Fangirl Loves Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is really, really wonderful. And what’s amazing about it, beyond it just being pretty darn great on it’s own, is that it’s in service to three movies that range from awful to just the worst. I’m more forgiving of Revenge Of The Sith than many. (It has one my all time favorite scenes in the movie, but we’ve got a few months before we get into that.) Part of that is because Clone Wars provides a lot more background and framework for the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker.

And Anakin, as portrayed in Clone Wars is as close to perfect as we can expect for a character with such a faulty foundation. He’s impulsive, heroic, brave and wonderful. His temper flares, but he’s also a dedicated teacher and warrior. There’s good good stuff.

My deep and abiding love of Obi-Wan Kenobi is indulged in a bunch of ways in this show. He’s the great teacher we all wished for. Patient with Anakin but indulgent and fun loving when he can be. He rallies his troops.

Padme and Jar-Jar are also around. The less said about them in the early goings the better. (If I recall their stories get better as we move along.)

But the real stories that matter, at least to me, in this particular series, are the Clone Troopers themselves, and of course, the wonderful perfect, Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka means a lot to me. On her own, her story is wonderful, the point of view character in this series being a young girl learning to be a Jedi felt so revolutionary at that moment, and of course, my friendly “when we see each other at cons and Walt Disney World events we cry,” realtionship with Ashley Eckstein has only made me love the character more.

And the clones, the ones we follow throughout the series, Cody and Rex and Fives. (And a few others, but they’re our big ones.) They get strong intros here and they all develop well from what I remember.

I don’t think I’ll ever really love the blocky jerky animation style for all of the Star Wars cartoons. But the writing and voice work are both good enough to make up for it. (The animation takes huge jumps in quality between seasons, but I’ve always found it quite ugly.)

Next week we’ll talk about season 2. More Ahsoka. More Clones. All the good stuff.

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