60 Books In 2019 #17: Heretics Of Dune By Frank Herbert

I’m moving slowly these past few months. I’m working really hard to get more in, but I’m definitely, definitely trying.

Anyway, there were some really fun things to talk about in Heretics Of Dune, the penultimate book in this series that has consumed my imagination in a secondary way this past year.

Heretics picks up after yet another millenia has past, The Bene Gesserit have persisted, and have taken over the training of the Duncan Idaho gholas. They’ve also surpervised the breeding on Arrakis, now known as Rakis, to produce another Fremen bent girl. The current Duncan is like, 13 I think? Ages are weird in these books.

Anyway, there’s a new faction of sex warriors, which the Gesserit don’t like at all, and as it turns out the whole point of the Duncan Ghola is to just have sex with every woman ever. All of a sudden the casting of Jason Momoa as this character somehow became even more perfect casting?

Anyway, there’s a plan, it goes pear shaped, Duncan doesn’t cooperate, the Fremen girl is a pain in the ass. All very standard post Children, Dune shit. But I enjoyed the book. It really solidified Herberts, men as rational women as emtional binary which I’ve been consciously ignoring through the rest of the books, because it was always there, but never you know, there. (This is what made Paul Atreides so special, you see, he had both the Mentat rationale and the Bene Gesserit intuition. *insert eyeroll gif here*) At the very least, Herbert does assert that without both humanity is doomed, so that’s a little bit better.

Anyway, I’ll finish this series if it kills me, so Chapterhouse Dune is next. I can pretty much guess what comes next on each page of these books now. Which is fun, but also, eh, makes me less than psyched for what comes next. I hope to be surprised. (Duncan Idaho being the sex savior did throw me for a loop, so there’s that.)

Edit: JUST KIDDING! I will eventually read Chapterhouse, but I got 20 pages in and my eyes were rolled back into my head. So back to the library it goes, and I shall be reading Fosse by Sam Wassan. Because I’m obsessed. Hopefully this will help. (It won’t.)


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