Magical Movies Tour: Bambi

A full fledged pattern has emerged. It seems, I’m very into every other movie I’ve watched. I wasn’t impressed by Dumbo last week, but this week, well, I just loved Bambi.

Telling the story of a young deer from his birth through several seasons, it’s a charming story and the animation is absolutely gorgeous. The movie is very episodic, moving from Bambi’s birth in summer, to his discovery of his playmates Thumper and Flower in autumn, to his mother’s death by hunters in winter, to finding his own mate in spring, and then the birth of his own child when summer comes again.

The circle of life, one might say, shown here decades earlier in just a cherished a film. I really was breathless at the animation in this one. I’m no expert, but I know what I like, and I know garbage when I see it. (for the most part. I tend to be distracted by pretty colors and story and design I like) This blew my mind, much closer in quality to my now beloved Fantasia, (seriously, y’all! Every film I’m watching from now on has to meet that grand standard) with a stronger story and bigger heart.

The environmental message is clear in this film, between the hunters murder of Bambi’s beloved mother, to the moment of peril when the rest of the animals flee from a man caused forest fire, it’s pretty clear what the point is, “Humans fuck up nature. STAY AWAY.”

But overall I was just charmed by the film. Charm goes a long way with me, I think it’s a much harder idea to get across in movies than people realize. I mean, it’s aided by the use of adorable woodland creatures, certainly, but still.

Next week we’ll talk about Suludos Amigos, half travelogue, and a series of cartoon shorts inspired by that, I think we’ll have some fun.

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