36 Books In 2018 #24: The Trials Of Apollo: The Burning Maze By Rick Riordan

A funny thing happens when I read a Rick Riordan book. I fall under a kind of spell. From the moment I first started The Lightening Theif nearly eight years ago to yesterday when I finished The Burning Maze, I find myself lost Riordan’s world of monsters, magic and gods.

Sure I have books I prefer to others. (The Last Olympian is good, The Lost Hero, ehhh) But I’m always happy to hang out at Camp Halfblood.

The Trials Of Apollo has proved to be my favorite series so far. I like be Apollo as a narrator and twenty or so books in everything is so rich and full of backstory, just the tantalizing sentence of Apollo and Grover enter the labyrinth to fight Caligula and Medea (with assists from Piper and Jason) is enough to burst my little fangirl heart.

The Burning Maze has great action, moments of hilarity and devastating losses and mired as it all is in history is kind of wonderful. I have my complaints.

My girl Rachel Dare was nowhere to be found which really? I get that Percy is currently helping on the Norse side of things, but his absence is always a negative, and too much of the narrative hinges on Jason who’s my least favorite of Riordan’s mains.

But it’s a worthy entry into this series that I’ve loved for so long!

Up next is China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan. HOORAY! More Crazy Rich Asians!

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