Magical Movies Tour: The Aristocats

Seriously, I think when I finish these and start going back these little animal tales are going to go into regular rotation. They are just so entirely sweet and easy to watch. I enjoy the characters and the creative ways that they create character.

While The Aristocats manages to combine the plots of both Lady And The Tramp and 101 Dalmations it doesn’t feel like a copy and that’s probably not something you would notice unless you were watching them all right in a row the way I am. Duchess and her three kittens, Marie, Toulous and Berlioz live a privileged existence in Paris, 1910, the beloved house pets of a retired opera singer. When Madame changes her will so that her fortune is left to the cats instead of her loyal butler, he decides to get the cats out of the way, abanoning them on the side of the road in the countryside.

Quickly, the adorable kitties encounter Thomas O’Malley, an suave alley cat who find the beautiful Duchess irrestiable (though he’s a bit thrown that she’s a single mom!) and they begin their trek home to Paris.

There’s excellent music in this one, with the title tune (sung by the inimitable Maurice Chevalier, should I watch Gigi while in quarantine? I probably will) always sticking and also the fabulous “Everybody Wants to Be A Cat,” wins as the catchiest song this side of “Under The Sea.”

Next week we watch the movie that launched a thousand fetishes, Robin Hood. 

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