36 Books In 2018 #30: Rich People Problems By Kevin Kwan

Goodamn do I love this series,  you guys. I hope  the movie makes a trillion dollars so that we get  the sequels.

Set five years after the first book, this time Nick and Rachel have to deal with hid family’s bonkers money issues yet again, this time on the grand scale of everyone being summoned home to Singapore as his grandmother is dying. Meanwhile, Kitty has married Jack Bing, and is on a mission to beat Collette at social climbing (Collette has married into the actual British aristocracy and is you know, a ruthless sociopath, so it’s not easy!) and Astrid and Charlie must navigate their psychotic exes trying to sabotage their chance at happiness together.

There’s family intrigue, ridiculous fashion name dropping, shopping sprees, and hilariously unsubtle conversations about Rachel’s fertility. And it’s all amazing.

Seriously, picking up this series has been such a gift. They’ve been pure joy and escapism and I’m so happy to love them. And last week, when I joked that I hope it ended in a dance party, I grinned as I finished it up yesterday to discover that it does in fact end in a dance party. 

Seriously, I love these books. Everybody read them. And see the movie in about a month so that they make the other two.

Up next is God Emperor Of Dune. I’m also finishing up Battlestar Galactica so I’m just gonna be buried in deep thoughtful sci fi filled with wackadoo religious allegory. HOORAY! (Which I have discovered, is a genre I like quite a bit…)

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