Nerd Homework: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I started Star Trek: Deep Space Nine almost immediately after I finished Star Trek: The Next Generation almost two years ago. But I had a lot of trouble getting into it. I decided after Picard to push through, give it until season 3, (where the hive mind claims it comes into it’s own.) and see if I liked it.

I do like Deep Space Nine, not nearly as much as I like TNG but I fell hard and fast for TNG, which is much more up my alley than anything else. I’ve started joking that why I like it so much is because almost no one on Picard’s Enterprise crew would feel out of place in the Bartlett White House. In fact I think that Riker and Josh Lyman would be very good friends, not to mention Worf and Toby, but that’s another story for another day.

Divorced from my absolute love for it’s immediate predecessory, I like DS9 just fine. I like the cast, though I really, really don’t like The Ferengi, and they are around a lot, I like the quiet build to the Dominion War and the way it shapes the story when it finally hits, I like the Cardassians, especially the wicked but complicated Gal Dukat. I like Commander/Captain Ben Sisko, I like that he’s a father and that he feels less cut off from the rest of humanity than Picard and Kirk, it’s a fun take on the position. I love Commander Kira Narees and Jadzia Dax, and Miles O’Brien and Julian Bashir.

But the show itself feels too, heavy? I don’t mind heavier sci fi, I love Battlestar Galactica and the Ender series, but I feels odd for Star Trek to be so heavy. I like the show when it’s a little bit lighter, a little bit silly and full of optimism. DS9 is really short on optimism, I get that they’re telling the story of a war it’s just bleaker, but the blend of tones, traditional Trek type optimism and ideals against the bleak war, didn’t quite work for me here. (It only barely worked for me in Picard, and that’s just because I was getting time with some characters I love.)

Anyway, I’ve moved right on to Star Trek: Voyager now and I’m about 7 episodes in as of this writing and I love everything about this one. We shall check back in, in a few weeks.

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