“Be Excellent To Each Other”

I had my doubts about Bill And Ted Face The Music. Late in the game sequels are rarely great, and comedy trilogies are very difficult to pull off. I’m not even much of a fan of Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey despite holding Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure as a low key fave.

That said, Bill And Ted Face The Music is lovely. Lowkey and bonkers, much more like the first movie than the second, (although there’s a brief interlude in Hell, and Death returns.) the movie details the now in their 40’s dudes, still searching for that perfect song that will unite humanity, and the way that quest has delayed and stunted their lives.

Helping along on the quest is their two daughters, Billie and Thea, who are wonderful, wonderful characters, breaths of fresh air. Bridget Lundie-Paul and Samara Weaving bring similar but not identical energy that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter had in the original movie. goofy and kind and a little out of their depth.

There’s a basic lesson about life and love and connection, and being who you are instead of who you think you’re supposed to be. There’s also some pretty good old age makeup and Winter and Reeves both appear to be having a ball. It’s most certainly worth the rental, just a bit of summer fun and fluff to close out this season.

Party On Dude!

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