Maybe Everything That Dies, Someday Comes Back

I’ve haven’t exactly been short on praise for Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, which premiered last year and where I had an amazing time.

This year, things got even better. The show itself felt scaled down (in a good way.) and instead of heading out on my own, I was joined by two companions, or as Kristi referred to them in her post about it, padawans. (Thinking of myself as a Jedi Master, BTW is the best thing ever.) Kristi and Juli came down with me and it just multiplied the fun.

We did all three days of the con. All three days had their own flavor and a whole lot of fun. And I really can’t stress enough how important the parties are to the ACBC experience. I’ve had fun at post NYCC and Special Edition parties, but the ACBC parties just blow the others out of the water.

Friday: I was dressed as Poe and Kristi was by BB-8, Juli came as a closet cosplay Wonder Woman that was actually a huge hit. (I’ve found that creative closets always tend to draw attention. And Juli’s really did look amazing!)

After the con, we went to Margarittaville, followed by a long walk on the Boardwalk down to The Tropicana, where we danced the night away at Boogie Night’s, watched a costume contest and overall rocked it.

Saturday, dressed in our Disney Princess Finest, Me as Belle, Kristi as Jedi Sleeping Beauty and Juli as Cinderella (pre transformation), we hit a couple of panels, one on Jedi Mash-Ups, which Kristi was thrilled about and another on Wonder Woman, where we watched a Wonder Women, a new documentary about her legacy, and then had a conversation about the role of female superheroes, what they should look like, who they should be.

Then it was on to the after party to end all after parties…Bally’s Wild West, where we danced, sang, screamed, drank and made friends. I’m only just now getting my voice back after the pure fun from this night.

On Sunday we lost Kristi, which was a gigantic bummer, but we were joined by Dom! Juli and I dressed as Rogue and Jessica Jones, we wandered, we learned about making props, I croaked my way through a game of password, and won a Wonder Woman Barbie!

In a quick conversation with one of the con founders we learned that next year is going to be dedicated to The Golden and Siver Age Creators and Characters (as this year was to Wonder Woman and last year was to Kevin Smith, I guess?) I’ve wanted an excuse to do either a Golden Age Wonder Woman or Silver Age Catwoman for ages, so, I’ve got a year to get that together.

So I’m back in real life. But I’ve already got 2 more cons lined up, Wizard World Philadelphia in June and Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ in July. We’re all still waiting on what the ticket situation for New York Comic Con is going to be, but I’m going to do my absolute best to make it work, you guys!

ACBC, Special Edition And Why Small Cons are My New Jam

Two years ago I walked with a great deal of excitement and trepidation into New York Comic Con. I’d always been wary of Cons even if I was curious, and as I’ve previously stated, would take any chance to wear a costume.

I had a great time and went back and had an even better time my second year at NYCC. And, having a bit more disposable income these days, I decided to expand out. (And being locked out from NYCC this year, at least initially helped this decision along.)

So as I drove down the New Jersey Parkway to get to Atlantic City for the first ever Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, I was nervous, for a lot of reasons. I’d never been to a smaller con, where the general pop culture loving, band wagon jumping nerds created a safer space, and also, I was heading into battle without my con slaying partner, since Aless was busy (she was graduating from college that week, as if that were more important! I’m kidding of course, super proud of you my dear!) What followed was one of the most fun weekends of my life, completely with getting to ask a question of one of my heroes, and talking to a bunch of new people.

I was energized heading this weekend into Special Edition NYC, which incidentally, I also attended alone. (Though I at least one person who was going to be there! Hi John! Hope you had a good weekend.) I was prepared to chat with other con attendees and creators. I was nervous about walking around New York City in cosplay without the buffer of, you know, another person in cosplay with me, but I was excited.

Not twenty minutes into my wanderings around Pier 94, I was approached by a group of guys dressed as various DC Characters and recruited into the DC Cosplay photo shoot later in the day. While milling around waiting I met another girl dressed as Black Canary and her friend as Catwoman (They were the bombshell versions and it was great…Hi Jen and Jess, if you’re reading). I went out after the show and talked to and met people. I exchanged cards, and flirted with guys. I danced, I drank. I had the time of my life.

On Sunday, I sat and listened to Brian Michael Bendis talk about his life influencing his work and vice versa, I shopped for gifts for

Few if any of these things happened at NYCC. Yes, I talked to people on lines, but my socializing was limited to people I already knew for the most part. I’m finding at these smaller conventions, everyone’s having the same experiences, and everything’s more intimate and a little bit lighter. I’ll still do my very best to hit the big boys. And I still dream of San Diego, I just want to see it some day. But for now I’m looking for my next small to mid size show.

I’m leaning towards this one. Anyone else in?