Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

No new post today, but here’s my review of The Avengers from NINE YEARS AGO.

It’s funny how my opinion on this movie has shifted. I was underwhelmed by it then, and I’m so in love with it now. This was also the 3rd or 4th post ever on the blog. CRAZY!

The Fangirl's Dilemma

OK, so now that I’ve gotten past my gushing, I’m going to actually talk about The Avengers, as a film and what I thought of it.

Can I preface this review with the fact that there will be spoilers? OK, cool. Preface number two, I am a huge Joss Whedon fan, OK? I think he’s amazing. However, unlike a lot of Whedon fans, I don’t feel that the man can do no wrong.

In fact I spent a lot of time cursing the fact that I’ve watched most of his work while I was watching The Avengers. I bet a neophyte wouldn’t have even noticed this stuff. But a lot of my enjoyment was tempered by the fact that we had seen most of it before. We’d seen it on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, AngelFirefly and in the film Serenity. We’d seen it on Dollhouse. It was distracting. Luckily, because he…

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