Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: It’s Been A Minute

Hey you guys! I didn’t blow through The Trials Of Apollo in a day, as I thought I might, and hey, I figured why not blow through what would normally be a day without a post to bring back an old friend.

Thing I’m Obsessed With Right Now!


  • I mentioned Etiquette, but seriously, this one’s come back around in a big way.
  • Rewatching ER. I’ve been watching it for months since it hit Hulu, though I took some long breaks. But oh god I’ve just started the arc with Mark’s brain tumor and I know how not OK I’m going to be as this all plays out, I’m also just really impressed with the show. Seriously, it feels hugely modern in a way that a lot of older shows I’ve rewatched don’t, even more so than The West Wing, (to paraphrase my Mom “Chrichton was special, that’s why.” She’s probably right) Anyway, remeeting characters I loved, and falling in love with Abby and Luca all over again this past week has been really fun. (ABBY AND LUCA FOREVER! CARTER CAN SUCK IT!) (I also love Carter) (Just Luca! OMG!) But I am deeply not ready for Mark’s death, an episode of television that so devastated me when I watched it originally, Mom and I slept in her bed clinging to one another sobbing that night. (You know how I say I come by some of my obsessions naturally?)
  • Rosé. It’s spring/summer border time, which means sweet pink wine to cool down in the evenings. I’ve been trying different bottles, sparkling when I can manage it, and I’ve even given some cans a try. I still haven’t gotten a hold of any of the Angry Orchard Rosé Cider, which as the Whitest White Girl thing I’ve ever heard of, I need to, but I WILL TRY IT! Honestly, I’m hoping to get a hold of it for the Taylor Swift concert I’m going to this summer. If I do so, I will achieve Peak White Girl, a status I nearly brushed in the fall, when I planned to drink a pumpkin spice latte on Main Street USA decked out in fall decorations while wearing yoga pants, but then our plans changed…but drinking Rosé Angry Orchard at a Taylor Swift Concert will also get me there. (I mean, can you EVEN? I CAN’T EVEN!)
  • My summer concert schedule. So far, on the agenda…Gin Blossoms, Flogging Molly & Dropkick Murphy’s, Taylor Swift and Ben Folds & Cake. More may pop up. I’m saying “YES” to live music this year. Without Mary being around, I had to do it on my own. I’m proud of  me.
  • Ducktales is back! YAY!
  • I’m cooking a lot. Still relying too much on my crock pot and not enough on the Instant Pot Mom got me for Easter. Maybe this weekend I’ll use it some more, since I’m going to be home a bunch.
  • Home made salad dressings. This is part of the cooking, but it’s a little bit different. I finally remembered to buy some Dijon Mustard yesterday so tonight I’m gonna try Norah Ephron’s Vinaigrette and I’m really really excited about it.
  • Running! I’m running again. It feels very good. I’m losing weight, not as quickly as I’d like but it’s coming. With a certain guest announcements for NYCC, I have to lose even more  than I originally planned for that, so I’m newly committed. There will be sit ups. I might even go for a Barre Class a few days a week! The fact is, beyond the aesthetic reasons, I miss how I felt when I was in better shape. I miss not worrying about what I’m eating and wearing whatever I want from my closet and not sighing whistfully at old pictures. That means I gotta run, I’ve got to hit the barre…they’re pretty much the only things that worked for me.
  • Decorating my apartment! Like in a grown up HGTV kind of way. Currently trying to come up  with a nice theme for my bedroom. My sloped ceilings make some things trickier. My living room is sort of fairyland themed, with twinkle lights, and my couches now have these pretty woodland slipcovers. I might go for something a little more rustic for my bedroom. Then I’ll do the bathroom.

So that’s what’s going on in my brain right now.

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