Magical Movies Tour: Alice In Wonderland

I was ready to dismiss Alice In Wonderland, it’s never been one of my favorites but I think the thing I’ve enjoyed the most with this project is finding so much enjoyment in movies I’d overlooked in the past.

Alice In Wonderland is beautiful. The animation and designs are so creative and lovely, Alice herself is a sweet POV character and the songs are jolly and fun. You’d think after 30 years I’d get tired of saying that my sister Mary was right about something. (Alice has always been her favorite.) But I’m happy to give her this one. I was delighted watching it.

I’ve always been a fan of the poetry in Lewis Carroll’s books, and this movie does a wonderful job of capturing that, as well as the sheer confusion of trying to navigate a world that operates on it’s own logic, rather than the kind you’ve learned your whole life.

And the characters are truly wonderful. The White Rabbit in his hectic neurosis, The March Hair and Mad Hatter’s hyper madness, The Queen Of Heart’s overwrought menace, much sillier than it ever was scary. Not to mention the Caterpillar, Flowers and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. A gang to be remembered, each and every one of them.

Also, I’m going to have, “We’re Painting The Roses Red,” stuck in my head for quite some time, I think. It’s so much fun.

Next week, I indulge my own motherly nostalgia for a group of little boys, by watching Peter Pan again. (All my love to Jake, Tom and Bobby.)

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