Magical Movies Tour: The Fox And The Hound

When we were in Kindergarten, my friend Bailey and I used to go to her house and watch movies at least twice a week. Bailey was the youngest of five and her family had a big new construction house, a bunch of pets and a landscaped pool in the back yard, so I basically thought her house was the coolest place in the world, and I have fond memories to this day of the time spent there. (Also, she had a baby this weekend! Congratulations Bailey!)

One of the movies we would go back to over and over again was The Fox And The Hound so I was really looking forward to watching it again.

Um, how do I put this in a way that doesn’t disgrace my six year old memories and nostalgia?

The Fox And The Hound is not particularly good.

“The Best Of Friends” is a sweet song and sequence, and there’s some kind of race relations parallel to be had when you talk about Todd and Copper’s friendship. (Certainly something about how healing doesn’t happen all at once, but slowly, over generations.) But it’s all a little half baked. The animation isn’t all that good, and the story needs work, and the characters are more like sketches.

It’s such a let down even from The Rescuers which was a step down even from it’s predecessors.

Look, I know this is generally considered on of the dark times for Disney Animation, and I so get that after watching this movie. It’s just such a bummer to not enjoy a movie I loved so much when I was little. But it’s not a good movie. The animation is not up to par, the story is slow, the characters are dull, the songs (save one) aren’t memorable.

Next week we’ll talk about The Black Cauldron, which I am fully ready to be completely let down by given how much I absolutely loved The Chronicles Of Prydain. 

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