60 Books in 2019 #26: Leah On The Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

The thing that struck me the most when I read Simon Vs The Homosapiens Agenda was how very very close to my actual high school experience the book felt.

What struck me reading it’s sequel, Leah On The Offbeat was how, well, how very very close to my actual high school experience it felt. 

I would have hung out with these kids. These rowdy nerds going to see their friends in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor every night that it’s open, and planning prom in a way that completely implodes due to unavoidable but mostly petty drama.

But this one hit even harder, because Leah, who seems outwardly confident and nonchalant, is actually deeply insecure, terrified and figuring out her sexuality.

Yes, believe it or not I deeply related to the book about the chubby nerdy bisexual girl who can’t say that out loud and has a crush on the perfect girlfriend of her childhood bestie. (Not that this ever happened…*ahem*) Leah’s story resonated to the point that I was sitting in my car before work, getting a few more pages in before heading inside, and also trying to keep myself from crying.

These books have just been hitting me, and I’m glad, because it’s a spectrum of feeling that I haven’t been in touch with much lately. This one in particular.

Happy Pride, y’all. Be who you are!

Up next is Always And Forever, Lara Jean, I’m not ready to say goodbye to her yet, but well, here we are.

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