36 Books in 2018 #27: How Not To Be A Dick by Meghan Doherty

I love reading a light silly etiquette guide, and while this one was hardly revelatory or difficult to read (I read it in about two hours on Monday afternoon, actually…) I enjoyed the general style of it.

Written in the style of old fashioned Fun With Dick And Jane books, this quick manners guide offers fun, sometimes silly scripts for get through day to day interactions. While for me it was kind of a “meh” choice, it would be a fun thing to give as a housewarming or grad gift to someone.

I liked the writing style which was breezy and cheerful, and some of the running jokes. (Dick is portrayed as a cheese log enthusiast throughout, he also pursues a rather brilliant idea of having his dog run for president.) But overall, the whole book was fun, and a nice little diversion, if not like, totally life changing, especially since I’ve been reading etiquette guides and advice columns for years, and I’m always happy to check in with new ones.

Plus, it was only $6 at Barnes and Noble, so…you know, there’s that.

Up next is The Harvesting by Melanie Karsak, the first book in a steampunk vampire series I bought from an independent press at a comic con.

We shall see how this goes.

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