Magical Movies Tour: Home On The Range

If The Emperor’s New Groove is what happens when Disney attempts a Looney Toons style sense of humor and exceeds beyond anyone’s expectations, Home On The Range is what happens when they miss the mark by quite a bit.

There are elements of Home On The Range that work. I’ve actually always liked the music which pops up on Disney playlists from time to time, so there’s that. “A Little Patch Of Heaven” performed by K.D. Lang is in particular a charming little ditty. There are a few gags that work. The voice performances are pretty good, there are some super fun but wasted cameos. (Patrick Wharburton is back as a particularly dense horse!)

Just in general it doesn’t gel, and the plot is too simple to engage without some great gags and the gags are not particularly great.

I also, just really don’t like Roseanne Barr, and her voice is super grating, though suited to the role that she’s playing here. Just in general this movie is so deeply unmemorable. I haven’t been this blah about any of these since Dumbo, and that at least left some impact via the music.

This is just, not good. And it was a turning point for the studio as well. While there were a few movies in development that got finished, this is clearly the place where the decision was made to get back to basics.

First though, we power through some odd ducks, or in the case of our next entry, Chicken Little. 

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