I think they actually ruled the world then…at least my world.) but still good.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: “Halloween”

I wasn’t going to leave you high and dry without a Buffy recommendation, and this episode, the one where everyone turns into their Halloween costumes is absolutely the one to watch. So good.

Hocus Pocus

Celebrate Halloween by watching the Sanderson Sisters run amok (Amok, Amok, Amok, Amok) in Salem, Massachusetts. Also, Thackery Binks, best name in the history of the world.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Not to be watched alone. Not because it’s too scary, unless you have a thing about Tim Curry, but because there is nothing fun about jumping up and doing “The Time Warp” by yourself. You need other people to make that fun.

Army of Darkness

“Alright you primitive screwheads. You see this? THIS IS MY BOOM STICK!”

The Cabin in the Woods

Really creepy. Really funny. Not at all what it seems. Features Hemsworth. Pure Whedoney goodness.

Harry Potter

Any of them. There are 8 movies. But for creep factor, you’re not going to meet the middle three. The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire The Order Of The Phoenix are the creepiest and most atmospheric of the series, and certainly the best of of them.

Shaun of The Dead

Come on, do I need to sing the praises of Edgar Wright & crew again? No, I think we’re covered there.

Young Frankenstein

This is probably what I’ll end up with. I love this movie so very much. I watch it any time, but it’s a lot of fun to watch at Halloween time.


There’s never a bad time to watch Ghostbusters. Never.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The end all be all of non scary Halloween movies. You know how sometimes you forget how good something is? Like you remember loving something, thinking that it’s completely wonderful and everything, and then you encounter it again. And you remember. You remember how something can scare you, and make you laugh, and cry and feel all those things at once. That’s how I feel every time I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was listening to the soundtrack in my office yesterday and giggling like crazy.

So that’s what I’m looking at for tonight. Anyone else have some fun stuff lined up for Halloween tonight?

Cosplay Explosion!

Cosplay has been a part of my life far longer than I knew it was called cosplay, back when I just called it “playing dress up.”

I was the girl that always wanted to play dress up. I planned my Halloween costumes starting in midsummer. I tried to recruit (usually with dismal results) my friends into group costumes. Long after I quite dance, I would go to recitals and salivate over the costumes. Theater quenched my thirst for a very long time. And of course, once my mom took over a lot of the costuming on the shows that my sister and I did, well, that helped even more. I still put way more thought and energy into Halloween than any of my friends (save Katie. Katie does magical things on Halloween. MAGICAL!)

It’s bled over into my life in a big way, but still only at one time of year. Costumes, at least for myself, belong to the fall. I realized that this year, I have 7 occasions for wearing costumes and I’m really excited about it.

First is tomorrow. I’ve talked about Lead East, a vintage car show and 50’s theme weekend that I attend with Katie every year. Luckily, it’s never too hard to come up with something to wear there. If I don’t have something, Katie’s mom will. Also, 50’s style is easy to ape, even with modern clothes, especially if you’re me and Cardigans and capri leggings make up 60% of your wardrobe, and you own 6 waist cinching

Then there’s the 4 days of Comic Con, which I planned on dressing up for all of. (I’ve since backed off on this, but I’ll get there.) Last year, I had a lot of success with my Supergirl costume, and was looking forward to getting creative again this year. I was nearly finished with one of my chosen costumes anyway, and I’m really excited now that I only need a few extra pieces for it.

And then there’s Halloween. These days I generally give the least amount of attention to Halloween. I’m happy enough with how store bought costumes fit me these days to just toss a cute one on, but I’m still picky enough that I’m going to look for something that’s at least decently made. Luckily, this year, there’s a Spirit Halloween opening on the way back to my house from the gym, so there’s no way I won’t be stopping in a few times to pick something up! Yay!

And then finally there’s my birthday party, which, for the past few years, has been a themed costume party. It started with my Super Hero Themed 25th, and last year exploded with a Great Gatsby Themed 26th. I mean, really, I had more fun in my beaded gown, and I’ve never seen my friends get quite so into something as that. This year, well, this year is going to be a lot of fun.

So obviously, I’ve made a lot of work for myself (and my mother, who somehow, winds up cleaning up my messes…), and it’s cool, because it’s work that I enjoy and that I get an immense amount of enjoyment out of it. But I realized that I was going to have to do some combining at some point.

I didn’t expect the combination to come the way that it did. I really didn’t expect that the combination would come with Lead East and Comic Con.

Tomorrow, as I head out to Parsippany, I’m going to be dressed as Betty from the Archie Comics series, in a Riverdale High cheerleading uniform, put together courtesy of a cheap polo I bought from K-Mart, some iron on letters and my mother being ridiculous and making me 2 skirts, one, that didn’t quite fit and that’s color was off, and the one that I’ll be wearing.

I’m so overwhelmingly excited to wear this costume, not just to Lead East but to New York Comic Con in October. I may redo the shirt in between, depending on how it photographs, but I’m very excited.

As for the rest of Comic Con, I’m finally getting to wear the Black Canary costume that I’ve been working on since January. I have a leotard (and booty shorts to wear under it.) I have fishnets, I have combat boots, I have a cool zippy leather vest thing that’s going over the leotard. I have a leather jacket, I have a wig. I basically just need fingerless gloves, and I’m all set. I’m even more excited about this because Aless is planning on doing Zatana. As for my hope of doing Sailor Mars, I’m putting it on hold, I’ve gotten back to the gym, but the pieces I have to put it together I won’t feel comfortable wearing unless I lose 10 pounds. That’s not out of the question, but well, you get it. Day 4, I’m going to wear clothes, like just my clothes, either a dress or a nerdy tee shirt, or whatever. But 4 days of costumes is a lot.

Halloween. No clue. No idea what I want to do. Can’t wait for the Halloween Stores to open so that I can shop and get ideas.

And my birthday this year is going to be the biggest ever. I made the event for the party on facebook last night. This year’s theme is HBO! Basically, this is because I wanted to do Game of Thrones, so that I could dress up as Maegery, but it was pointed out that if you are lazy or not into Game Of Thrones that’s a tough theme. So we expanded out, and now all HBO originals are fair game.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m really excited!