Crisis Management:Batwoman, Supergirl, The Flash & Black Lightning Weeks 1 & 2; Arrow Season 5

I remember back in the winter that I realized a new era was coming to The Fangirl’s Dilemma this year, as four very very big nerd culture moments were happening in 2019

Avengers: Endgame (I loved it!)

Game Of Thrones Season 8 (I did not love it!)

Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker (We shall see!)

And, last and probably least in the minds of the greater public.

CW’s Arrowverse taking on of Crisis On Infinite Earths. 

The Arrowverse, so named for it’s flagship show, which I haven’t watched in years, but is wrapping up this year, so I’m gonna do my darndest to catch up on it…is approaching critical mass. It has (at least) 3 mainstream universes where it’s shows take place. (I have my theories about Doom Patrol and Titans…) Not to mention the others that jump to on The Flash semi-regularly.

The crossover is promising to bring back almost every single actor to ever play a DC character on television. (There are a few conspicuous absences, MESSRS. ROSENBAUM AND CAIN.) Including things none of us ever thought we were going to see, like Brandon Routh as Superman again, or Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne.

Anyway, as I have a tendency to let myself get behind on these shows, I figured that a good way to keep up would be to give the Arrowverse the Monday slot for now. I may move it when The Mandolorian hits (to Thursday, likely) but for now, this most constant place in my schedule goes to The Arrowverse.

Batwoman: Season 1: Episodes 1 &2: Pilot & The Rabbit Hole

We, the CW superhero loving public met Kate Kane last year when Kara Danvers, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen (Body swapped at the time) wandered their heroic leather clad booties into her city in search of a secret book that would rewrite reality.

Kate, it was established was Bruce Wayne’s cousin, (Kara did not reveal the secret, partially I think because she finds it hilarious.) and that since Bruce left Gotham for oblique Bruce-ish reasons I’m sure, she’s taken up the mantle of Batwoman. The pilot brings us back to Kate’s earliest days as a vigilante.

After being kicked out of the army for homosexuality. (It was pointed out that this backstory for Kate would not be applicable if she were even 5 years younger. Which is INSANELY COOL AND GREAT!) Kate travelled the world training to join her father’s private security firm, The Crows, who are defending Gotham in Batman’s absence.

Kate resents the Caped Crusader, who she doesn’t know is her beloved cousin, as he saved her as a child but didn’t manage to save her mother and sister. OR SO SHE THOUGHT.

Kate teams up with Luke Fox (Dare I dream of Batwing on my TeeVee, Oh friends, I dream, I dream big time) and becomes Batwoman, evading her dad, and fighting the mysterious Alice, who it is revealed is in fact Beth Kane, Kate’s supposedly dead sister. Oh also, Kate’s ex girlfriend is working for her dad and is now married to a man, and also her dad is remarried to a scheming socialite type and her step sister Mary is a med student who’s running an illegal free clinic for Gotham’s downtrodden.

It seems like family and sisterhood are going to be major themes for this show and since these are both themes that these shows handle incredibly well.

The show is good so far. I like Ruby Rose far more than most as Kate Kane. She’s already got a pretty good supporting cast around her. (LUKE MOTHER FUCKING FOX CHILDREN!) I think the show could grow into something special.

Supergirl: Season 5: Episodes 1 & 2: Event Horizon & Stranger Beside Me

After exposing Lex Luthor and getting a Pulitzer Prize for her trouble, Kara Danvers is ready to take on the world, of course there’s all kinds complications. Lena knows her secret and is being made to feel like she was betrayed. (Because of course she sort of was.) Also Lena sold Catco to Andrea Rojas, who wants to paper to like, make money? Or something? Anyway, she’s very into getting clicks, so Jimmy quits in protest, and now might be running for senator.

OK, Jimmy, you go do that. (I know Mehcad Brooks is leaving the show, which I think is for the best. I think he’s gifted and quite good looking, but the writing’s never been there for James Olsen, dreamy boy photographer/late in life helmetted superhero, especially once Jeremy Jordan left the show.)

Alex, meanwhile continues to rock fabulous queer lady haircuts and is dating James’s cool sister Kelly, who is a scientist and a badass, and also works for Andrea. (If the Crisis does not net a queer lady power shot like the “She’s got help” moment where Alex, Sarah Lance, Kate Kane and Anissa Jefferson kick some butts, we will have WORDS BERLANTI) That’s twisted and also Alex is mega awkward and bad at relationships, but otherwise, this is a story I am enjoying.

J’onn’s evil brother M’al’a’falak is on the scene, transported in by The Monitor, presumably to test team Supergirl. This is not good for J’onn but is great for me, because I love Martian shit.

The Flash Season 6: Episodes 1 & 2: “Into The Void” & “A Flash Of Lightning”

The Flash is probably going to be doing most of the heavy lifting for pre Crisis prep which is a good call, since Barry’s going to die and all, plus they hop between universes on that show like the Arrow folks go through bar bells, or Jefferson Pierce does inspirational quotes.

Barry and Iris are morning Nora, who they know will be born. (Or not, since Barry is going to die) but they still miss her. Of course this is Barry and Iris, so they’re dealing with it by gazing soulfully at one another, and Barry working too much. But they’re dealing. Killer Frost has decided that she wants a life, and Ralph and Caitlin are determined to give it to her, which is completely adorable. Cisco is now power free and loving life with his new girlfriend, but I miss vibe, y’all, I miss him a lot.

Our villain this year is Bloodborne, who is being played by Sendhil Rammamurthy and all I can think of when he and Caitlin were talking was about how well Caitlin and Dr. Mohinder Suresh would have gotten along. Anyway, he turned himself into a cancer monster oh no! (Remember when he turned himself into a bug dude? Oh, you didn’t watch Heroes after season 2? Anyway that’s a thing he did. He stuck to the ceiling it was really gross.) 

The second episode, begins Barry’s inevitable march toward Crisis death. (Can’t have a Crisis without a dead Flash) with a visit to Jay Garrick of Earth 3. John Wesley Shipp is always a welcome presence on any show, but especially this one. He lets Barry know that his decision to look into what’s happening with The Monitor is legit is a good one, and introduces his wife Joan. I squeed and clapped at Joan’s inclusion.

Killer Frost’s attempt at a life is going OK, Cisco and Ray Palmer (RAY RAY! We’re not getting Legends until after post-Crisis, which is both sad and something we’re all going to have to deal with) created a way for her to modulate her voice and make her eyes more normal, so she can go around in normal society. Of course she’s still Killer Frost, so she’s pretty rude, but she wants to be an artist.

Cecile and Joe are on a meta case, and Cecile’s empathy powers are working overdrive on the young woman she’s supposed to be prosecuting. The girl is clearly terrified and has been failed by the system and Cecile wants to give her a chance. Joe wants to follow the book. (Once trained by Anita Van Buren, always so trained)  Anyway, turns out the meta girl was in fact framed by her former foster sister, who has become Ultra Violet, and attacks everyone. After the defeat, Joe and Cecile decide to commit themselves to making the justice system more fair to metas.

Flash is crucial to the Crisis. Especially since we’re not getting a Harrison Wells this year, with Tom Cavanaugh playing Pariah. I miss his energy on the show, but totally get it.

Black Lightning Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2: The Book Of Occupation: Chapters 1 & 2: Birth Of Blackbird & Maryam’s Tomash

A lot is happening on this, the most socially conscious of the Arrowverse, but the most important part to me, is that Anissa names her AI Shonda and gets ready for a night out of supeheroing by listening to Chaka Khan, because she is a grade A badass and the best character in possibly this whole universe. (Did I ever think I would love like I loved Sara again? No. But I love Anissa.) (And frankly Chaka Khan is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazingness that is the Black Lightning soundtrack)

Jeff and Lynn are being held by Agent Odell, as Jeff is Meta Patient 0, as it were, and the Markovians are looking for metas. (The fact that both Young Justice and Black Lightning the two best DC Adaptations of this century IMO use Markovia is to be noted) (Also can we talk about how much I love that Lynn is continued to be referred to as Doctor Stewart rather than Mrs. Pierce RULES) (Seriously, this show is so good. I can’t believe it took me two seasons to catch on) Jen has to hide her powers, as does Anissa, though Anissa cannot be contained, and as it turns out not using her powers causes Jen actual physical pain. (Also, Jen’s new haircut is a very good look for her. In later weeks, when I have less ground to cover, I may talk about how the fashion and styling of the women of The Arrowverse is incredible.) Anissa is living up to Jen’s nickname for her by spiriting metas out of Freeland to the woods, and while the city lives under lockdown things are just getting worse.

Markovia is getting ready to invade the US, and war won’t be good for this community.

Also, I’m so so worried about Khalil. I do not like him being used as a weapon.This show just makes me worry about it’s children. Which is why I both resent and am relieved that they haven’t scraped the budget and story together to introduce us to Virgil Hawkins. (I know it’s going to happen and I really cannot expend the emotional energy to worry about Static to the extent that I worry about Jen and Khalil each week.) (But also like, when are we going introduce him?)

Arrow: Season 5

I gave up on Arrow when they killed Laurel Lance and her last words were about how Oliver now had her full dead ex girlfriend permission to marry Felicity. But since I’m a crazy person, and kind of a masochist, I’ve decided to jump back in.

In season 5, Oliver is mayor! Yay? Thea isn’t Speedy any more! Definitely not yay! Diggle is back in the army. Interesting. Felicity has a new boyfriend. Eh? There’s a new team Arrow in town (I like them, but I recall from recaps, they are wildly unpopular.)

Also, the big bad is Prometheus, the son of one of the corrupt businessmen Oliver murdered in season 1. He’s out to show Oliver that his quest has A) failed and B) destroyed everyone he loves.

So, anyway, that’s the story. Also, Black Siren shows up a few times, so killing Laurel was even more pointless?

But it does lead to some fun stuff, flashbacks to Oliver’s time in the Russian mob, Thalia Al Ghul, and a thrilling finale where we get Nyssa, Malcolm Merlyn and Slade Wilson back into the fray! Overall I’m glad I decided to catch up. Next week we’ll talk about season 6. I need to push through quickly so that I don’t lose access to the first few episodes of season 8.

This post is very long. In the future they will be less long, as they’ll only cover one episode per show instead of 2!

I did consider giving this spot to Watchmen or His Dark Materials,but until I know for sure that those shows are going to be worth analyzing (this doesn’t mean good. Which is why I never handed the spot over to Westworld despite really liking the show.) that’s a no go. Also, still a few weeks before HDM and I needed something in the meantime. I will cover both shows, if they prove to be the worthy successors that HBO wants them to be. But Arrowverse is having it’s biggest year ever. So, that’s where we’re at.

Let’s Ship Again, Like We Did Last Season

Hey everyone! I’m nice and caught up on my stuff these days. (I mean, not entirely, I still have a few weeks of Doctor Who, but I’ll get to it, at some point.) And it’s time to for my shipping state of the Union.

Scandal: Olivia/Jake

I no longer want Olivia and Jake to be together. Oh, I haven’t jumped this ship because I’m suddenly Olitz. Heaven FOREFEND! No, it’s just that Jake Ballard deserves SOOO much better than this version of Olivia, who tells the press about her affair with Fitz and is now running the country and lying to Abby, and letting her father out of prison. Not this Olivia. She’s a stupid.

Gotham: Selina/Bruce

Bruce and Selina are still the very best part of Gotham, which isn’t saying much because while the first few episodes of this season showed promise, I was quickly reminded that this is Gotham and it’s ridiculous. But these two are great, and in last week’s episode (I didn’t watch last night’s yet) she called Silver St. Cloud “A two faced little slut,” which while I don’t support the language or girl on girl cattiness, I do appreciate the sentiment.

  Arrow: Olicity

Let us all give thanks to Greg Berlanti, who has given us Olicity and has not ripped them apart, but is instead is building a new status quo around them as a happy and healthy(ish) couple. It’s glorious.

The Flash: Barry/Patty Spivot


Supergirl: Conflicted!

Last night’s Supergirl brought up some conflict for me. I love Kara/Jimmy (in everything. I liked them on Smallville, on Superman The Animated Series that one episode. I think they make perfect sense) but then this week they went and did something completely different and showed how really great Kara/Wynn could be. (And I assume there would be just loads of singing.)

So that’s where we are today with the shipping. I know it’s mostly superhero shows, but I mean, that’s who I am.

TV Time

So, I was hoping to finish X-Files season 2 for today. That wound up not happening, so let’s do a quick trip down into what I’m going to be watching this TV season. (Not always live, also I already have a couple of premiers to catch up on, obviously.)


Once Upon a Time 8PM ABC

I’ll be live tweeting this whenever possible, and I’m really excited for it to come back next week. I mean, really, really, excited. I’m excited for the Dark Swan arc, I’m excited to meet Merida, I’m excited that Mulan is finally coming back. I’m just excited.

Brooklyn 99 8:30 PM Fox

This will be a DVR choice, but again, just can’t wait for it to be back, and to hang out with the 99th Precinct again. I want to know how Captain Holt is going to get back. Because he will get back. He has to. And Bill Hader! Also great!

Blood and Oil 9 PM ABC

Guys, Chase Crawford is going to be back on my TV brooding. This show might be terrible, but I will watch all of it. Because Chase Crawford will be back brooding on my TV.


Gotham 8 PM Fox

Well, this is back. Apparently this season is called “Rise of The Villains” which could be worse. I guess this means that we’re not going to go back to the Circus and check in on John and Mary Grayson and presumambly their son, at this point, huh? That’s a bummer. Anyway, I’ll also be live tweeting this, at least for the first few weeks…because then along comes

Supergirl 8PM CBS

Supergirl is exciting. Supergirl is important. Supergirl will fix everything. OK, it also might really suck, and it probably won’t fix everything. But, the fact the CBS and DC TV are understanding that young women are probably a big deal as a demographic and are making a show for them is a big deal. And I will live tweet this. The choice between this and Gotham comes down to which one is more fun to live tweet. Which will probably be Gotham, because snark is sooo easy and fun on twitter.


The Mindy Project Whenever, Hulu

The premiere already hit and I need to watch it. I’m just glad I get another season. I mean, the show has never been as great as it could be, but it deserves a final wrap up and I’m interested in seeing what happens with the baby.

The Muppets 8 PM ABC

THE MUPPETS ARE BACK ON TV! Every time I see a preview I start singing “Hello Dolly” in my head. I don’t care,  I don’t care. It’s going to be beautiful and wonderful, and a new generation of people are going to fall in love with comedy through the Muppets. It’s the best way for children to fall in love with comedy.

Scream Queens 8PM Fox

If Ryan Murphy can do anything it’s one season of high camp. So I will watch one season of Scream Queens, and then a second season and complain about how it’s just not as good. Because seriously, the man does not know how to execute a second season. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nasim Pedrad. (Calling it now that I think JLC is the killer.)

The Flash 8 PM The CW


That is all.

Agents of SHIELD 9 PM ABC

Look, Secret Warriors are coming. Skye is officially Quake, and it’s quite likely that Melinda and Andrew are going to get back together. Also, WHERE DID GEMMA GO? Anyway, obviously I will be watching and live tweeting this.

Grandfathered 9 PM Fox

I like Fox Comedy. I really do, and I find John Stamos incredibly watchable and great. Which is all a round about way of saying this may not be a good show, but I’ll still watch it.

The Grinder 9 PM Fox

Hey, Rob Lowe is going to have his own sitcom. “Cool, I’m going to watch that.” He’s playing a washed up TV lawyer who decides to be a real lawyer. “Oh, fun concept, that seems to be a good fit for him.” Fred Savage is going to be on it too. “AWESOME, I love Fred Savage! Who doesn’t? I mean, he’s great.” They’re playing brothers. “Excuse me?” Yeah, and Fred is a real lawyer in their family practice. “SHUT UP AND LET ME WATCH THIS SHOW ALREADY!”


The Middle 8 PM ABC

I’ve been watching The Middle since the beginning and I’m not going to stop now. It always makes me giggle. Also, my mom loves it and she watches Gotham for me, so I give her this.

Arrow 8 PM The CW

We’re going to Coast City and we better meet Hal Jordan and Ollie and Felicity are a couple, and Malcolm is R’as Al Ghul and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

The Goldbergs 8:30 PM ABC

The Goldbergs should annoy me but it doesn’t, it’s just really, really funny, and smart and optimistic and loving. So I watch. Because happy comedy is good comedy.

Modern Family 9 PM ABC

I will watch until the bitter end, which at this point, may be in like 20 years. But I don’t care, I’ll be watching.

Empire 9 PM Fox

Everybody shut up. Empire is on.

blackish 9:30 PM ABC

The ABC comedy block is very good, and blackish is the best part of it. I would watch this show even Tracey Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson were terrible, which they aren’t, because the kids are so great.


Heroes Reborn 8 PM NBC

The only NBC show that I’m watching this year. But at least I haven’t completely abandoned my once beloved Peacock. I’ve been catching the odd old Heroes episode, because my brother has been re-watching it. (I don’t have room for another rewatch at the moment.) Anyway, I’m excited to see Noah Bennett and Hiro again. And hey, Zach Levi! I like him!

Scandal 9 PM ABC

EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP SCANDAL IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!! II think it’s important that we remember that no matter what, we’ll all be gladiators until we die.


I don’t have anything on Friday, which means, I’ll either be going to the movies or working on my DVR.


Doctor Who 9PM BBC America

I still have to watch the premier, but I’m actually excited to watch the new series. I’m very excited for Maisie Williams and for more of Missy, quite obviously.

There was some kind of clown, but that’s not important

Gotham Logo

So, we went to the circus on Gotham this week.

Which, for most people meant getting to meet a kid who is probably the Joker but you know that wasn’t even a little important to me. (I like my Joker origin niiiicce and Alan Moore-ish, with plenty of ambiguity and no real answers. Or maybe he’s just a literal fear demon…Thanks Scott Snyder.)

Because you know what else happened?

Jim Gordon met his future inlaws. Probably.

I mean definitely. I mean come on, this is a universe where Jim Gordon is in a relationship with Leslie Thompkins for no reason, except that they look nice together. It’s also definitely a universe where Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson eventually get their act together and get married.

So, future tangent over, we met John and Mary Grayson. Or, Mary Lloyd, as they weren’t married yet. He is from an old acrobat family, and she’s from an old clown family and their families hate each other and they’re circus Romeo and Juliet and it’s the most fricking beautiful bit of fanfiction that this million dollar per week fanfiction has given us.

I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ve read that story somewhere, at some time.

There’s actually a moment I keep dwelling on, in a moment of sniping, Mary says, “I can’t believe I ever thought I loved you,” and John looks very confused and then smiles this little smirky smile, and I died because they are clearly setting up so much of Dick’s personality in these two, and it’s hamfisted and ridiculous and so appropriate to this stupid show.

Oh, also their Uncles were sleeping with Probably-The-Joker’s mom. Because of course, of course Dick’s great Uncles were boning Joker’s mom, because this is Gotham and this is the most ridiculous world of all worlds.

And Joker’s dad is a blind fortune teller who wears that purple fedora that Joker always wears except when he doesn’t. You know the one.

Look, this episode was kind of stupid, but it did have Carole Kane singing “When You’re Smiling,” and ended with John and Mary engaged and looking adorable. (Seriously? I was at a family wedding this weekend, and my preppy little heart was already overflowing, but that blue checked blazer on John Grayson made me way too happy. Also he said they were going to name their son “Gordon,” which Mary rolled her eyes at. I bet she already has Richard picked out.)

Also, she called them, “The Flying Douchebags,” which, is frankly, my new favorite thing ever.

I bet they went back to the circus to make an adorable baby boy. Go make him. Let’s meet Jack Drake next.

It’s Happening!: A Gotham Check In

Gotham Logo

So, Gotham still isn’t what it could be, what with it’s perfect cast and interesting atmosphere and all, but it’s certainly gone from “confusing and terrible,” to “watchable and often quite good.” Gordon and Bullock have settled in as partners. The gang war almost happened and it was pretty glorious. We met Tommy Elliot and saw him recontextualized from a kid who was friendly with but always jealous of Bruce, to Bruce’s childhood bully.

But that’s not what I’m talking about at all.

That’s not what’s happening.

I mean, those things are happening, certainly, but what I’m talking about is last night’s episode “Harvey Dent.”

We met it’s title character and he’s smarmy, young, confident and good looking and full of rage and kind of perfect, but it’s nothing to the image of Selina balancing a Ming Vase in her hand while Bruce awkwardly introduces himself to her and she notes that he can get a replica in Chinatown for 5 bucks.


And as the episode moves forward he continues to be awkward and she continues to try to be a badass and it’s perfect and awesome. There are puppy eyes and accidentally hurt feelings and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! THEY ARE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE AND HAVE A BABY SOME DAY!

Selina lies about her family and they both know she’s lying. She offers to kiss him. He is unbearably awkward about it.

They have their first chase, throwing pastries at one another.

I repeat THE FIRST TIME BRUCE WAYNE CHASES SELINA KYLE IT’S AROUND HIS LIVING ROOM AS THEY THROW PASTRIES AT EACH OTHER! Knowing their destiny (some version of it anyway) just makes this whole thing all the more adorable.

Camron Bicandova and David Mazouz sell it pretty well, and I was disappointed to miss this one live, although my tweet stream would have been along the OMG OMG OMG SQUEEEE lines.

It’s happening people.

To use the language of my people: I ship it.

But to be more specific, a few months ago, Crystan, Aless and I talked about how fangirls should run TV. I’m entirely convinced that Gotham is pulled 90% from Batman fanfic, because I mean, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle chased each other around Wayne Manor throwing pastries.

I cannot stress enough that this is a thing that happened in a canon version of a Batman story.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive people.

His name is Detective James Gordon, and this is Gotham

Gotham Logo

So last night was the premiere of Gotham, and it was everything that I’d hope it would be.

In that Donal Logue was great and Ben McKenzie punched things.

Seriously, though, the pilot was serviceable. I’m not going to say it was great, it wasn’t. But there’s potential here, and that’s kind of the point of pilots, to show potential and then to figure out which way to go.

So here are the things that I liked:

  • Ben McKenzie. There wasn’t much chance that I wasn’t going to. But he really is a good choice. He plays heavy and serious so well, and weathers crazy better than a lot of people. And as I tweeted last night, I would watch a full 42 minutes of him just punching things. But also, he gives a sarcastic angry look better than anyone else in the business.
  • David Mazous. I like this kid. I hope they do more with him.
  • The general arc of the season being about solving The Wayne’s murders. It’s really the only way to go, and that it isn’t a random mugging is a new way in.
  • The dynamic between Gordon and Bullock, which, frankly, is what I thought the heart of this show should always be. The tension, push and pull is the best way to make this show work.
  • The look of the show. At least stylistically it seems like they’re drawing on Batman: The Animated Series, which is so much cooler than going down the Nolan road.
  • Montoya! And she’s got an antagonistic relationship with Gordon and Bullock. And some kind of past with Barbara? I kind of love all of that. And just that she’s in this show. I love that character. I’ve missed her.
  • Donal Logue and Camren Bicondova. Logue was a foregone conclusion. He’s always, really, really, really good. And even though Bicondova hasn’t said a word yet, I’m already completely sold on her Selina.

Here are the things that I wasn’t so into.

  • Fish Mooney. Not getting it. Jada’s a talented lady, they need to give her better material. But I am convinced that her club once belonged to Chuck Bass.
  • Not enough Bruce. I get that it’s the pilot and this is Jim’s story, but seriously, this kid is good. Use him.
  • Why did Gordon have to introduce himself everytime he was on screen? Seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • Selina is stalking Bruce. I don’t really get what her deal is. I mean, I’m intrigued and I kind of hope they get into some kind of physical tussle because that’s the only acceptable meet cute for these too. AND THEY MUST MEET CUTE or else I won’t be satisfied.
  • Why, oh why, with the “Ivy Pepper?” I knew it was coming and it’s still like “Really?” That’s not even her name. I mean, maybe it’s a fake out, like Not Jimmy Olsen was.
  • So much tell don’t show. It was just everywhere.
  • Not so into the actress playing Barbara. She’s really pretty though.

Things that I’m lukewarm on.

  • Penguin. I like him. He didn’t blow me away. I get what they’re doing though, and it’s what I was hoping for. Again, the character need new context, and needs it bad. I hope this sticks.
  • Sean Pertwee’s Alfred. I like that he’s mistrustful of Gordon. Clearly he knows the score with the GCPD and he’s protecting Bruce. But I’m still not totally sure the whole brusque thing is the way to go. Alfred is Bruce’s heart that shouldn’t get lost.
  • Info dumps. It’s a pilot, they’re hard to avoid, but God are they boring and boy howdy were there a lot of them.

So that’s the pilot. I am completely determined to like or dislike this show based on what it actually is, not what I was hoping it would be, which after the first few episodes will get easier. I’m not recapping Gotham weekly. I have an idea involving the 5 network superhero shows, but I’ll have to wait until everything premiers to start doing that.

3 and 4

Quick post today, but hey, guess what starts in 3 days!

Gotham Logo


And in 4?


So a couple of quick thoughts on each of these wonderful things:

  • Normally I give new shows like 2 episodes to decide if I like it, and 5 to hook me if I do. I’m giving Gotham the whole season, because it’s Gotham. Also, because of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s slow start.
  • Speaking of AOS and it’s slow start, luckily this year, there are no Marvel releases during the season to navigate. So there’s no excuse this time. You’ve built a great foundation here Whedons, don’t squander it.
  • I really, really can’t wait to see Ben McKenzie punching people on my TV again.
  • Director Coulson!
  • Detective Bullock!
  • No idea what’s going to happen.

So yeah, that’s what happening there. See you tomorrow!

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now 3: Start of Fall Edition


Hey guys! It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on the things that are obsessing me these days. (Of course if you’re really interested you can follow my twitter or like my facebook page and see these obsessions develop in real time!) But as fall comes around my obsessions tend to shift (again, twitter, facebook. You’ll see!)

  1. Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I decided to watch this over the weekend because I had the house to myself and wanted to binge something that I knew my siblings and parents wouldn’t be into, since I had the opportunity. Rather than watch Buffy or Veronica for the fiftieth time, I thought I should go for some new content, and I am so glad that I did.
  2. Analyzing the feminist implications of Avatar: The Last Airbender. My god are the girls on this show fantastic stinking awesome, heroines and villains alike they are fascinating, powerful and interesting. I start thinking that Katara is my favorite and then Azula pops up, and the Toph does something great. It’s just so amazing and I love that there’s a generation of kids who grew up watching them and a generation of creators will draw on this show and these characters for influence.
  3. Speaking of influencing kids and feminism: Lumber Janes! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ THIS COMIC BOOK! I’m late to this party but it’s spectacular. I’ve only gotten one issue, but the camp gets attacked by raptors from the bathroom and there’s a Were-Bear Lady.
  4. Football Season! The Giants kind of stink, but I still love watching games.
  5. The return of pumpkin flavored things. Pumpkin coffee! Pumpkin Ale! Oh, how I love Pumpkin Ale!
  6. In the same vein, today I wore my favorite fall outfit. Brown sweater, orange skirt and brown Frye boots. Best!
  7. Fantasizing about the Gotham fanfiction I’m going to write once I understand how that show’s universe works. Yes, I’m at the point where I am anticipating writing fanfiction. I think I’m a little too far gone.
  8. Scandal and Revenge come back next week! Twisty turny soapy violent goodness. Victoria knows that Emily is Amanda! Olivia and Jake ran away on a plane! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
  9. Aless is watching Once Upon A Time. This makes me incredibly happy. For more information on this, again, see twitter and facebook. I’m sure there will be interaction.
  10. My NaNoWriMo project that I am outlining! I was going to write this as a comic and then realized I could do it as a novel and it fits much more with what I’ve always wanted this story to be. I’m really, really excited about this.
  11. My birthday dress, which came yesterday. So pretty, so fancy, so exactly what I wanted it to be!
  12. Speaking of dresses, who costumes Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who? Did you see that little black dress she wore in “Listen?” So freaking gorgeous. I’m obsessed with all of her clothes.
  13. Also The Twelfth Doctor. I love him.
  14. Chrissy’s Twitter. We will now live tweet things together whenever possible even when not in the same room. Feel free to enjoy.
  15. On last night’s New Girl Reid Scott played a guy Jess was hitting on at a wedding. In my brain, it was Brandon from My Boys. I picture Jess and PJ hanging out talking about how the guys in their lives don’t “get” them all the time.
  16. Mindy and Danny as a couple on The Mindy Project! They’re adorable.
  17. NEVERENDER! I’m going to Coheed in Montclair next Thursday
  18. The Girls Poop Rainbow Podcast. A part of my “listen to girls on my phone too” initiative, I’m very glad I found it. Check them out.

So, that’s what I’m into right now. See you later.

What We Learned From Comic Con

So, after a few days to digest news that trickled in as I refreshed my twitter feed and pretended that I was focused on work, I’ve decided that I’m going to just run down a bunch of things that I learned from Comic Con:

  • The Firefly cast is reuniting for a game. That’s nice. But you know how I feel about Firefly continuations. Let’s not keep perpetuating the myth that it was the greatest show in the history of television.
  • Stan Lee and Joss Whedon were both absent for health reasons. This might have something to do with why Comic Con seemed to be sort of muted and less exciting than usual. It’s like going to St. Peter’s while the Pope is travelling. It’s still great, but it’s missing something.
  • Gal Gadot looks pretty great as Wonder Woman. And she’s going to have a sword! Which I assume she will use to slaughter enemy soldiers. It will be epic.
  • Batman will be wearing the Frank Miller robot suit when he and Superman fight. Which disappoints me. The Dark Knight Returns is amazing. Let’s leave it alone and move on. Stop trying to make fetch happen, David Goyer. It’s not going to happen.
  • Robert Downey Jr. “has not ruled out,” playing Iron Man after Avengers 3. So there may be hope for superhero movies after all.
  • Sexual harassment is the worst.
  • I have until mid October to watch The Walking Dead…(I probably still won’t watch The Walking Dead.)
  • Gotham is going to be awesome. Like, so awesome.
  • So is Flash.
  • Those weren’t really new information for me, but I felt they should be noted.
  • In Godzilla 2, he will fight Mothra. YATTA! Also monster island. Also, just, we’re getting a Godzilla 2, I think we can all agree that this is a good thing.
  • Apparently, Guardians of The Galaxy is the greatest movie ever made. We’re all high on believing with this one guys, but I’ll know tonight whether it was worth all the hype…

So that’s what I learned. I have to admit I didn’t pay as much attention as I thought I would. I was trying to get ahead of things this week.

Super Tubes

There was a time when I didn’t think that this blog was going to be all about superheroes. There was going to be more fantasy and just general nerdiness. The thing is, I do still consume a lot of that kind of thing. I mean, Doctor Who is coming back and I’m thinking something about that will replace the Game of Thrones Character winner when that happens. But, with my recent foray into weekly comic book reading and of course how many comic book movies are coming out these days, it takes up a lot of my time and bandwith.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s going to be happening with TV this coming season.

Wow! Oh my God, it’s like my television has become more obsessed with comics than I have for this coming year.

Here’s a little peak at what’s going to be happening!


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – ABC Season 2


Obviously this is where I’m starting. I kept up with and defended this show from it’s inception. I was rewarded for my faith with Agent John Garrett and the last 7 episodes of the show. I can’t wait to see where this goes in season 2. There’s a lot of roads that could be travelled down, with Director Coulson and Skye is totally a Kree, and Reyna with Skye’s parent. The show is being moved up to Tuesdays at 9, instead of 8, which probably means more violence and sex, although, after Ward got raped by Lorelei I don’t see how the sex could be turned up any further. Also, I think that we’re going to Spike Reyna, and Spike her hard. (By that I mean, transfer her over from bad guy to good guy, a la Spike in Buffy)

Arrow – The CW Season 3

I picked up Arrow Season 1 again. I will get through this show. But I cannot watch more than 1 or 2 episodes at a time. God, it’s so boring. Even Barrowman can’t wake me up from my stupor when it comes to watching this show. It’s a shame because Oliver Queen is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in comics…anyway, I am going to get through seasons 1 and 2 at some point. But you should also know that I’m pretty much only doing it so that I can really enjoy The Flash. We’ll get there though.

Heroes: Reborn – NBC, 15 Episode Single Series (Sometime in 2015, I think)

I have not met a single person who thought that this would happen or even wanted it to happen. We have 0 news about this, how it’s going to work, who, if any, of the cast will be returning, and every time I think about it I just get confused and a little bit sad.


Agent Carter – ABC Season 1 (During Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Hiatus)

Dear Marvel,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! While it’s not quite at the level of a green lit Black Widow movie, seeing an Agent Carter TV show is a really good step in the right direction to getting our act together with female heroes being represented on screen. Peggy’s a really great character, and I kind love the idea of an MCU version of Mad Men. If it’s anything like the One-Shot, Agent Carter, we’ll be dealing with fun action and some really cool gender politics stuff. I will certainly be looking at it through that lens.



Constantine – NBC Season 1

I’m not a huge fan of Constantine, but I’ll give this a show a fair shot. (In my world a “fair shot means watching the pilot, and maybe two or three more episodes until I get bored.) It looks well cast, and interesting. We’ll see. I watch a lot of NBC anyway, and as long as this doesn’t interfere with anything else on my rapidly less crowded TV viewing schedule I’ll watch it. Might DVR it and watch it on Saturday mornings. I don’t know! It’s months away!

The Flash – The CW Season 1

Oh My GOD! Did you guys watch that extended trailer? I mean, seriously whoa! I didn’t know that Annalise Vanderpol (my second favorite Disney Girl after Brenda Song) was going to be on this show! Or Tom Cavanaugh (Give us Ed on DVD damn you! #Stuckeybowllives!) Also Jesse L. Martin, which, I mean, come on, Jesse L. Martin, and he’s playing a Detective again. Let’s just agree that it’s the greatest thing ever, and we can all move on. I’m really, really excited about this show, if you didn’t know. I think we’re going to have some fun now.

Gotham – Fox Season 1: Monday  9 PM

Gotham Logo

I think I’ve managed to cover how excited I am for this show. Extensively. I don’t think that we need to go into more, but here are bullet points: TV show about Jim Gordon as a young man. Meh. Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon. SQUEE! Young Penguin? HOORAY! Jada Pinkett-Smith! WHAAT? Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock. Perfect! 12 year old Bruce Wayne. OK, cool! 12 year old Selina Kyle. NEW FAVORITE SHOW (Probably). Gotham trailer. WOW THIS LOOKS AMAZING, can’t wait to watch it.

The end!

So we’ll see what sticks. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new season brings.