Tea With The Mastero

So, you guys, this is the 100th post on The Marina (And Annalise And Athena) Chronicle

It’s kind of nuts that I’ve managed to do this for so long and I couldn’t have done it without the people I know are still reading. (Aless, Kristi, Mary, Juli! Y’all rule)

I’ve also made a Spotify playlist to go along with the series, and have created a specific page for it on the Marina Blog, explaining where each song fits. Enjoy it.


The Marina Chronicle

“You’re in here a lot,” I looked up from a book I was reading to see the Viscount in the doorway of the study.

“I like it in here,” I said simply and went back to my book. He walked in and sat down opposite me. “Can I help you, Your Grace.”

“Aaron,” he said, pointing to himself.

“If you say so,” I closed the book and met his eyes. They’re startlingly blue. “Can I help you,” he rolled his hand to prompt me, and I sighed, “Aaron?”

“Much better,” he smirked. “No, I was just sent to fetch you. The Mastero wishes to inspect you and your brother.”

Mastero?” I said and slammed the book shut. He nodded. “Why does he want to meet us?”

“Why wouldn’t he?” He shrugged. “He’s like you, thinks everyone is trying to kill her.” I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t think everyone 

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