Nerd Homework: Supernatural Seasons 7 & 8

This took longer, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve just been moving slowly. My projects have been neglected. I’m sorry.

Season 7 of Supernatural is a lot of fun. The Leviathans are a neat villain, and Dick Roman a cool big bad. It’s Dean turn to die in the end and he heads to purgatory. But in between there’s some good fun, some heartwrenching deaths (RIP Bobby) and well, just so much excellent, excellent Destiel material. (I will go down with this ship)

We also meet Charlie, and good lord, isn’t Felicia Day just the adorablest? She’s so funny, and bubbly and great. Charlie’s great too, the first realistic nerd the show ever gave us. The first five seasons gave us the Supernatural fanbase that didn’t match up with the actual Supernatural fanbase at all. It was all traditionally nerdy dudes, and not a single socially weird young woman who tried to convince the boys to bone.

Season 8 might be my favorite season of the show so far? Like, I really like it a lot. Crowley is definitely my favorite villain. I think the quest of finding the angel and demon tablets is super good McGuffin wise. I always prefer Sam when he’s got a secret because it makes him interesting, and Dean and Cas at odds is also pretty fun. Kevin Tran and his Mom add some much needed color to this very white show, and Charlie’s two appearances are top notch.

I like it a lot.

I also like that it brings in Metatron, a character from Angel shit that I like pretty much everywhere he pops up. (Dogma’s my favorite version.) And he’s played by Booger from Revenge Of The Nerds!

My overall opinion of the show moving forward though, is that it’s just so easy to watch. It reminds me so much of Law And Order or Bones that way, I can get totally lost in it but also it’s not work.

I’d missed this kind of show. The only things I watch casually these days are the sitcoms I’ve seen a hundred times that I watch as I fall asleep, and having a show that’s easy and casual to watch is actually pretty great right now. (Since most of brain is being taken up by Game of Thrones and Fosse/Verdon.)

I’m already committed to season 9, it’s Sam’s turn to be dead, and he seems to want it to be permanent. Castiel is human. (I LOVE WHEN A MAGIC CHARACTER DOESN’T GET TO BE MAGIC ANYMORE!)

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