Rise, Rey, Rise Up

There’s a lot going on in The Rise Of Skywalker, and I’m actually having trouble articulating how I feel about this movie. I groaned at a lot of it, cried through more, loved it almost completely. It’s thoroughly predictable, and yet manages to satisfy regardless of that.

I’m not a big lover of twist endings, I think they’re often cheap. The predictability of a formula is not something I consider a fault in narrative. Tropes alone aren’t cheap, though they can be employed cheaply. And The Rise Of Skywalker uses tropes that it’s earned and a few that it hasn’t. It’s a mixed bag of a movie.

Like all Star Wars films it lives and dies on it’s performances. Daisy Ridley gives her strongest in this trilogy, Adam Driver gets less to do than the previous two outings. Oscar Isaac and John Boyega are a damn delight and here’s something that I never ever expected to write, Anthony Daniels really runs away with the thing.

And the score, as you may have heard is incredible. People are calling it the best Williams has done in the series. I don’t know about that. Empire and Phantom Menace are pretty high marks, but it gets close. (I need to listen to it without the film.) But it’s very good. Rey’s theme and Kylo’s theme both get mixed with The Imperial March and Force Theme’s in ways that are wonderful. Leia’s theme is also pretty prominent.

I really, really enjoyed myself.


  1. Knive’s Out
  2. Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood
  3. Jo Jo Rabbit
  4. Frozen 2
  5. Spider-Man: Far From Home
  6. Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker
  7. Avengers: Endgame
  8. Rocketman
  9. Detective Pikachu
  10. Zombieland: Double Tap
  11. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters
  12. Downton Abbey
  13. Joker


The Jungle Cruise: This trailer does not have enough puns. It otherwise looks acceptable.

Onward: I really can’t wait for this. It looks so lovely and fun and kind of scary. Really great.


Anway, y’all ready for Spoilers!  THEY’RE HERE NOW





Rey is a Palpatine. *Sad Trombone noise* I mean, it’s fine as these things go. The Force runs in families, and there are heavy, heavy hints towards Finn also having the power, though no confirmation. Beyond him feeling Rey’s presence, as Leia does Luke’s in Return, it’s also hinted through the batallion of defected Storm Troopers they meet on Endor. Was it the potential Jedi who broke their programming? It’s certainly my headcanon. The point of Rey’s heritage isn’t important for the reasons you think it will be, it emphasizes choice over destiny, and Kylo points out, they are the two great points of power in the Force, Skywalker and Palpatine.

Rey and Kylo kiss, though he dies right after. So I’ll allow it. Ben Skywalker Naberrie Amidala Organa Solo’s redemption is earned. He finds The Emperor on the Sith Home planet with a “homing device.” (IT’S A FUCKING HOLOCRON JJ CAN’T WE USE TO TERMINOLOGY?) Our good friend Sheev wants Rey day, but Kylo has misgivings, but continues to pursue her. He tries to tempt her to the Dark Side, but instead, Rey, using the newly revealed Force healing power, (BABY YODA ALSO HAS THIS POWER) to bring him from the brink of death, and Leia’s voice calling out to him through the living Force, and then a blessed moment with Han (ending on an “I know,” MY HEART!) brings him back to the light. He joins Rey as she confronts her Grandfather and when she’s killed, pours his own life force into her, before becoming one with the cosmic force himself. It’s a lot. The scene between Ben and Han is emotional, though clearly written for Leia and Ben initially. It’s clearly the biggest pivot made after Carrie Fisher’s death. Though the conversation Rey has with Luke’s Force Ghost probably was meant to be between her and the Twins as well. It’s a lovely goodbye for Harrison Ford though, and mirroring the moments from The Force Awakens really did help sell the redemption, what would have been if Ben had chosen differently.

Rey’s ressurection is gorgeous. Granted, Palpy literally causes a giant column of light and space garbage and this needs to stop, but when she hears the voices of the Jedi who came before herm, Luke, Obi-Wan, Leia, Yoda, PADME AND ANAKIN (Anakin imploring her to “bring balance as I did,” was WRENCHING. I actually gasped hearing Hayden’s voice.) (I did some googling and thought I heard them, and it turns out Ashley Eckstein and Freddie Prinze Jr. were in the mix as well. AHSOKA AND KANAN!) and she stands, holding the Skywalker twin’s light sabers and blocking her grandfather’s force lightning is stunning

FINN AND POE DO NOT KISS THOUGH TWO LADIES DO SO WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE. BUT STILL SERIOUSLY? THEY ARE CLEARLY IN LOVE THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE. Ok, I’m done yelling, but there’s literally a moment in this movie where Poe gets all snotty about how Finn doesn’t trust him the way he trusts Rey, which is so reminiscent of, “Oh, but you can tell Luke?” that I feel deeply queer baited and cranky. STORMPILOT LIVES FOREVER AND REYLO’S GOT THEIR MOMENT WE WANT OURS GODDAMNIT. Deep breaths, Finn finding his “family” was wonderful, but Poe coming into his own as a leader was what I was here for. His version of Aragorn’s “There will come a day” speech, is deeply affecting. Like so many Star Wars moments  pulled from Tolkien, it just works.

Lando and Wedge are in this movie and so legacy fans don’t get to complain. LANDO AND WEDGE ARE IN THIS MOVIE YOU FIENDS.

On the JJ front, he killed poor Snap Wexley, so RIP Grunberg, and Dominic Monaghan popped up, which was fun. While his character insisted to Poe that they sent out signals for help, all I could think was, “THE BEACONS ARE LIT! GONDOR CALLS FOR AID!” (I know that’s Aragorn’s line, not Merry’s, but Merry was in Rohan at the time.) Especially since I’m in a bit of an LOTR moment.

Anyway, we’ll delve into some of these things on Monday, with Fangirl Loves Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker. I already have tickets for tonight and tomorrow…I know..y’all, I know, ok? 

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