Fangirl Loves Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2

I find myself sighing in happiness a lot while I watch this show.

The writing is just so good. The characters are so strong, the storylines so absorbing. I really enjoy myself.

Season 2 starts to muddy the waters a bit more and that’s a very good thing. It’s an important and strange thing to remember as we watch any prequel material, we’re not following the heroes. Not really. This is the setting republic and the rising empire. It’s bad. WE’RE FOLLOWING THE BAD GUYS.

Well, it’s not like the Separtists are good, or anything, after all, Palpatine is playing both sides, but it’s still unsettling when you see it. It’s also important to note how spectacularly bad at running a war the Jedi are. They lose. A lot. When they win it’s usually because Anakin, you know, the guy who’s eventually consumed by evil? does something brutal or impulsive.

It’s some heavy, heavy shit, especially for a children’s cartoon based on the silly movies about space wizards.

Star Wars is profoundly silly, and that’s part of why I love it. Clone Wars is oddly, one of the least silly facets of the universe. And again, that’s for a few reasons, but a big one, is Obi-Wan’s arc this season.

Obi-Wan’s big moment in season 2 is centered around Duchess Satine of Mandalore (the delight I get from Obi-Wan’s secret love being named Satine is not small, you guys.) who leads the neutral alliance of planets. Yes, she rules Space Switzerland. She’s a determined pacifist and is in no way going to let the Jedi get away from knowing that they’re complicit in some terrible things.

It’s pretty great. It’s also such a difference between Obi-Wan and Anakin, really highlighting the two sides of a coin that they are. When faced with betraying his vows and chosen way of life back when he was Anakin’s age, Obi-Wan chose duty. (It helps that Satine also chose his duty, where as Padme…well…we’re talking about complicity right?) Anakin, meanwhile, didn’t. He married Padme, but didn’t leave the order.

And speaking of the Galaxy’s Most Annoying Secret Couple! This is the season which has the weirdest pair of episodes, where Padme reunites with her ex boyfriend, who is a skeezy finance guy and Anakin gets jealous and then the skeezy ex boyfriend poisons her. 

First of all: OF COURSE Padme dated the equivalent of a shitty Wall Street Bro before she reconnected with that weird kid who was obsessed with her. And of course it makes the most powerful person to ever live so far insanely jealous, because he is not an emotionally stable dude. Like at all.

We also get to see Boba Fett, being kind of a shit. He’s joined up with some bounty hunters, and wants revenge for his dad’s death by Mace Windu, which is completely fair.

Ahsoka doesn’t have as much going on this season, but she does get some cool episodes, takes command of her own squad at one point and manages to put Anakin in his place a lot.

I just love her you guys, I love her so much.

Onto Season 3, where the shades only get more grey and also Darth Maul comes back. You know how like, Filoni really likes Darth Maul?

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