Fangirl Loves Star Wars: Rebels: Season 1

Remember all those weeks ago when I started Clone Wars and I mentioned that I really didn’t care for the animation style, but the writing and characters made up for it? I don’t know if it’s the jump in tech, or that sweet sweet Disney money, or what, but even though it’s the same character types it’s smoother, the colors are brighter, and it’s more fun to watch.

That said, while Rebels is the prettier show, the whole, “writing and characters” thing is not as strong, but as I realized putting my notes together, unlike Clone Wars which had some built in foundations for it’s leads (except Ahsoka), here we’re starting from scratch, we don’t know any of these people.

The crew of the Ghost, Captain Hera (QUEEN), Jedi Knight Kanan Jaras (FREDDIE PRINZE JR!), monster type Zeb, and Sabine Wren (BEST!) pick up orphan force sensitive whiny teen Ezra (meh.) and zip around the outer rim taking lightly criminal jobs and fighting the empire.

It’s Firefly you guys. They made an officially Star Wars cartoon version of Firefly. And that’s great. It’s very good. We also have a guy who used to be a screw up trying to redeem himself as a teacher and some truly chilling imperials and easily my favorite cliffhanger in any cartoon I’ve watched.

Let’s talk about our bad guys? Agent Callas and The Inquisitor play a B-Team Tarkin and Vader well enough. (Until Tarkin and Vader show up in the last few episodes) but it’s also just eerie, to watch the way a generation has wiped things away. It’s a nice warning, frankly. But let’s not get political.

See, the season of vaguely getting to know the team, and Ezra building his light saber gun. (Seriously. I’m not a huge Ezra fan, but that is awesome) and them teaming up with Lando. (LANDO) Hera reveals to the rest of the team that they’re not on their own, they’re a cell in the rebel alliance under the command of Bail Organa. Oh, and the agent who’s been feeding them missions, the mysterious “Fulcrum?”

IT’S AHSOKA! I remember watching the episode and freaking the frak out at that. Remember, none of us really knew what her fate was, after she’d walked away from the Jedi order. She was just, you know, gone. Did she survive Order 66? Escape into the outer rim? What? (There has since been a novel explaining that whole situation. It’s pretty good. You should read it.)

Anyway, next week we’ll get into season 2, which if I recall is a little bit stronger than one. But I don’t love Rebels like I do Clone Wars, even though, you know, Sabine.

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