Magical Movies Tour: The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

The first time I watched these Winnie The Pooh stories they were broken up individually on video cassettes, so I watched some of them more than others. But I watched all of them, over and over again.

In fact as I rewatched this, all the way back in March, from my Quarantine Couch was rocking back and forth humming along to “I’m Just A Little Black Rain Cloud,” and I felt like I was home from kindergarten again, my mom throwing Winnie The Pooh on to give her another 30 minutes to wrangle Mary in the afternoons. (We were both half-day kids)

That’s been a big bonus of this project, getting into the nostalgia of the thing. The coming weeks are going to just be more and more of that as we enter into the movies that I remember seeing in the movie theater and then watching over and over again on video.

Anyway, Winnie The Pooh, which tells some of A.A. Milne’s stories in delightful animated fashion. I’ve mentioned before that charm goes a long way with me, and oh boy are these shorts (stitched together as chapters in a book) charming out butt. It helps that the characters are so broadly and yet specifically sketched, and their interactions are always surprising. And Pooh himself is lovely, really a perfect child’s hero, kind hearted, a little selfish, and always does the right thing, eventually.

Christopher Robin also made more of an impression watching as an adult. We’re in his little world here and he’s the grown up, oddly enough. The animals all need his help with almost everything, the way a child would with an adult. It’s a sweet fantasy for kids, and I think part of what has made Winnie The Pooh endure for as long as it has.

Next week we return to the water works, with The Fox And The Hound. 

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