60 Books In 2019 #28: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Geekerella provides two things that I love more than anything, love letters to fandom, and specifically cosplay, and a take on the Cinderella story which I love so much.

Our Ella this time around is Danielle Wittimer, Elle to her friends, of whom she has few since her father died and her step mother’s parenting ranges from neglectful to outright abusive and her step sisters, twins Chloe and Calliope, keep her peers socially isolated from her. (Poston choosing the name Calliope made me happy. Rodgers and Hammerstein use it too!)

Elle works at a vegan food truck, and she otherwise spends time online writing about Starfield a 70s Sci-Fi show she used to watch with her father. When a reboot is announced Elle is sceptical, but she eventually finds herself rengaging with fandom IRL because of our Prince.

Our Prince is Darien Freeman, a teen soap newbie who is cast as Prince Carmindor in said reboot. He’s a Starfield superfan,  but the fandom’s decided he’s a clueless noob who’s not worthy of the part. (Elle is in fact spearheading the internet campaign against him.) Due to some shenanigans, the two wind up texting anonymously and quickly fall in nerdy adorable love.

The ball in question is a Cosplay Masquerade at Excelsicon, the nerd con founded by Elle’s father. And the pair finally meet in person and also get their act together regarding their dysfunctional families. (Darien’s intense manager father has also been making his life more difficult than necessary.)

Elle’s fairy godmother is her queer LOTR obsessed coworker, Sage, who I adored. (natch) Darien has a great assistant, and his snotty costars, a pair of indie darling actors who I’m pretty sure Poston modeled on a certain vampire soon to be Dark Knight and his blank faced mumbly paramour. (Well, actually, Jessica, the female lead seems to be a mix of Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, but, Calvin, the other dude is very clearly Pattinson and it’s kind of great.)

I really enjoyed this book. It hit the Cinderella beats well. (It’s my favorite story, so you know, I’m critical.) It presents the best and worst of fandom clearly, with a serious focus on con culture and the silliness of some of it. Darien and Elle are both great. (Though I prefer Darien, a rarity for me to like the male lead of this kind of book better.) There’s a second book in this series, and I’m looking forward to it.

But first! Up next is Where’d You Go Bernadette? which I’ve already gotten a good chunk into and is utterly charming. 

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