60 Books In 2019 #10: Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I’ve always been pretty content with the fact that the YA Fantasy world I fell in love with Tortall, the mystical kingdom of Tamora Pierce. I think that if I’d gone for something more masculine, or say involving Woodland creatures who were anthropomorphized, it would have shaped my taste in a very different way.

Because of reading about Alanna and Daine and even the girls of The Magic Circle before others, I have little patients for female characters in fantasy who are one note. (You’ll recall it was part of my problem with The Name Of The Wind last year.) Luckily, even when I rolled my eyes at parts of Throne Of Glass (oh there is plenty of eye roll worthy material here.) it was never because of our main character.

Celaena Sardosien, once the greatest and most feared assassin in the world, is liberated from a prison camp by a handsome prince, and an aggravatingly surly Captain Of The Guard and placed in a competition to win her freedom.

The set up is good, really good, and this is a frothy, exciting mystery of a book, with a strong point of view, with ancient secrets and magic at it’s center. I enjoyed it. I didn’t fall head over heals for the world or anything, but this is fun, and a girl can’t live on sexy gay vampires and intergalactic politics alone, ya know? (To name the last few series that have drawn me in.)

I’ll pick up the rest of this series, probably. My current TBR pile is 10 books tall, all but one is either fantasy or sci-fi, and part of what I realized as I read this, is that I think I’ve over done it on those genres, so once I get through these 10, (and I’m flying to California in two days for a week long vacation, so that should be soon…) I’m going to go for more realistic stuff. I haven’t read a memoir in ages, I want to explore some contemporary YA, and I did say that I was going to get more into Baldwin, so it’s not like I’m lacking in choices at this point.

But I liked Celaena, I liked her friends and the men who love her. I think the premise at the center of this series, as I understand it so far, is intriguing. I also appreciate when internet writers make it as “real” writers, and Sarah J. Maas is one of those. (Hell, I’m banking on it being a thing. Check Out The Marina Chronicle!) 

Up next is Queens Of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton. King Lear isn’t my favorite Shakespeare, but I’ll always jump on a chance to read some retelling of The Bard!

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