Magical Movies Tour: The Rescuers

I don’t know if it was the quarantine, or that I watched this on a day with four other movies, or that Penny is just the saddest character in the history of the world, but I was very emotional watching this one.

Seriously, I think I cried four times and the movie is only an hour and twenty minutes long.

First of all let’s talk about that airy seventies guitar pop soundtrack. I love that crap, I did have to double check that it wasn’t actually Linda Rondstat singing the songs (it wasn’t it was Shelby Flint) like in An American Tail, which has a lot in common in this movie, as it is also about the secret paralell world of tiny animal people, and involved Don Bluth. (Bluth actually got bumped from this movie when the older Disney animators decided they wanted to work on it.)

Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart are wonderful as Ms. Bianca and Bernard two mice working for the Rescue Aid Society, an internation coalition of mice who help the helpless, and who meet in the walls of the U.N. (Like, so cute) They’re on a mission to find a little girl who’s message in a bottle was found by the society. That little girl is Penny, a six year old orphan who just wants to be “dopted” but keeps being passed over for cuter,, younger kids. (Oh I’m sorry, was that an onion ninja?) Penny’s been kidnapped by Madame Medusa, who owns a pawnshop near the orphanage and needs a little kid to go into a pirate cave to get a diamond.

It’s a needlessly complicated plot, but the whole thing is very emotional and seriously, every time that little girl opened her mouth I burst into tears.

OH there’s also an albatross who is also a plane? Look, I loved this movie, I don’t know what to tell you.

Next week is The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, which, if I know me and my emotional state, means I will be crying more. (And also technically was released BEFORE The Rescuers but in the same year and because Disney Plus sorts The Rescuers first, so I watched it first.)

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