What’s The Sitch?: Kim Possible 2019 D-COM

It’s been just over three years since I rewatched Kim Possible, the seminal (to me at least!) Disney Channel cartoon about a teenage superhero, her friends, and their beloved Naked Mole Rat pal. Kim meant a lot to me as a teenager, and I came to really love what the show did as I rewatched it, and I was super eager to see how Disney Channel brought her into a new generation with this movie.

KP Movie

The movie was delightful. It executed Kim perfectly. She’s here in all her butt kicking, overly confident, but insecure when it counts, good friend, heart stopping glory. We also get fun takes on Shego and Drakken, and a slightly minimized roles for Ron and Wade at the expense of a new character.

Kim’s been working as a superhero for a few years as she prepares to start her first year of high school. The opening mission is Kim and Ron rescuing a kidnapped scientist from Proffesor Dementor. (Patton Oswalt! He voiced Dementor as well. This sparked joy!) It’s followed up by Kim running for the bus, after her mom, played by Alyson Hannigan! talks to her about high school. Kim’s got it on lock, though because OF COURSE SHE DOES.

She doesn’t. Barkin rearranged the school, Bonnie informs her that cheer squad isn’t the cool thing anymore, and no one knows her from her adventures.

Not Baddical, y’all, not baddical at all.

Shego breaks Drakken out of prison and he decides he’s going to enact a plan to destroy Kim.

Meanwhile, Kim and Ron meet and befriend a hapless new girl named Athena, and takie her to Bueno Nacho, and then on a mission. (I should note that this was around when I realized we were pretty deep into things and hadn’t met Rufus and I started to get pissed. (He showed up like two scenes later. And it was perfect.)

The mission, which involves Shego taking an energy source from a a museum, goes well, because Athena is a great fighter. Kim gets insecure, Athena becomes a big deal, turns out Athena is a robot programmed to make Kim insecure and steal her essence?

(This plan was an episode, btw. But it’s a good rough outline, so I’ll allow it.)

In the end, Kim learns to be a better friend, Athena joins the team, and Drakken is shrunk down to a middle schooler and enrolls at Middleton, setting us up for a sequel.

Boo-Ya’s And Nacos

  • I really really enjoyed the cast, Sadie Stanley and Sean Giambrone bring Kim and Ron to life with such joy and precision. Giambrone doesn’t get quite enough to do, and while de-aged Drakken is a decent set up for a part 2, I think a stronger choice would be Monkey Fist, which would give Ron a solid B story. Taylor Ortega was also great as Shego, and the rest of the cast followed suit.
  • Christy Carlson-Romano played a pop star who owed Kim a favor and gave her a lift to the mission, Nancy Cartwright stayed on as Rufus. Will Friedle was not to be found. (Yet another reason for Monkey Fist…just sayin.)
  • Nana Possible, Bonnie, Barkin, The Dr’s P, and the Tweebs all made appearances. And Drakken name drops Duff Killigen and Senor Senior Senior. The lack of Monique, Brick and Josh Mankey is a bummer, but understandable given the time constraints.
  • One of the big things I took away from the movie is how tight a concept Kim Possible is and how charming the best DCOMs are. The good ones always had oodles of charm, usually centered around their humor and strong casting.
  • In conclusion, the movie was good, but there was something very important missing:

Monkey Fist.gif

6 thoughts on “What’s The Sitch?: Kim Possible 2019 D-COM

  1. I felt that there were a few things that didn’t make sense to me but it might have been because I haven’t watched all of the original series. Also, I love Alyson Hannigan and she is so great as Kim’s mom. I liked the big team-up at the end and I think it had a nice moral and cute feel-y parts. They’ve set up the sequel to look like it will also be entertaining.


    • The series was full of things that never quite added up and everyone shrugging at them, so that felt OK to me.

      Alyson Hannigan was a delightful surprise and really good pick for her mom!

      One of the things that’s nice about the age of streaming is that kids that like this movie can pop over to the Disney Channel ap and watch the show. Which I think is nice.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Also, I meant to add, I’m glad they didn’t have Kim in belly shirts. I didn’t like the change from cheerleading to soccer though. Why do you have to play the “popular” sport at school? Seriously, if she wanted to be a cheerleader, why did she feel she had to try out for the soccer team?


      • Losing the belly shirt was an excellent call, especially since they aged her down. Kim on the show is 16-18, she’s 14 here. Also, it’s not 2004 anymore and belly shirts are not longer the height of fashion.

        The cheerleading thing was annoying but I got it. The point was that high school was throwing Kim off her axis. For all that she’s exceptional, she’s still a teenage girl, and she craves acceptance of her peers. (Plus she’d never miss a chance to show up Bonnie.)

        Hopefully the sequel sets this right, since a more secure Kim would FOR SURE go for the cheersquad.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I get it, lol. Although I did like the part at the end where they took over the soccer fields with the martial arts club stuff.


      • I know you get it! I just LOVE talking about Kim Possible, so I’ve had a fun weekend.

        I really liked that they leaned into Kim’s insecurities, because it’s such a great part of her character and part of what makes her so good for teenage girls to see.

        “This is the most competent teenage girl to ever exist and she still sometimes feels like she’s not good enough. Your feelings are valid and normal.”


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