Magical Movies Tour: Lady And The Tramp


Ok, that’s out of my system, but it’s true, I do. The doggies in this movie are adorable and I want to give them pets and snuggles. Also, in this particular film, they are interesting and well drawn characters. Lady is a sweetie pie, a little spoiled and but happy to help her family as it grows. Tramp is, well, a lovable scoundrel, immediately drawn to the beautiful and sassy little spaniel of the “leash and collar set” as he calls them.

It also has the very lovely “Bella Notte” in the film, and those nasty siamese cats. (Again a LITTLE bit of racism poisons these films in some frustrating ways.) But it’s mostly just a charming little rom com, but with puppies and I love it so much.

I also love Peggy Lee’s Peg, and her song, “He’s A Tramp.” And the way Tramp calls Lady, “Pidge” and how she gets all huffy learning that he was a big slut before they met. Seriously, this movie is so stinking adorable, and the rat that sneaks into the baby’s room is scarier than The Queen Of Hearts and Captain Hook COMBINED, as far as villains go.

Also I hate those damn cats so much.

I also like the humans in this movie, sidelined thought they are. (Disney will get the balance better in a few tries, with 101 Dalmations.) Darling and Jim Dear are sweet and lovely pet owners and new parents, and even the notorious Aunt Sarah is more oblivious than malicious. The various keystone cops and dog catchers also get some fun spotlights.

All of the dogs in this movie are super great though. Lady’s suitors Jock (A Scottie) and Trusty (A Bloodhound) a so adorably protective of her. Boris a Russian Wolf Hound with a bent towards philosophizing in the pound is a real highlight too, but that all compares to the HUGE highlight

Peggy Lee has multiple songs in this movie. PEGGY. FUCKING. LEE. (If you’re unfamiliar here is a link to “Is That All There Is?” which is a masterpiece of song interpretation.)  She plays Peg, who sings “He’s A Tramp,” she’s also the voice of the Siamese Cats, and of Darling. She’s magical and awesome in this movie and I love that it’s her.

I will be coming back to this one, probably a few times. I also have to watch the “live action” remake which went right to Disney+, which I was waiting until I had a chance to rewatch the original to get to.

Next week, we get back to princesses with Sleeping Beauty. I’ve watched this one a few times since getting Disney+ but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it.

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