Magical Movies Tour: Brother Bear

I’m really enjoying finding favorites in the eras I don’t know as well, and I was ready for Brother Bear to skate by as kind of mediocre.

Brother Bear is wonderful and people should talk about how wonderful it is far more often. I love the animation and the story is lovely little myth. The main characters, Kenia, an impulsive and angry Inuit boy on a spirit quest that turns him into a bear, and baby bear cub, Koda (the most adorable Disney baby animal this side of Bambi) 

We’ve got another Phil Collins soundtrack, which isn’t as strong as Tarzan’s but the movie around it is much stronger. It’s a story about found family, and connection to nature, and finding who you really are, and those are themes that you really can’t go wrong with in my book.

But mostly, I was just enamored of the motormouthed Koda. What a lovely character! Jeremy Suarez voices him with a level of little kid enthusiasm that’s infectious and buoying. Joaquin Phoenix is no slouch with Kenia either, and something tells me a story about losing your way when you lose your brother is something that probably resonated with him. (If you are unfamiliar with Phoenix’s thoughts on his brother, you can check out his Oscar speech from earlier this year. Also if you don’t know River Phoenix’s story, it is a heartbreaking one.)

All of that has little bearing on how much I enjoyed Brother Bear, but it’s a really good movie, that I will be watching again.

Next week it’s home, Home On The Range, which I have never watched and I know nothing about.

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