Movie Season 2018: Whatever It Takes

Hey All! So on Friday, it all begins. Aless, Kristi and I will be kicking off Movie Season 2019 with Avengers: Endgame, and I will be navigating through what may be the most climactic and traumatic movie season of them all. (Seriously folks, I’m trying very hard to not get anxiety over several big bad endings that have grounded this blog that are coming…something new will present itself, it always does, but it’s still hard.)

Anyway! Movie season! Let’s do this!

April 26:

Avengers: Endgame

So it ends. And begins. This blog started with The Avengers, you might recall, and I’m more than a little nervous about how this is going to turn out, and who’s going to come out the other side. We’ll have more to say on Saturday, but for now, I’m braced.

May 3:

The Long Shot

I like both Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen quite a bit. I’m sure this movie will be quite charming. If it weren’t for AMC A-List I probably wouldn’t make the effort to see it in theaters.

May 10:

Detective Pikachu

I’m looking forward to this. The Pokemon designs are cute, the cast seems game, and Ryan Reynolds is a delight most of the time.

The Hustle

GIVE ANNE HATHEWAY WHATEVER SHE WANTS. What did she do to you Hollywood? Oh right, turned 30, and was honestly proud of herself for nailing “I Dreamed A Dream.”


Any and all excuses to pick up The Hobbit again, honestly. It’s been a few years since I read it and I have a feeling this movie will do it.

May 17

John Wick 3

Keanu being great. I actually never saw 2, but I’ll remedy that before this comes out.

May 24


It doesn’t look great. I probably won’t rush to see it, but I’ll get to it.

Book Smart

Boy howdy, this looks fun! Girl Superbad is a good, good thing.

May 31

Godzilla: King Of Monsters

This cast is sooo good. But Americans are verry very bad at making Godzilla movies. But on the other hand Kyle Chandler and Bradley Whitford.

Rocket Man

I’m calling my shot on this one and thinking that this is going to hold the top spot for a long long time. (Oh no no no…) It looks fantastic, (and the brown dirt cowboy) and I love Elton John.

June 7

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Sophie Turner deserves better. Jean Grey deserves better. WE deserve better. Maybe it will actually be good, but nothing looks particularly promising about this movie.

Late Night

ON THE OTHER HAND. Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling in a comedy about how women need to make themselves “likable” in the public eye? Did I dream this movie up?

June 14

Men In Black

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson were great together in Ragnorok, and Men In Black is kind of an evergreen concept. I hope it’s good, because the original Men In Black is wonderful, the second one is dog poop, and the third one is OK.


Shut yo mouth. Three Shafts in one movie. Excellent.

The Dead Don’t Die

Zombies. Yes please.

June 21

Toy Story 4

Shut up. You’re crying.

June 28


What a fun idea for a movie! If you woke up one day and were the only person who remembered The Beatles! What a delight!

July 5

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The final movie in Phase 3, apparently? I would watch Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker pretty much infinity, plus I think Zendaya is going to have a bit more to do this time. So, should be fun.

July 19

The Lion King

I am not sure I will like this movie. I will certainly like certain performances of the songs. “Hakuna Matata” is going to kick many butts, as will “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

July 26

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

I haven’t loved a Tarantino movie since Inglorious Basterds, but I’ll be damned if I’m missing his take on the Manson Murders. It’s surely going to be tasteless, bloody and goddamned fun. And the soundtrack, y’all, think of the soundtrack.

August 2

Hobbs & Shaw

It is a miracle that the presence of The Rock, Jason Statham and Idris Elba in a movie didn’t cause some kind of collapse in the sexy time continuum, but it didn’t and this movie is gonna be fun!

New Mutants

Maisie Williams deserves better. The X-Men deserve better. We deserve better.

August 9

Artemis Fowl & Where’d You Go Bernadette

I think I have to read both of these books. I know people that absolutely love them both.

August 16

Good Boys

MORE TEEN SEX COMEDY FUN! I’m so glad Blockers did well (and was funny) and is reminding people of the potential of this genre. We’re getting two this summer.

September 6

It: Chapter 2

This time, they’re grownups. It is way less fun.

September 13

The Goldfinch

Again, I need to read this. People fricking love this book…

September  20

Downton Abbey

I get my mom to the movies once a year. I know that this year it’s going to be for this. I can’t wait. I hope Edith is OK. I hope she has a baby.

Rambo V

I didn’t know this was happening. But it makes sense, when he needed to backing for it, Sly would have just been nominated for Creed.

September 27


Judy Garland biopic. I’m here for it. Lady lead an interesting life.

October 6


I’m withholding judgement. I’m sure it will be worth talking about no matter what. It certainly looks interesting.

October 11

Zombieland: Double Tap


October 18

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil

Man, the first movie let me down so bad. I doubt this will be better, but I mean, whatever. Good for Angelina, she seems to really like being Maleficent.

The Addams Family

The designs look FAB, and Oscar Isaac voicing Gomez is some straight genius, although, he could also play the part in real life.

November 1

Terminator: Dark Fate

*Sigh* At least Linda Hamilton is back this time. But I think we need to stop trying to make more Terminator movies work.

November 8

Doctor Sleep

It’s the sequel to The Shining, which rules. I haven’t read Doctor Sleep yet, but I will by November. Plus Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance all grown up. I can dig on that.

Sonic The Hedghog

I don’t actually care about the movie, but I’m glad Ben Scwartz gets to add another “90’s Blue Cartoon Character” to his list. (He’s Dewey on Ducktales and Leonardo on Ninja Turtles.)

November 15

Charlie’s Angels

I genuinely didn’t know this was happening, but again kinda an evergreen concept that will be at least watchable.

November 22

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Tom Hanks as Mr. Rodgers. You know, for when you’re feeling sad.

Frozen 2

They gave Anna a sword. THEY GAVE ANNA A SWORD. Also, Elsa testing her powers by freezing and running up waves. I will cry.

December 20

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

I was so stunned by the trailer. I love the subtitle. I think we’re going to be happy. I hope so. I’ve missed Star Wars, I cut a lot of it out of my life in the last year, kind of on purpose, and I want it back. I want it back now.

So that’s where we’re at. It’ll move around I’m sure, and as the Oscar Movies get their dates expand a bit!

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