The Princess’s Dream

It’s a new day over on Marina Chronicle…it’s time to hear from Annalise

The Marina Chronicle

I hate the dreams. I’ve always hated them, they’re disorienting and I never know what they mean, and they’re always the worst at this time of year. Of all the powers the goddess and god could have given me, they chose prophetic dreams.

It’s not terribly useful.

This one, the one I’ve had again and again, at least ended differently this time. I was walking through a city, Dovetail, probably, though I haven’t been there since I was a baby, so who knows to a large palace. I enter the palace and see the bodies. Sometimes I can make out the faces, sometimes I can’t. When I can, I see Olivia, and Caleb and Aaron. Our friends, Kathy and William sometimes too. This time, it’s all of Pantona Village. I swallow, gripping the sword, my father’s sword, at my belt and walk into the large throne room. Seated at the…

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