60 Books In 2019 #42: The Proposal By Jasmine Guillory

You guys remember how much I really loved The Wedding Date, right? Well, now we expand into Jasmine Guillory’s California, with The Proposal. Freelance writer Nikole finds herself publicly humiliated when her casual, kind of douchey boyfriend who she was thinking about dumping anyway proposes to her on the jumbotron at a Dodger’s game. (YIKES) She says no, obviously, and is quickly rescued by Carlos Martinez, who we knew as hero Drew’s best friend in The Wedding Date.

The two start dating, and once again competing priorities nearly break them up but don’t!

Having already clicked in to Guillory’s formula I enjoyed watching it play out. I wasn’t as into this as I was her first, though I related to Carlos a lot. (Putting his life on hold because of his family, or at least that’s his excuse. BEEN THERE MAN!)

The book moves quickly and was exactly what I needed this weekend as I moved around Florida and had no idea where I was going to be sleeping. It’s such an easy read and so perky and happy and fun. I also appreciate the natural way Guillory works with diversity, not have characters who “happen to be” minorities, but who’s race and backgrounds influence everything about them. It’s a nice change from my usual rom-com fair, of perky white girls who move to NYC to be journalists. (I will never abandon my perky white girls who move to NYC to journalists. I love them.)

Up next, and now for something completely different, The Shining by Stephen King. As I close in on the 60 books, and pressing myself to do more diversity, we’re bumping up against the weather changing and 3 (count ’em) Stephen King related projects coming out (IT, Castle Rock season 2 and Doctor Sleep) which means, you know…we gotta get back on the path of the beam.

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