Nerd Homework: Supernatural Seasons 3 & 4

Season 2 of Supernatural was a really incredible season of television, that established a tone and world for these characters. Season 3, continues that, though leans much harder into the noir feel of things, which is pretty cool, actually.

Also, it gives us Katie Cassidy as Ruby, a demon who’s helping the guys, and I didn’t think that I could like Katie Cassidy this much in a part. My reaction to her has ranged from “She’s fine but annoying,” (Juliet on Gossip Girl,) to “BAH SO BAD WHYYYY????” (Season 1 of Arrow) to “She’d be fine if they’d give her anything to fucking do!” (The rest of Arrow) so I was genuinely impressed by the work she did with a competently written character.

I also want to make something clear: I’m plugging my nose to a lot of stinky misogyny and homophobia on this show. It’s there. It’s casual. I’m aware of it. I’m also hooked. So I’m doing some ignoring. Women are casually called sluts and whores near constantly. If Dean or Sam so much as looks askance at another dude who is of course attractive because this is The CW and they breed actors on an island to be impossibly beautiful, superficially charming, good at crying on cue and often Broadway caliber singers and dancers, there’s immediate, “NO HOMO!” It’s kind of annoying.

But not annoying enough to drown out the show’s virtues. The writing is clever, the mythology is inscrutable but fun, the performances are game and entertaining. And man is Dean Winchester fun.

I’ve been around the block a time or two with The WB and The CW, and I’ve imprinted on many of their pretty pretty boys, but man, I think it’s real (fictional one sided) love with Dean Winchester. He’s brooding and complicated and dangerous and I love him so so much.


2 thoughts on “Nerd Homework: Supernatural Seasons 3 & 4

  1. I’m so happy you’re finally watching it! And yes, there are many issues with women and homophobia but they did grow with the times. Not saying it’s all resolved in the new seasons but just wait for Castiel to show up!


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