Deconstructing Defenders: Daredevil: Season 1: Episode 13

Alright! We’ve made it through season 1! Here’s a thing I learned: Not great on a week to week basis. Not as great I should say. It’s still better than Arrow. But this season has fewer ninjas. We’ll see in season 2 if I still feel that way. (Spoiler Alert: Probably. Arrow doesn’t have The Punisher. It does have Diggle though.)

Anyway, let’s talk about the episode.


Episode 13: “Daredevil”

Opening at Ben’s funeral is a gut punch but the scene between his wife and Karen is lovely. Although absolving Karen’s guilt kind of annoys me because, I’m really convinced that Karen might be a monster? Like, I know it’s not her fault that culture has programmed writers to force female characters to behave like manipulative crazy people in order to get anything done, but UGH, she’s just the worst.

Claire is the best.

Claire is not in this episode.

Anywho, Nelson and Murdock get back together to track down the detective who has all of the information on Fisk and they eventually take down his whole opperation, everyone is happy about it, except Vanessa, obviously, because your husband getting arrested while his criminal empire crumbles around you is not a good look.

Anyway, then we get to the last twenty minutes of the show which are the best part anyway. While he’s in custody, Fisk makes this amazing speech about the good samaritan. (Daredevil, Catholic to the last!) and says the amazing line, “I am the ill intent,” and breaks out. Luckily Daredevil shows up in a his awesome new suit and they have the greatest fight in the history of fights.

Not quite, but it’s a good one. And I really, really love that suit man. I think it looks cool as a first drafts of superhero suits go. I like that you can tell it’s a first draft. Anyway, I also like the difference between their fighting styles and how Matt winds up on top this time. Fisk is all brute force and Matt is all nuance and ninja flips and a about landing the right punches. The contrast really does make the whole thing magnificent.

Overall Analysis of This Season

Even pacing it out and thus noticing more of it’s problems, and realizing that it’s leading lady is just a horrible monster person, I still think this is a really good hour of television. The Hallway fight is still incredible, and Vincent D’Onofrio is still the anchor that keeps this whole thing from spinning insanely out of control. (As we shall see, in season 2.)

I do love the ending, but the middle is kind of tough and wheel spinny, still cool and masterfully performed.

Next we’re on to Jessica Jones, which is widely considered the best of this series, and I’m not convinces their wrong. (But Luke Cage is really fucking good you guys.)


Deconstructing Defenders: Daredevil: Season 1: Episodes 9 & 10


Episode 9: “Speak Of The Devil”

“There is a gulf between inaction and murder, Matthew.”

Matt’s relationship with his priest is one of my favorite elements of this show and one of the only times I’ve seen that brand of relationship presented with any level of realism. And the fact that it’s in a super hero show about a ninja lawyer is, not great. Anyway, the story that he tells when Matt asks him about the devil is one of my favorite speeches in this show, which does in fact, have many great speeches.

The episode is framed though, with the big fight between Matt and Nobu who are pitted against one another by Fisk, in a hope to take them both out. That’s all well and good and the fight is epic, ending with Matt setting Nobu on fire, but the real reason that this whole thing resonates, is that Fisk killed Mrs. Cardenas to get to Matt. It’s so feelsy and awful.

This leads to a confrontation between Fisk and Matt and it’s as brutal a fight as any we’ve seen so far.

This all leads to the emotional core of the episode where, Karen and Foggy get super drunk and Foggy banging on Matt’s door in a drunken haze and finding him all beat up and leading to the episode that I am not emotionally ready to watch..but I will. For the sake of blogging!

Episode 10: “Nelson V. Murdock”

There is no relationship in the entire MCU that I love the way that I love Foggy and Matt’s. Not Steve and Bucky, not Pepper and Tony, not even Trish and Jessica, who are the only ones who come even close to this one. Every moment between Charlie Cox and Elden Hensen is electric. Their friendship feels so real and lived in and perfect and this episode, with Foggy interrogating Matt about being Daredevil, and flashes back to the early days of their friendship, all of it matters in such a deep way to this story. Foggy’s inability to understand why Matt does what he does, and Matt’s inability to explain it are intrinsically linked. And the performances are insanely good.

The final scene between the two is so heartbreaking and so real and so well, perfect, that I can’t really describe it and it eclipses the rest of the episode for me. Seriously, until this rewatch I forgot that this is also the episode where Owlsley poisons Vanessa, and Karen and Ben find Fisk’s mother. (I hate Karen SO MUCH in that scene. Like so much. She’s basically psychologically torturing that poor woman and Ben.) But those small things really don’t mean as much in the grand scheme of things, as that scene where young Matt and Foggy sit on the steps at Columbia, talking about their upcoming graduation and their future.

And it’s absolutely nothing compared to Matt’s revelation that the first bad guy he chased down was a father sexually abusing his daughter, who’s screams he could no longer ignore. It’s such a brutal, horrifying revelation, it’s what finally breaks Foggy. I know these two make up, but their relationship never recovers from this conversation, not fully, and it’s just, such good writing and really amazing.

Other Stuff:

  • Matt’s super smoothie skills get a work out when he goes to Vanessa’s gallery to get a better feel for who Fisk is. I love the flirting. He’s sooo good at it.
  • “Speak Of The Devil” is probably the second most Catholic hour of secularly made television I’ve ever watched. The most Catholic is “Take This Sabbath Day,” the West Wing episode where Bartlett calls his priest to discuss whether he should commute a death sentence. It is also very good, and you should watch it.
  • I really feel the need to reiterate how much I hate hate HATE Karen’s behavior in “Nelson V. Murdock.” It’s really horrifying and boundary crossing and awful. I mean, I get that she wants the truth, but why keep Ben in the dark? Why go about it in such a horribly manipulative manner? It’s just awful. 
  • In one of the flashbacks, Foggy mentions “That Greek Girl” to Matt. I started giggling, because it’s Elektra, and she’s amazing.

Deconstructing Defenders: Daredevil Season 1 Episodes 5 & 6

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, if you were celebrating! I assume that you’re watching


Episode 5: “World On Fire” 

I remember calling this, “the shipping episode” as it’s divided pretty clearly into a Matt and Claire section, a Foggy and Karen section and a Fisk and Vanessa section. It is, also, however one of those kind of weak filler episodes that all of these shows have. It’s about moving the pieces to get to the next spot, which is naratively necessary, but not always super compelling.

After her kidnapping, Claire and Matt talk about his powers, his “world on fire” vision, she tells him she thinks he’s skirting too close to the edge of darkness, which mostly just pisses him off, but she’s probably right. Matt asks her to stay with him until he settles things with The Russians and Fisk, she agrees but is not thrilled about it.

Meanwhile, Matt and Foggy take on the case of Mrs. Cardenas, a woman who’s being pushed out of her apartment building. Matt goes to Officer Brett Mahoney (YAY!) and asks for information on the landlord, while Foggy and Karen go to the big old fancy law firm that the guys decided not to work with and Foggy dismantles his ex girlfriend. Karen and Foggy are then adorable, fixing up the apartment and eating food together, and they’re perfect, the end.

Fisk and Wesley tell Vladimir that it was the man in the mask that killed Anatoly, which sets him down a path, but also, they wind up blowing him up while Fisk and Vanessa have dinner, and he strikes a new deal with Owlsley, Nobu and Madame Gao. Matt beats up some people to get more information about Fisk, but doesn’t really get much of anything.

Like I said, pieces moving.

Episode 6: “Condemned” 

“We’re not so different, you and I,” the villain says to the hero. It’s a little bit of a cliche, but when you’re doing the groundwork to set up an epic rivalry, having a protagonist and antagonist who mirror one another isn’t the worst thing you can do, and this episode actually executes the trope pretty well, when, after Fisk has half of Hell’s Kitchen blown up, Matt takes Vladimir to a warehouse and fixes him up, trying to get more information on Fisk.

In the end the hero and the villain wind up talking over a walkie-talkie, Fisk trying to stall in order to get enough false evidence together to make the explosions look like they’re Matt’s fault. It’s a wonderfully well done scene, just, you know, a little hacky. Meanwhile, Ben URICH (I said Carson last week because I’m an insane person? Who knows…) is trying to figure out what’s actually happening, Foggy is in the hospital and Karen is freaking out because they can’t reach Matt.

Claire is also freaking out because her kind of boyfriend is trying to save the life of the man who kidnapped and beat her, and also that whole explosion thing. But it is nice for Matt to have someone to talk to.

Other Things

  • Matt’s super smell comes into play here, he explains that he can smell copper in the air when Claire’s stitches open up. Also he explains his “world on fire” super vision, and it’s really cool, and actually one of my favorite scenes in the show.
  • Foggy and Karen FOREVA!!!! I’m still a little mad at the show for pushing her and Matt together, because they’re amazing.I mean, I get it, but it still sucks.
  • Vanessa brings a gun to her date with Fisk, because she is a stone cold badass.
  • I know there’s a lot less Claire from here on out, and I’m braced for it, but it’s still a bummer.


Daredevil Season 2: Finishing Up

Ok everyone! I finished this morning before work. It was amazing. So much of it!


Guess Who’s Back!


God he’s a badass. And also just an ass. While I’m thrilled that he told Karen that he’s Daredevil, and that he chose Elektra (I mean, she died, but he chose her!) And he spends the whole back half of the season chasing ninjas (badass) but blowing off Frank’s case which he forced Foggy and Karen to take on (ass)

Luckily it’s Claire that tells him he needs to get his act together.

Claire’s the best!

He’s now mourning Elektra, thinks he beat The Hand (he did not) and has mended fences with Stick. All of this is good. Seriously, I’m glad we got a season of street level stuff before the mystical ninja stuff. (Also, seriously Arrow, TAKE NOTES.)


Foggy is working for Hogarth!!!! Marcy got him the job after he and Matt dissolved Nelson and Murdock. This means that we may get Foggy and Jessica interaction! Also I’m real proud of him for not taking Matt’s shit anymore. I’m completely obsessed with this character though, so that’s part of it.

He also gets shot, when Frank is killing the DA he gets caught in the crossfire, which is the straw that breaks the camel’s back with Matt, who is now convinced that all he is is a danger to his friends. (He is, but he’s also an ass)

But Foggy and Karen also have my favorite moment of the finale, where they sit at Josie and promise to stay friends and be there for each other. These two have been through a lot together.


If you had told me in a season that featured Daredevil and Elektra that I would find the relationship between Karen Page and The Punisher the most compelling of the season, I would have told you to go fuck yourself.


But it was incredible. Her decision to go on the run with him, realizing this is a terrible idea, getting him to talk in court, trying to stop him from killing Lex Luthor…I mean, Clancy Brown’s “The Blacksmith,” all of it, is incredible. Now she’s a reporter, which means Ellison is sticking around. Which means he’ll probably not have to fire his personal trainer…look, I’m always going to look out for family!


She’s only in three of these episodes, but she’s supposed to be a regular on Luke Cage. I’m just saying there’s a good chance that she’s going to be the one calling everyone when the time comes. Anyway, she admitted a bunch of patients who’d been tortured (and then we learn brainwashed) by The Hand and got herself fired over it. But without her hospital job now she can just stitch up superheroes full time. She also gets Matt to pull his head out of his ass, tells Foggy he should become a rapper (MC FOGGY! YES!)

Look, she’s the best. The end. More Rosario in everything.


Stick’s back! He’s trying to get Elektra and Matt to fight the hand with him. Well, Matt. He’s trying to kill Elektra, because she’s Black Sky, but you know whatever. The Elektra flashback episode is awesome.


Wilson Fisk

Guys he was back. For a few episodes. It was amazing. He’s running prison. He’s going to figure out that Matt is Daredevil. He manipulates Frank to kill all his enemies in prison and then sets him free. D’Onofrio is amazing and everything about this was amazing, and I can’t wait until he gets back out and puts Matt through his paces. So happy that he was back.


Immortal Ninja, enough said.

Madame Gao

So cool, with her painting and her advising Matt and her probably being around for Iron Fist right?

The New Kids

Frank Castle AKA The Punisher

God, they nailed this character and is was so great. Punisher has never been my guy. (I like my vigilantes gunless and kill-less) But I do get the appeal, and after this show, he might be my guy. I’m not sure that I want to see him have his own Netflix show, I’d much rather see him pop up and cause problems for various Defenders now and then. (Can you imagine him and Jessica together. We’d all be decimated.) But his trial, his relationship with Karen, his decision to save Matt’s soul rather than make his quest easier, is all amazing.


Dead but about to be reborn. Look, we knew that she was going to die before the end of the season. She has to, it’s kind of the biggest part of her character that she dies and is resurrected. (That and NINJA ASSASIN!) So The hand is getting ready to resurrect her so that they have control of Black Sky.

This will not end well for them I don’t think. But the final scene between Elektra and Matt, where they decide to run away together is beautiful, because you know what’s coming, she knows what’s coming, he doesn’t because he’s kinda a dummy about stuff, but it’s just so wonderful. BIG fan of how that all turned out.

Overall Season Thoughts

I enjoyed the season, much like Jessica Jones I thought it was tighter and technically better than Season 1, but I don’t know why, I’ll always love season 1 the most. Maybe it’s because it was such a gut punch. Because I was able to fully binge it. Because I didn’t know how to feel and it taught me that I should feel awesome. But overall, it was just an insanely good 13 hours of television, much more episodic than season 1 (in a good way) and true to the characters as they were built.

Luke Cage Teaser

GUYS THEY FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO NETFLIX POST CREDIT! And the teaser is great, and I’m really excited and I’ll see you September 30!

Daredevil Season 2: First Impressions


So I was away this weekend and didn’t get to watch all of Daredevil I DID get halfway through though, so I’m splitting my coverage in half, and not doing the episode by episode reviews again. Instead I’m going with characters! Let’s get started.

Guess Who’s Back?


What I like about this season so far is that Matt’s moral code is hard won. Part of this comes from the Elektra flashbacks, which, with the disticnt exception of sex in the ring at Fogwell’s, really show a darker side of him, and it’s pretty cool.

Also, it’s really only up against the juggernaut of violence (and awesome) that is The Punisher does Daredevil look like the light and fluffy one. I guess, like most good protagonists is at his best when contrasted to those around him.

We’re also seeing a lot of his arrogance and I’m overjoyed by that. Matt Murdock can be a little bit of a self righteous blowhard and it’s cool to see that being highlighted.

I’m not into the Matt and Karen relationship. I get what they’re trying to do, and I know it’s canon, but I don’t see the romantic chemistry between them. It does make a nice contrast in the Elektra flashbacks, angry Matt with girlfriend and sweet Matt with girlfriend, but I don’t buy it. (Foggy/Karen for life!!!!!)


My sweet boy. I love him so. But what I like best about this season so far is that they’re making Foggy, kind of a bad ass. Not in the kick but, jump off rooftops kind of way that Matt is. (Obviously.) But they’re showing what a great lawyer and god damn it human being Foggy Nelson is!

He’s going up against the DA, he’s reminding everyone that they need to get their books in order, he’s being supportive of Matt and Karen even though he still has very obvious feelings for Karen. He’s worrying about Matt, he’s having little meeting with Claire and saving gang members for killing each other on her watch. He’s got it going on.

It’s fun that his ex is working for Jeri too. Every Jessica Jones connection has been done pretty naturally. I’m into it.


Oh, Karen. Karen, Karen, Karen. She’s diving headlong into investigating the Punisher stuff, which is actually a very good use of her. (By getting her and Matt together, she very easily could have been relegated to “goes on dates with Matt” and I’m glad they’re not doing that.) She’s trying to figure out what’s going on with Frank Castle and why he’s doing what he’s doing.

She’s also totally disillusioned by Daredevil, and I think she knows or at least suspects that Matt’s the guy she’s looking for. Like in terms of being Daredevil, not in terms of being her boyfriend. Seriously I’m not in on this relationship at all, and not just because it makes Foggy sad.

Although that doesn’t help.


We’ve only seen her once, but it’s epic. We learn that since her little adventure helping Jessica and Luke, she’s been stuck on ER duty almost constantly, also the gang wars sparked by The Punisher is not helping. I miss her and I hope we see her in the back end a little bit more. She does tell Foggy that she wishes things could be different with her and Matt, but she doesn’t need his complicated ass right now.

Oh Claire…I miss you.

Side Characters

Back and helpful: Marcy, Foggy’s ex and booty call. She’s working for Hogarth and warns Foggy that things are about to get bad for vigilantes. Ben’s Editor, who’s helping Karen find out stuff on The Punisher (and is played by a client of my brother’s!). Matt and Foggy’s police friend who’s been dealing with Daredevil a lot.

The New Kids In Town

Frank Castle AKA The Punisher

He’s perfect. I found myself actively squeeing everytime something happened with him. They’re pushing antihero hard. It’s working very well. He was special forces in Afghanistan, his work was classified, when his family was killed he had a bullet in his brain.

The scenes between him and Matt are incredible. Putting Karen on his case was really smart and his monologue about reading to his daughter was absolutely heartbreaking.


She is flawless. Elodie Yung is my new queen. I’ve only really just started her storyline, but good god am I impressed and the chemistry between her and Charlie Cox is electric.

If Claire didn’t exist, she’d be my end game desire for Matt. Not Karen. Never Karen.

District Attorney Reyes

She’s a good antagonist and I like that she’s not really Matt or Daredevil’s antagonist, she’s Foggy’s. It’s cool.

Things I’m missing

There is a Wilson Fiske shaped hole in the show. There’s no getting around it. The Punisher and Elektra are both extremely compelling. But Vincent D’Onofrio brought something really, really special to the show and I miss it. While, from a story telling perspective I really appreciate that we’re moving on, I just miss him in a big way.

I also miss Ben and Claire being more integral to the story. But obviously, Ben can’t come back and I’m assuming Claire will be around more later. (And I know she’s going to be a part of Luke Cage…so that’ll be good.) But I miss her.

Things That Are Still Great

The show is still brutally and effectively violent. Stunning in some cases. There’s a particularly rough scene where an Irish Mobster is torturing Frank, but there’s blood galore if that’s something you were into in season 1, (I was) that’s all still here.

The fight choreography. If you thought they’d never top the “hallway fight” from last year, wait until you see the “stairwell fight!” Also Matt and Elektra’s ninja foreplay is really great, even if the sex scene that follows it feels tonally dissonant and kind of dull. (Seriously Marvel/Netflix, you set a sex scene standard with Jessica Jones, now we expect more from you.)

I’m looking forward to finishing. If I don’t finish tonight, I’ll probably have to wait until next week to write it up. This is a busy week. Some guys are going to be fighting each other this weekend…

Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 7/2/2014

So many Marvel Comics this week. I’m just diving in. Because I picked up 11 books.



Black Widow #8: “Bitter Cold”

Natasha is breaking into a train to steal a briefcase from a guy who stole it from another guy. (These kind of vague spy shenanigans are what make Black Widow great.) Then Bucky shows up because the train is going to be robbed by another gang of spies. He lets her get away, because of love. There’s enough fun action and dialog and I’m into the story enough, that I’m not annoyed that the book has become “the parade of Natasha’s ex boyfriends.” Although, that would also make for a good book. The cover art of here was absolutely stunning.

Captain America #22

Armin Zola comes through an interdimensional portal with Red Skull and a few other guys I didn’t recognize. Meanwhile, Steve is all old and in bed and the rest of the Avengers are trying to come up with a way to get him all Cap’ed up again. Also Zola’s daughter gets Falcon drunk and they have sex. It’s great. Everything about this is great. Anyway, even with a cane, Steve gets his friends into gear for a fight. The issue ends with an “Assemble!”

Daredevil Road Warrior #0.1

Basically, this series is going to cover Matt’s trip from New York to San Francisco. While he’s doing that, he meets a shape shifting robot. He finds himself in the path of The Thinker, they battle, and it’s really fun. He also makes quips, talks about his belief in souls, and explains that his cane is made special by Black Panther to do things.

Disney Kingdoms Figment #2: Journey Into Imagination Part 2

Blair and Figment continue their fall and land in Imaginationland. It’s pretty cool and while Blair tries to quantify it, Figment just wants to explore. I’m loving the dynamic between these two and think that it’s what’s going to move the book forward. While they’re exploring, they make friends with a friendly Chimera, who eats metal (I see this detail being important down the line.) Then they get kidnapped by Pixies who can create matter from sound. Blair wants to do all of the science, but they just wrap them in a net. Meanwhile, back in London, the director has create a robot who wants to preserve order. This is never a good thing.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #1

There’s a bounty on Rocket’s head and he can’t trust anyone! Not even Groot. Except he can obviously trust Groot. They run from bounty hunters and fire guns, and do all of that great Rocket & Groot stuff.

I love these guys. We’ll get to more of them later.

Legendary Star-Lord #1

Little Peter Quill is looking at his mother’s gravestone and talking to a priest about his future and life. The priest reminds Peter that his mother died to save him and he should honor her sacrifice. We all know Star-Lord doesn’t always do that, but he tries his best. When defending an orphanage from a bunch of Badoon, it turns out his motives weren’t exactly pure. They had an infinity gem! Anyway, he gets captured by the Badoon, has an adorable flirty hologram call with Kitty Pryde. Then he shoots them with his boot guns, goes back and gives all of his money to the orphanage. He keeps the infinity gem and then is attacked by a girl claiming to be the daughter of J’son.

Seriously. I can’t get enough.

Rocket Racoon #1: “A Chasing Tale Part 1”

Rocket is on a date and it isn’t going terribly well. Probably because bringing a girl to Groot’s wrestling match is the least romantic thing ever. Also, because he doesn’t ever shut up. When a mob boss who he owes money to shows up, he calls Star-Lord who does not have time for this right now. It’s interesting, to see through Rocket’s eyes that Peter is the responsible buzzkill. Drax, Peter and Gamorah are otherwise occupied, so Rocket has to get out this mess by himself. Get out he does. It is then revealed that the whole thing was a set up by a cabal of his ex girlfriends.

This series is going to be great.

Magneto #6

Erik thinks back to a time that he killed a bunch of The Marauders, because they were hurting other mutants. Erik seems very into Mutant Identity politics at the moment, because he tries to explain this whole thing about how having a mutation isn’t what makes you a mutant.

Or something. Anyway, Raliegh and he have decided to go on missions.

Original Sin #5: “The Secret History of Colonel Nicholas J. Fury”

Turns out that back in the 60’s, Nick was recruited by Howard Stark to be “the man on the wall” fighting to keep earth safe from aliens, but in a sketchy, covert way, not in the fun baller way like the rest of the superheroes. Anyway, turns out he’s been doing this off and on for years, torturing aliens and etcetera. And while I kind of love the idea do Fury as a sort of galactic Jack Bauer, I’m not sure if I buy the idea that this makes him a candidate to be the new Water. But we’ll see.

Thor God of Thunder #24: “The Last Days of Midgard: Epilogue: Adieu, Midgard, Adieu”

Roxxon blew up the town in Oklahoma where all of the Asgardians were hanging out, so now Thor is super angry and also everyone is leaving. Agent Roz Solomon and She-Hulk are trying to prevent this, but it looks like it’s going to happen. So Thor stays behind and sends Jane as an ambassador for Earth. Also, he and Roz are clearly going to bone. Anyway, in the far future, Old Thor grows a new earth and names all the rivers after his human friends. Which is nice I guess.

Anyway! There you have it friends! We’ll see you next week!


Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 6/4/2014

I really need to get it together with this Marvel thing. I think part of the problem is that there are just so many Marvel Titles. There are like 4 different Avenger Teams, and 7 different X-Men, and Original Sin, and it’s just a tad bit overwhelming for those of us who are just trying to keep up. But I’m starting to level out a little bit more.

But for this week, we have 9 books, so let’s just get started.

photo (8)

Original Sin #3

Wow, is this story getting good. Bucky killed The Watcher and the book ended with him cutting off Nick Fury Sr.’s head and shouting, “NO MORE SECRETS NICK!” It’s the kind of crazy camp greatness that is making me love this story. Of course The Winter Soldier would snap and not want anyone’s secrets to be secret anymore. It makes perfect sense. He’s lived his whole built around secrets, lies and deception. So yeah, this development makes perfect sense to me, but also caught me off guard. That’s a good twist.

Amazing X-Men #8: “World War Wendigo Part 1

Wolverine went back to Canada. (Don’t forget he doesn’t have healing factor at the moment  and we know that he’s going to die.) He went to help out his Alpha Flight friends, which was nice of him, I guess. Meanwhile, back at The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. (The only name possibly more awkward and pretentious that “Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters.”) Storm is worried about him and interogates all of the kids about his whereabouts before making Rachel Summers find him on Cerebro. He encounters Wendigo and the team suits up to go after him. It’s a part 1, it’s mostly set up. But Ice Man still made me laugh, so I read on.

Amazing X-Men Annual: “Goddess”

Everyone goes back to Africa and Storm has to save her cousin. They fight some people, Storm is completely bad ass. (She’s my favorite of the X-Men, always has been, since I was little). I really liked this story. I don’t currently like her look. The Mohawk has to go, Ororo. It simply has to.

Magneto #5

Erik has been living in a small town biding his time and trying not to call attention to himself. He is confronted by a woman named Briar Raleigh, who decides to help get him rededicated to being the badass mutant defending crazy man he should be. Did she succeed? We won’t know until next month. But I’m going with yes.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #2

It appears that Doc Ock has made a deal with Mephisto, which is one possible explanation for Peter Parker’s recent emergence. The other is Miles’s go to, “Clone.” See, when Miles was not so willing to give up being Spider-Man, Peter kind of freaked and they fought. It was great. But then Miles spent two pages shouting “Clone!” And webbing through the air which was even better. I really do like this kid. Anyway, he met up with his friends and might just be telling his girlfriend that he’s Spider-Man.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #5: “This Mission Will Self Destruct in Five Seconds.”

I would love this book just for the art alone, honestly. It’s absolutely stunning. But add the fun prison break story, where Loki and Lorelei get Sigurd out of Asgardia and then Loki confronts his alternate future self, and The All-Mother, also the portrayal of Thor as a kind of meat head with a heart of gold (how he should always be shown) I’m 100% in on this story. Now he’s a renegade. It’s going to be pretty stinking amazing.

Cyclops #2

This was already on my pull list after I’d decided not to read it anymore. Scott and his father go to a planet and talk to a black market drug dealer. Scott plays virtual reality and flirts with an alien girl. They fight people with laser swords. I don’t care. That’s why I’m dropping the book.

Captain America #21: “Super-Soldier No More”

Cap fights a super human who wants to takes down America and then the world, I assume. He manages to zap The Captain of his powers and strength and turn him into the old man that he probably should be by rights. Falcon gets there but not soon enough. So, will Sam be donning the mantle until something happens to get Steve right? It’s possible (maybe even likely).

Black Widow #7:  “Fog Of War”

Save the best for last right? This month, Natasha went to San Francisco to fight some cyber terrorists. It didn’t work out and she wound up having sexual tension with/getting thrown out of town by Dare Devil. I’m almost always in favor of people having sexual tension with Matt Murdoch and I know they have a history, and there were plenty of ninja kicks and ‘plosions, and seriously, can Nat have a movie now? Thanks.

Alright you guys, I’ll see you next week!