Remake The Last Jedi: Wait what?

These people now exist.

It’s hilarious.

And unless their remake is just one hour of Finn and Poe saying, “No you hang up first” and smooching, and then the Rey and Kylo storyline EXACTLY AS PREVIOUSLY PRESENTED  I am deeply uninterested.

But seriously, this is hilarious.

You can read my thoughts on how I can’t really relate to Star Wars fandom anymore from two weeks ago. And what’s even stranger is a few days ago, I mentioned to Crystan something about it and she said, “it seems like a weird fandom to be in.”

And my reply was simply, “it really, really is.” Because, no one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans. And they think they’re this weird minority for “loving” (their form of love is to talk about everything wrong with it) it when like most people that have seen Star Wars really, really like it.

It’s not a niche interest.

Like at all.

It basically is the mainstream.

It’s the french fry of geekdom. Some people really love it, and take it seriously, some people care less but aren’t going to turn it down when served to them.

UGh, I could continue ranting but I won’t.

This is hilarious. If it was created as a joke, hats off, because we’re all laughing.

If it wasn’t, I hope you understand that the whole world is laughing at you.

May the force be with you.

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