Magical Movies Tour: Cinderella

It’s not a shock that I love Cinderella, I’ve always loved it. I’ve written about how much I love it over and over again. The story of Cinderella is so primal and simple and beautiful and I’m always happy to revisit it.

Disney’s version is my second favorite (Rodgers and Hammerstein take the top prize) not entirely because it was the first. Like so many I learned the story through this version, with it’s sing-a-long songs, beautiful character designs, and lush romantic backgrounds, is completely and totally infectious. It also began the “tradition” of the “Disney Princess,” as the only princess before this was Snow White. (The space between the Princesses early on really did surprise me. They didn’t become regular fixtures until the 90s!)

This is maybe the third time I’ve watched Cinderella since getting Disney+ and I don’t think I’ll get tired of putting it on as comfort food. (I watched it a few weeks ago while I was nursing a cold, drinking ginger tea and browsing recipes for my Sunday dinner. It was a seriously lovely cozy morning activity, which is how I recommend taking in a movie like Cinderella. It just felt so homey and nice to be watching it again.

Next week we head down the Rabbit Hole for Alice In Wonderland. (Seriously, y’all the next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun. I promise)

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