36 Books In 2018 #22: Children Of Dune By Frank Herbert

Man, the Atreides are one rough family.

I mean, I’m really glad to be reading The Dune Chronicles, but jeez this family is dysfunctional, I feel like The Lannisters have less going on than them.

Regardless, this chapter focuses on Leto II and Ghanima, the twin children of Paul Atreides as they reach ten years old and realize that pretty much everyone in the world wants them dead. Alia, who’s succumbed to the genetic memories of the evil Baron Harkonens (YESSS, Dune world weirdness), their grandmother Jessica, who has returned to the fold of the Bene Gesserit and who know they’re a threat to the plans of the order.  Their cousins of House Corrino who want to regain control of the Impirium.

So, anyway, they fake Leto’s death, (sure) and Ghanima has to convince everyone that their cousin Faradn’ is absolutely the last person she’ll ever marry ever. Also, they’re ten. But they have the full genetic memories of both the Atreides and The Fremen.

Oh, right and there’s a mysterious preacher running around who might be Paul (it is) preaching that the followers of Mua’dib have lost their way. (They have)

Leto ascends to a new level of consciousness, marries his sister and blackmails Faradn’ into being the father of her children (he is no longer human and is thus sterile, or something?) Oh, also Duncan Idaho gets killed again.

I like this one much more than Messiah, and I definitely invested in the characters this time around. (Stockholm Syndrome? Finally just all in? Dunno, but I care now) and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. It’ll be a bit before I can pick up God Emperor Of Dune because I’ve got some stuff I want to read before hitting a bookstore again.

Overall though, I’m so glad I’ve jumped into this world, really, it’s been so much bonkers great fun.

Up next is part 5 of The Epics Project, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes…my destiny calls and I go…

2 thoughts on “36 Books In 2018 #22: Children Of Dune By Frank Herbert

  1. Ha! yes, the Lannisters have a lot less going on than the Atreides.

    the spot-on-ness of your quick review of this book gave me a chuckle. It’s tough for me to view these kids as ten years old, even though they are. 15-some years ago, SciFi channel did a miniseries of this, and they aged the kids up, they look maybe late high school age? it makes sense, since there’s a planned wedding and what not. Since then, every time i read this book, in my mind, the twins are like 15-16 years old.


    • Honestly they read as mid teen much more than 10, which makes sense. I’m planning on watching the two Sci-Fi series now that I’ve finished the first half of the books.

      I’ve seen the Lynch movie but that’s a totally different animal


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