Her name is Marina Sanpierre.

She is a psychic. She is about seventeen years old. She nursed a long crush on a boy who chose somebody else, and she is mostly OK with it. She has long dark hair, brown eyes and brown skin. She is royalty, or at least royalty adjacent. She is not a fighter, though most of her friends are. She is a born diplomat. She is lonely. She is quiet. She is trained as a healer of some kind.

She has been with me since I was 14 years old, and I have never found the right way to tell a story about her, or even decided what kind of world I wanted her in. Every time I start a new story, though, no matter the genre, Marina finds her way in.

Marina has shown up in space operas.

Marina has shown up as a magical girl.

Marina has shown up as an eerily prescient cheerleader in realistic YA.

Marina has shown up in that Jimmy Buffett Jukebox musical I wrote half as a joke. (Swept away in a harddrive crash unfortunately. It was actually pretty OK.) She sang, “Banana Republics,” she was going to be an alto.

Marina has shown up in epic fantasy. (This is by the way, where she fits in the best, and where she is best developed.)

I think it’s time for me to make Marina the main character in something, which is why I’m announcing this. It’s the epic fantasy, or part of it, it’s the world that I’ve been playing in since I was 16. It’s called Cammadan. There’s a missing princess, a handsome knight who loves her, an evil wizard tyrant, and there’s Marina.

This is her diary. My goal is to update at least once a week, I have the first few weeks banked so that everything keeps moving. We’ll see how it goes. I’m nervous because this character has been with me for so long, and I’m protective of her, and also, this is the first time I’m putting fiction, not of the “fan” variety out into the world since high school, and high school lit mags and creative writing class don’t really count.

Anyway, the description above pretty much covers who Marina is, although I’m starting her diary at fifteen rather than seventeen for a lot of reasons, but I’m hoping to cover a lot of the events I’ve plotted, written and rewritten but never been happy with for the past fifteen or so years. I know a lot about Cammadan, a lot about more about this girl and she’s still surprising me.

I’m ready for the world to meet her and to know Cammadan a little. The first post goes up tomorrow, and every Thursday after that, until it’s run it’s course.

Weasley Is Our King

So, I recently reread the Harry Potter series, which is one of those, things I like to do from time to time, also because after The Cursed Child I felt the need to find my way back to The Wizarding World.

But this time, I really found myself focusing on Ron Weasley.

I’ve always loved Ron, and spend a lot of time in Harry Potter fandom defending him because he’s actually quite unpopular. But I relate to Ron and to the Weasley clan in general.

Like Ron, I tend to feel like a sidekick in my own life (ESPECIALLY in high school) at times, I have more popular and conventionally successful siblings, and a big loud, loving family with a tendency to adopt strays. (WHAT UP ALESS & JAIME!) I also get hangry (in a pouty shouty mood when I’ve not had enough to eat!) which is basically Ron’s entire plot line in The Deathly Hallows.

And much like Han and Leia, I appreciate the love story between Ron and Hermione, because as neither of them are our main protagonist, they’re on a narratively even playing field. Also, I love the idea that this totally average dude not only gets the smartest and most talented magical person in his age group but he’s always in total awe of her, but also calls her out on her arrogance or occasional ignorance. It’s a really great love story and a very fun relationship to track, that’s more complex and layered than I think anyone gives it credit for.

It was one of my main criticisms of The Cursed Child that Ron is just a side character while Harry and Hermione get significant action. Even Rowling doesn’t quite know what to do with him, which suits the character quite well. Though defining Ron as “a really good dad” is such a delightful turn, that it’s hard to over complain about it. And my main criticism about Cursed Child is that they went back in time to save Cedric Diggory when REMUS LUPIN IS A PERSON WHO DIED AND ALSO PROBABLY THE BEST PERSON EVER…but I digress.

Anyway, I just wanted to give Ron some love you guys. Because he’s always been my favorite of the main 3 characters. Though not my favorite character.

That’s Lupin. Did I not make that clear? Maybe in the coming weeks I’ll write about that.

Look Buffy, I’m a real girl

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Rewatch: Week 1 Part 3

Have I made it clear that I love Cordelia Chase? I think that that’s something that needs to be reiterated as this whole, “rewatch,” thing goes on.

I love her (I know this image is from  Angel)

But right now, as I explore the early episodes of Season 2, I realize that this is probably how I love her the most. Because I love when characters change and evolve, and except for when she got her psychic powers on Angel, this is the time that she changes the most. She is emerging from her bitch cocoon in to a strong woman butterfly.

She knows Buffy is the slayer, but she’s not yet a full fledged Scooby, but she’s far less antagonistic. And she’s definitely starting to develop her feelings for Xander. (I adore the Xander/Cordelia relationship and post relationship dynamic.)

I don’t just love Cordelia, I also love Charisma Carpenter. In her post Buffy-verse work she was on Veronica Mars and Greek, two of my all time favorites.

And it was all because of Cordie.