60 Books In 2019 #27: Always And Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

So it’s time to say good bye to Lara Jean and Peter and their adorable dorky notes based love story.

It’s the end of senior year, and Lara Jean and Peter are doing well. They’re planning on going to UVA together in the fall, Lara Jean’s dad is getting remarried and everything is hunky dory and totally sweet and covered in vintage lace and flowers.

Until Lara Jean gets rejected from UVA and their plans skid out. What folllows is a quick and agnsty journey down the rabbit whole of insecurity and possibly. John Ambrose McLaren returns (briefly) as does Geneveive, but luckily neither poses a threat at this point. Rather than relive old drama the problems are new and a bit more grown up.

Second half of senior year landmarks make for good YA. College acceptances, prom, graduation, senior trips, it’s all prime set up from drama. And Always And Forever delivers. There’s a few fights, an aborted attempt at virginity loss, and a sweet as the perfect chocolate chip cookies that Lara Jean is trying to bake throughout the book.

I’m glad I picked up this series. Really. And thanks to Maggie and Ali for pushing it on me. (Also congrats on your wedding Maggie! So happy for you!)

Up next is Geekerella by Ashley Poston. YA Romance set at a Comic Con. YES PLEASE!

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