Fangirl Loves Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 7: Episode 6

Ahsoka’s new friend Trace, really wants to be a pilot, and the two of them are working on her ship, “The Silver Angel,” both Ahsoka and Trace’s sister, Rafa, think it’s stupid name, but they all get the ship going and then Rafa declares they’ve got a job and off they fly.

They barely get off Corruscant when they get into some trouble, Trace gets into the military lane instead of the general transport lane. Trace also doesn’t have a liscense and Ahsoka really doesn’t want to be dealing with the republic. Luckily, the official who wants to pull them over is on a destroyer with Anakin who feels Ahsoka’s presence and lets them pass.

I sob.

Moving on, it turns out the job that Rafa took is running spice, which Ahsoka objects to both on a moral level and a personal danger level. She talks the sisters into unloading the spice to people that will use it for medicine, not drugs and then they’re all in a tight spot because the Gangster clan they’re supposed to deliver to, needs it too.

Rafa doesn’t trust Ahsoka, and Ahsoka is being really evasive about who she is and how she got there. Trace trusts her more, and it’s interesting because it does seem an awful lot like Rafa and Ahsoka have a good deal more in common, at least personality wise. They’re both big daredevils and really really stubborn. It’s the kind of thing that worked well for Ahsoka when she was a Commander in the Clone War but isn’t great for making friends in the outside world and definitely isn’t great trying to stay under the radar.

She knows this but unfortunately can’t be anything but herself.

I’m enjoying this arc more. (More Ashsoka? More character stuff? I’m just into the rhythm. I don’t know.)

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