Nerd Homework Supernatural Seasons 11 & 12

God. This show has a lot of feelings.

Just like, all the feelings.

Season 12 might be my favorite season of the show? Certainly since Eric Kripke quit, although season 11 is also good.

So, let’s start with the fact that God has a sister. (Sure,.) Her name is Amara, she’s the Darkness. She and Dean have a bond. Crowley tries to raise her to be ya know, loyal to him. It doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam are mostly on the same side these days. I don’t recall any secrets. Castiel is doing well too. And Rowena pops up a few times. (I’m very meh on Rowena.) Anyway, in order to defeat his sister, God shows up to talk to Metatron. And SURPRISE turns out that God is Chuck.

You know, the guy who wrote The Supernatural books. No one believes him until he proves it, which he does. In a moment that made me burst right into tears, by making Kevin Tran appear in the Bunker and tell the boys to trust him.

The only way this could have hurt more would have been if Kevin were immediately backed up by Bobby and Jo. (Well, maybe not Bobby, who’s back like three times a season, so his appearances don’t quite pack the emotional punch they once did.) So they defeat Amara with God and Lucifer’s help, and also they get Cas back.

Oh also, Castiel becomes Lucifer’s new vessel, which is fun, because it gives Misha Collins a whole other character to play around with and it’s wonderful. (There’s an episode where he’s playing Lucifer pretending to be Cas, and it’s different from what he does when he’s just playing Cas and it’s amazing. And I love him.)

And as a reward for reuniting them, God and his sister (I mean, sure…show, whatever.) they reunite the Winchesters.

Not John. God no. They bring Mary back to life.

Enter Season 12. Enter the wonderfulness. Sam and Dean are so excited to have their Mommy around, especially Sam. The problem is Mary is kinda weirded out by being alive again. Also Lucifer is running around in a hair metal frontman, so they’ve got to get that under control. Oh, and The British Arm of The Men Of Letters who are basically The Initiative from Buffy without the boring Frankenstein riff, are trying to take over the loose association that is American Hunter Culture. Mary joins them.

Cas and Crawley are hunting Lucifer. And that’s amazing. Sam and Dean are popping in and out of both of these storylines. Oh, also Lucifer possesses the president and gets a girl pregnant and Cas decides it’s his job to protect her and the baby. And then Lucifer goes back to his original vessel. (Jacob, from Lost.) 

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean run around a lot, not getting a lot accomplished, Mary gets brainwasheded, Claire turns into a wearwolf (maybe?), I shout at my TV because The British Men Of Letters order her to kill Jodie and Alex. (Jodie, of course, just punches Mary in the face and ties her to a chair. Bless her.)

So Lucifer’s son. (Jack) He opens a thinny, which takes Dean and Sam and Castiel to a world where the boys weren’t born and Bobby’s there. Then Cas sacrifices himself and I guess it was his turn. (I’ve lost track of who’s turn it is…) It’s very sad, and Lucifer and Mary get stuck in the alternate dimension, and the baby is a teenager now.

Look, a lot of stuff happens in this season but I loved it a lot and I watched it pretty quickly and I’m also almost done with season 13 now too, and I’m going to miss this show a lot and I’m not ready to be done and I want it to go on forever and I’m going to watch it over and over again.

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